Festival Fun and some sad news

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!Ours, unfortunately started off on a sad note. We had to have our 17-year-old cat, Molly, put to sleep Saturday morning. It is somewhat ironic as I had just introduced the fur-queens to y’all.

She had been “going down” for some time-losing weight, stiffness, bathroom issues. We noticed Friday evening as she tried to follow us around the yard that she wasn’t doing her usual “chatting” with us but sounded like she was in pain as she walked. When I picked her (she never liked being held but would sit on your lap) I noticed a lump on her side that wasn’t there a few days ago. Phone call to the vet and we took her in Saturday morning. He recommended that, at her age and with her symptoms, it would be best to let her go. She was giving everyone her head-butts of love even though it was obvious she was in pain. A love-bug until the end.

April 1995-August 2012
Giving head-butts of love at the Rainbow Bridge

After such a miserable start to the day, the hubster and I went to the Wolfsville Picnic, held by the church he grew up in on the picnic grounds. They’ve been having these for close to a hundred years.  Good food, rummage sale table and bluegrass music. Believe me you haven’t LIVED until you’ve heard the bluegrass version of 3 Dog Night’s Joy to the world(Jeremiah was a bullfrog).

It tends to be a bit of an older crowd there.  I think the amazing Vix would have been a SENSATION in her festival clothes!!

Here’s a picture of the most adorable couple, Miss Paige and Mr. Everett, that we ate lunch with. She told me they were both on the other side of 90!!! They started attending these picnics as children and have been regular all the years they’ve been married and in the area. They grew up with the hubster’s grandfather. How cute is it they coordinated their outfits????

The rummage sale table was DISMAL until I spied a box full of awesome!! It was filled with vintage patterns and I got them all for $1!!! I was Helga-squeeing like a fool!!!The 70’s era ones will be making their way to the 70’s goddess Vix and I am going to keep the older ones.

Amazing 70’s patterns! Dig those bellbottoms!!

more 70’s goodies–dig those hotpants!! GROOVY!!

Even more 70’s awesomeness!!

The older patterns are from the 30’s-50’s. The wedding dress looks to be from around 1940.

Vintage apron patterns

The oldest patterns. Most likely from mid-late thirties

My outfit today is comprosed of stuff I’ve worn before!! I am wearing one of MeganMae’s adorable buttonflowers!! I’m getting kind of bored with my summer clothes now and I can’t wait for Fall!!

I’m going to be starting a “MakeOver Monday” post. I thrift all sorts of stuff beyond clothes and I’ll sharing how a make them over. I’ve decorated most of our home this way!!

I’m linking up with Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!



  1. Marci said:

    Hi, Tamera – I’m so sorry to hear about Molly Fatgirl. -Marci

  2. pastcaring said:

    Oh Tamera, I am so sorry about Molly. How weird that you just posted about her, and I emailed you about crying buckets when my tortie died. Ah, we love our pets so much, it’s so sad to let them go, but you can take comfort from knowing she had a lovely long life, was much loved, and you made the hard decision not to let her suffer.
    I am glad you had a good time at the picnic, it sounds like a fabulous event. And oh my goodness, LOOK at all those wonderful patterns! If there are any in bigger sizes, I’ll be pInching them off Vix when she isn’t looking! I spy a couple of maxi skirts I like the look of, doing more sewing is my…ahem, Autumn resolution. Yes I know I have had ALL YEAR to get on with making somethng, but I haven’t, lazy woman that I am!
    Love that frock, and your gorgeous smile. xxxxxx

  3. I know how very hard that is. I’m so sorry. She must have been a sweetie.

    The patterns are amazing and I also love the photo of the couple in green. You and your maxi are refreshing-I love the print and color!!

  4. I am so so sorry about your cat…I know that it is hard to do. I liked looking at the patterns and your beautiful smile!!

  5. So sorry about Molly – she looks like a wonderful girl, and well-loved. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our little sweeties.

    Your pattern find is amazing! You have the touch, my friend. Thanks for linking up.

  6. So, so sorry to hear about Miss Molly. She sounds like a mega-sweetie, but I’m glad she’s not in pain anymore. She was a well-loved member of your family and will be missed.

