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Hello Blogland!!! Well, this week went downhill on the Island of Misfit Toys (work)!! I swear there is a conspiracy to pluck my last nerve!!!Yesterday I had contractor walk-throughs for some projects I designed pre-bid. Some of the contractors showed up without ever having read the Scope of Work and Specifications (describes the project in detail) or even looked at the blueprints. DUH!!!! The absolutely stupid questions I was asked about made me explode. Seriously–it’s DANGEROUS to aggravate the menopausel lady!!!

And today it was just fielding one stupid question after another. Sheesh people–can y’all read and comprehend??  I kept explaining the same points over and over. I think maybe I need to send the coloring book version.

Anyhow–enough ranting and on to some cute!! I’m making some curtains for the daughter’s family room and my little Diva helper was on the job until she pooped out!!

It’s exhausting being cute AND supervising!!!

I was dressed pretty low-key Wednesday as I was on job sites most of the day.

Gingham top-Goodwill, Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Clarks via Goodwill

Thursday’ ensemble:

Cardi-Kohl’s, Top-Kohl’s, Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Goodwill

And here’s the accessories! I will be glad when it cools off enough to wear my vintage scarves again!

I wore the same stuff Wednesday as Sunday except for the bracelets
The earrings I wore today came from a yard sale

This is what I’m heading off to peruse–the September 900lb Vogue!!! Have a great evening and chat with y’all Sunday!




Hello Blogland!! How are y’all doing?? It has been an uneventful week so far on the Island of Misfit Toys (a.k.a work) but the week is young. I’ve been keeping busy getting some mending and sewing done for me and others. Evidently the ability to use a sewing machine or even hand-sew is a lost art these days. I’m always getting requests to hem something or such by friends. Am I ever glad I paid attention in Home Ec class!!

You’ve seen this maxi and cardigan several times before in various combinations. I’m finding these maxi’s are such an easy throw-it-on-and-look-good outfit!! They will still be worn come cold weather!!

Purse is newly thrifted from Goodwill for $3

Today I felt kind of blah so I decided even if I didn’t feel bright I’d LOOK bright!!  The post title pretty much captured my co-workers response to the retina searing explosion of COLOR I’m sporting. When I saw this blouse glowing in all it’s glory on the Goodwill rack I KNEW it had to be MINE!!

Go BOLD or Go home!!

Here’s the blingy stuff:

 I snagged the copper and leopard bangles last week at Burlington Coat Factory for $2.98 for ALL of them!! The Necklace on the right was thrifted.

Well–I’m off to continue making a dent in the never-ending sewing pile!! Everyone have a wonderful week and I’ll be back around Thursday!



Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone’s week has started off well!! For Makeover Monday #2 I’m going to be sharing what I do with thrifted Home Interiors pictures.

For those of you that are saying Home Interiors-what????  Home Interiors, also known as HomCo, is a party plan home decoration company. Basically, you have a party in your home (ala Tupperware or such) and they display there stuff and the guests buy some and the hostess gets freebies. They’ve been around FOREVER and now go by the name Creative Home. This stuff is everywhere in thrifts and at yard sales. It seems like EVERYONE in the 70’s and 80’s sported Homco stuff in there house.

I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that there is less available. You used to be able to get it for almost nothing but now it’s commanding higher prices. A Google search answered that mystery. Evidently vintage Homco crap is hot on Ebay and Etsy. Who knew???

Here’s a little trip down memory lane. How many of you will admit to displaying any of these in your home??? I plead the 5th!!!

A selection of 70’s syroco (plastic wood) wall plaques. I’d love to have the owls or the mushroom one today!!

Here’s a sampling of their “Fine Art”. Most of the frames are plastic wood.

The owls-“Dad & little Henry” is one of the most popular.

As I said, before the Ebay & Etsy hipsters discovered this stuff-you’d could get it for under a dollar if they didn’t give it to you.

This particular picture was huge in the 70’s. It had no glass and was a print on a piece of wood with a rustic wooden frame. It was pretty large=about 2 foot by 2 foot.

You could find faded out ones for under a $1. I like to do folk art painting and if you’ve priced canvas and framing-it ain’t cheap. I snagged one of these faded babies a few years ago for $1 with the intention of using it as a canvas for a painting. I figured I had nothing to lose. The picture board was stapled to the frame so they came apart easily. I found it was PERFECT for folk art painting. I could paint the frame to accent the picture. Plus they were CHEAP (not anymore it seems-if I can find them at all they are now about $3-$5, which is still a good deal. Here’s some of the painting I’ve done (that I still have-I’ve done several others for friends and family)

Black sheep wool sign

Painted to go with stoneware collection in bathroom

Painted and distressed  to look like a vintage sign for our front porch

I’ve been looking for some more as I’ve run out and I’ve got a couple of requests for paintings. I may have to start eyeing up some other cheapy paintings & frames for my “art”.

