Irritation Overload!!

Hello Blogland!!! Well, this week went downhill on the Island of Misfit Toys (work)!! I swear there is a conspiracy to pluck my last nerve!!!Yesterday I had contractor walk-throughs for some projects I designed pre-bid. Some of the contractors showed up without ever having read the Scope of Work and Specifications (describes the project in detail) or even looked at the blueprints. DUH!!!! The absolutely stupid questions I was asked about made me explode. Seriously–it’s DANGEROUS to aggravate the menopausel lady!!!

And today it was just fielding one stupid question after another. Sheesh people–can y’all read and comprehend??  I kept explaining the same points over and over. I think maybe I need to send the coloring book version.

Anyhow–enough ranting and on to some cute!! I’m making some curtains for the daughter’s family room and my little Diva helper was on the job until she pooped out!!

It’s exhausting being cute AND supervising!!!

I was dressed pretty low-key Wednesday as I was on job sites most of the day.

Gingham top-Goodwill, Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Clarks via Goodwill

Thursday’ ensemble:

Cardi-Kohl’s, Top-Kohl’s, Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Goodwill

And here’s the accessories! I will be glad when it cools off enough to wear my vintage scarves again!

I wore the same stuff Wednesday as Sunday except for the bracelets
The earrings I wore today came from a yard sale

This is what I’m heading off to peruse–the September 900lb Vogue!!! Have a great evening and chat with y’all Sunday!



  1. Terri said:

    Sigh–I can identify with stupid questions. I get this a lot at the beginning of every semester…and it is absolutely true that people are too lazy to read.

  2. Impybat said:

    Coloring book version–YES.

  3. Joni said:

    Your little Diva is smiling even as she has collapsed. Darling little thing!
    You look great in that green outfit Tamera. One of my favorites on you.
    So sorry you have stupid people around you. Would you like me to make you a t-shirt that says,
    “Sheesh people–can y’all read and comprehend??”

  4. pastcaring said:

    Oh I can understand your frustration, Tamera! I can just imagine you gritting your teeth and smiling through your irritation!
    You look lovely in green, it really suits you. And look at Little Miss Supervisor, exhausted with all her helping! And is that the Barry M polish from Vix I spy on your toe nails? xxxxxx

  5. Laura said:

    Love the olive green and gold. So ready for fall!

  6. Oh man, Tamera. Sorry about the irritating folks at work. Whatever you do don’t go postal. Stay cool. Count to 10.
    The Diva is her usual cute self.
    What do you think of Lady Gaga on that Vogue cover?

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