    Great score on the patterns, I bet you would have loved the vintage box of patterns my MIL yardsaled awhile back. I think it was mostly kids clothes, but there were some really old, really delicate patterns that were fun to look at.

    Love the buttonflower with that jacket! Such a great pop of color with that fab maxi. I’m looking forward to fall weather myself. Tired of the miserable heat.

  7. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Tamera, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. Please know my warmest thoughts are with you and your husband. xo

  8. Di said:

    Oh nice! A denim jacket…. don’t they just finish off an outfit with a dress nicely? Love it. AND, about those collages you have of the patterns, you need to print out each collage in an 8×10, find a nice frame at the craft store and hang them on your wall. Just love them!!

  9. First, I am so very sorry to hear about your kitty. I know how hard it is to make the decision to let them go. They are a big part of our lives and it is so hard to let them leave.
    Your outfit is so sharp! Love the maxi.
    What a find on those patterns. I had an outfit similar to one of them. It was a longer dress over pants. I thought I was so cool in that outfit.

  10. Vix said:

    Oh Tamera, so many highs and lows to this post. We lost our old lady, Lucy Jean, a couple of years ago as she was going the same way as Molly. It’s the worst decision, you know it’s for the best but it’s still utterly heartbreaking. Molly was a gorgeous girl and had a long and loving life, she couldn’t have been happier.
    On a lighter note you look fab! Loving the denim blazer and the fabulous blue maxi and the stunning corsage. I’m in raptures over those patterns, how gorgeous the illustrations are!
    Those festival goers are missing floral headbands, false eyelashes and bindis, I clearly need to get over and sort them out.
    Big hugs, my dear friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Joni said:

    What a sad day for sure. So sorry you had to put your little love to rest. Heading to a picnic is a great diversion to the sadness. I remember when our Yorkie got hit in our alley. We just drove around that day in a sad stupor not really knowing what to do with ourselves.

    I need to look at 70’s pattern photos more often. It’s my favorite style really. I think it kind of helps me know what direction to keep moving in as far as clothes. Maybe I won’t end up with so many pieces I don’t wear that way.

    Once again, you’re looking hip in your max!! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  12. Beryl said:

    So sorry to hear about your Fur-Queen, Molly. How are the dogs taking her absence?
    The wedding dress pattern would be a fabulous nightgown. I love it! And those aprons!
    I think Miss Paige and Mr Everett are lying about their ages. I hope we all do so well.
    I grew-up in Southern California and really only like Summer clothes, so I am still enjoying your outfits, even if you’re bored.

  13. Dori said:

    So sorry about Miss Molly. Looking forward to Makeover Monday!

  14. Tamera, I’m really sad to hear about your kitty. It’s like losing a family member I’m sure.
    On the other hand I’m glad your day had a happy ending at the picnic. Those patterns are just THE BEST!

  15. Sheila said:

    Tamera, so sad to hear about your lovely kitty – she will be over the Rainbow Bridge with our dear Inigo, cavorting about, I’m sure.

    I love those old patterns! What a score!

  16. Thanks a lot. Now that 3 Dog Night song is STUCK in my head. Jeremiah was a bullfrog… 🙂
    Those patterns are just dreamy… I want to sew. I want to remember how to sew I mean. I wish I had time. Thanks for taking those pics of those patterns and sharing with us. And that couple… wow, married so long and in their 90’s. Just wow. 🙂

  17. Oh, shoot Tamera, you’ve got me all teary eyed. I’m really sorry about Molly.

    Bluegrass Joy to the world? Hmm….

    You look great in your maxi!!

  18. Its so hard to lose a beloved pet. And its okay to cry. I cried and cried when we lost our diabetic cat, Tinkerbell to a seizure. Now we’re on our second cat with diabetes, but at least we will know what to do. Love your outfit and I’m with you, ready for Fall clothes.

  19. My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Molly. It is so hard to let them go, so very sad. Sending you a virtual hug.

  20. Kristin said:

    I’m so sorry! We lost our fur baby a couple years ago…It still makes me sad. 😦

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