Thanks for stopping by Makeover Monday#2 and check out “Vintage Homco” on Etsy or Ebay!!



Hello Blogland!! Is everyone having a wonderful weekend??? We manged to get a deluge of 3 inches of much-needed rain today. My gardens love it.

I was off Friday so I get this brilliant idea since the fibromyalgia was feeling good  to tidy up the gardens a bit as they were getting quite tatty looking. The weekend of September 15th  will be a huge festival in my town to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Antietam (the bloodiest day in American history) They expect maybe 50,000 people to descend upon our little town of 700. WOW!!! I live on the main crossroad so we want to make sure the house looks nice for all the tourists. Miss Kae is demanding a new outfit for her many fans.

So, the weather is cool, I’m feeling spry and out I go at 8am. I drug my poor battered body back in around 5pm. The gardens look great but I am still recuperating. The hubster said “You overdid it”  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…but at least it’s DONE.

I had planned to reorganize the Craft Dungeon a.k.a. the basement on Saturday but I was just too sore. I needed to go to the post-office to mail some parcels and the hubster asked if I could go to town to the hardware store for him

Going to town means a 30 mile round trip. I live in the boonies, folks!! If I’m going to drive that far I’m going to make my thrift rounds and hit up yard sales on the way. The yard sales were pathetic. The thrifts, however, yielded some goodies!!

Vintage sheet for quilts, English tin plate, vintage bobby pins and earring that will be made into a pin

I scored some great wardrobe items, too. Pickings have been a bit slim lately.

1. Avenue Poplin Blouse- $2
2. CJBanks Autumn Colors Tweed Cardigan- $2
3. Evan-Picone Orange Rayon Knit Tunic Sweater -$3
4. Avenue Glen Plaid Double-knit Cardigan with Black Velvet Trim-$3

Since it was very cool today I pulled a jacket out to wear to church. I have to admit the shoes started paining me because I stood more than I planned. They really need the cushioning of tights because they RUBBED my bare feet!!

All thrifted-Jacket is Charter Club, Skirt is Alfred Dunner, Top-???, Shoes are Madden Girl

The accessories:

I’m off to watch Monarch of the Glen and Ballykissangel and do some hemming. I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!

Stop back tomorrow for Makeover Monday #2 and see what I’ve done with some  tacky 70’s Home Interior pictures!!



Hello Blogland!!! Wow am I glad today is my ‘Friday”!! It has been one hectic crazy week at work!!! I’m planning on staying home (no going to town to thrift) and getting a massive amount of tidying up both inside and out done. Plus I have some sewing projects I’d like to get a start on.

I came home to a wonderful package from Megan Mae full of her sweet buttonflowers!! I recently sent her a batch of vintage ties (we have a local thrift who will often put them on sale for 10/$1) and she sent these in return. Even a cute xmas one!!!  She makes these and obi’s from the ties.

I did manage to stop in the “We think we’re Neiman Marcus and price accordingly” Goodwill Store yesterday to look around. I am glad I did. Clothing and shoes were dismal but I found the most awesome vintage necklace for $2. They never have jewelry and this was in a bin of junk back with the books.

80’s wooden parrot necklace

How FABULOUS is this!!! It’s definitely a statement necklace-although I’m not quite sure what statement I am making wearing it!!!  The hubster said he liked my turquoise FISH necklace. Sure, honey, fish with BEAKS-LOLOLOL!!!!

I adored the color combo of turquoise, orange and black so much I base my whole outfit on it. I received compliments from strangers on the necklace. Definitely a keeper!

I was so thrilled with the awesome jewelry Vix sent me I of course planned an outfit around it!! Got lot’s of compliments on it. The co-workers really liked it a lot.

Why not wear orange giraffe, chevrons and brown croc with stunning Indian jewelry??
Here’s the blingy:

I just love the autumnal tones of these!!

Well–I’m off to start cutting out some gold lame’ streamers for the Hispanic dance team. I love them but oh how I HATE working with lame’!!!!

Have a great weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday!!



Hello Blogland !!!!  I hope everyone is having a lovely evening!!! This shall probably be a quick post as I have some paperwork for the town I need to get done.

Monday was a busy work day with a couple of site visits to construction sites so I dressed accordingly. Sometimes I have to wear a hard-hat and construction boots when I go out!!! I’ve found a maxi dress looks stupid accessorized like that!

Aqua & white mini gingham blouse-Basic Editions via Kmart 2 years ago, Crops-Dockers via Goodwill, Amazing Pink Loafers-LizClaiborne via Goodwill

I ADORE this blouse–I brought one in every color (hot pink, navy & aqua mini ginghams) on sale a couple of years ago. They are a stretchy cotton and fit so well. Unfortunately they’ve changed the pattern a bit for blouses like this and they no longer fit as well.  Of course, everything looks fabulous with bubblegum pink shoes. I never imagined I would get so much wear out of a pair of PINK shoes!!

As I blogged yesterday, I received a package of wonderfulness from the amazing Vix!! In the box was a gorgeous piece of 50’s bark cloth fabric!! I immediately whipped it up into a maxi skirt!

I received loads of compliments on it!! The print is stunning and SO 50’s. However–here’s where the itching like a bear up a fuzzy tree comes in (hey that’s a 50’s Elvis song!!)  I am apparently sensitive to whatever the fabric is made of.  I broke out all over my legs with a rash–even where I was covered in a half slip!!! BUMMER BUMMER BUMMER-I don’t believe heavy tights would help because my hands itched, too after a while.

All is not lost. Remember the wallhanging I’m making for our daughter’s family room?? Her colors are silver-grey, aqua, black and pale yellow.  I’m going to make pillows for her–the colors and print will be perfect!!

Here’s the blingage:

1. Necklace & Bracelet-gifted
2. Close-up of fabric, vintage pins, bracelets made by me, earrings-???

I had to take snacks for our homeless feeding into town after work so of course since I was next to the Goodwill I stopped in. LUCKY DAY for me! I found a gorgeous late 70’s early 80’s rayon challis dress for 2 bucks. AND IT FITS THE BOOBAGE!!!  I was going to buy it for the skirt part figuring there was no way I was stuffing the gals in a size 18. Boy was I wrong–there is more than enough room even when I inhale. I’ve got 4 or 5 cardigans that go with it. Can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it with tights and boots!

Here’s a close-up the print–gorgeous magentas and plums and gold metallic. I notice I’ll have to tighten my belt when I wear it!  I need to soak it in some woolite as it smells cigarette-y but it’s in wonderful condition. AND IT FITS THE BOOBS!!!

Hope everyone has a great evening and I’ll be back Thursday!



Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone’s week has started off well!!

I came home from work today feeling low- I really missed Molly walking with me to the mailbox when i got home from work and head butting me! My sadness soon flew away when I opened the box and found a package from the wonderful Vix!!! I couldn’t wait to open it!!

Oh how she has SPOILT me!!  A cornucopia  of delights and she definitely has got my “style” down!!

There is an AMAZING vintage gingham dress. It fits everywhere but the boobage!! I’m going to shorten  it into a blouse and use a piece in the back to make a gusset so the gals won’t feel like they are being squished to death!

Fits great if I don’t inhale!!

She sent the most stunning jewelry from India–all in autumn tones. I’m planning outfits around them!

Even MORE goodies:

bamboo purse handles, Barry M polish, Bindi’s, a Vajazzling Kit!!!, Gorgeous Fabric and a hilarious card!

I was truly touched and blessed by this gift!! Thank you so much Vix!!

And now to the makeover part of the post!!  I pick up lot’s of home decor stuff at  yardsales and thrifts. almost everything in our home is thrifted or given to us.  Sometimes you just have to see the potential in an item–in other words-see beyond the tacky or ugly to the good bones underneath.

I’m a firn believer in there’s no ugly too much that a good coat of spray paint can’t improve!!  Here are two of my makeover magic “wands”:

Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze (discontinued) and Rustoleum 2x Heirloom White Satin spray paint

I picked this ceramic pheasant up for a quarter. He was an odd pink and mint green color–which isn’t the natural coloring of a pheasant!! Look what some paint and glaze did!! I display him with some fake leaves in the fall.

tacky to fabulous!!

I picked this 1973 ceramic fruit tree and pedestal stand up for a buck. It was just a bit too “dark” for me. Spray and glaze-new dining room centerpiece!!

Here’s some collages of other pieces I’ve made-over using this paint/glaze combo:

I use other colors of spray paint for makeovers. Next week I’ll share what I’ve done using Dark Cherry Red spray paint and dry-brushing!!

Hope this might inspire you to look at that tacky figurine at the thrift in a new light!!

Chat with you tomorrow nite!