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Hello Blogland!!  We are deep in getting prepared for Hurricane Sandy here in Western Maryland!!! I’m away from the coast but we are going to get TONS of rain and sustained tropical storm winds (30-40mph) for hours with gusts up to 70mph. I’ve put anything outside that could potentially fly in this wind away. We’ve got water, batteries and chips ready. I’ve been looking at the neighbor behind me and all the lovely crap on his deck and in his yard that will be in mine most likely after this is over.

I broke out one of my newly thrifted $1 maxi skirts today!  Actually this outfit was what I intended to wear to church but I’ve had some sort of intestinal thing going on (TMI!!) and was loath to leave the house and the proximity of the porcelain altar for too long. I decided to trial run the outfit and take pix anyway. I decided to pair it with my black graphic floral cardigan, aka the cow sweater!!

skirt-Salvation Army, Sweater-Goodwill, Blouse-Dressbarn, Belt-Thrifted, Boots-Burlington Coat Factory, Purse-Thrifted

I pulled out some red to pop the outfit. The cherry necklace I “made” from stuff I got at Hobby Lobby. They have a line in the jewelry making dept. that has components categorized by the decade they were popular in. They have retro inspired stuff by 20’s/30’s, 40’s/50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s. the cherry pendant was from the 40’s/50’s section. It was love at first sight. I added a chain and Wah-Lah–cute retro bling for under $5!!!  I’m eyeing up the other era’s, too for inspiration! The earrings are vintage clip-ons I converted to pierced.

I’m going to be hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday and with the gals for Monday Mingle.

I’m not sure if there will be a Makeover Monday post as we may not have electricity at the height of the storm. I’m off to stare at weather maps and geek out. (I am a total weather weenie and spend far too much time on weather forums!!) Everyone who’s in the path of Sandy-be safe!! and for those on the west coast impacted by the earthquake in Canada–hope everything is well with you!!






Hello Blogland!!! TGIF!!! I am so ready for a quiet weekend. We will be prepping for Hurricane Sandy, however. I live in Western Maryland and we’ll be getting lots of WIND and maybe SNOW!!!

MrBill is still loving the stroller!! I keep it on our front porch and he runs to it every time we go out all excited. Her Highness spend her time in the stroller pouting and grumbling now. MrBill sits up front to one side so there is plenty of room for her. HOWEVER, she wants to sit front and center by herself and he won’t give in to her. LOLOLOL it’s hilarious the side-eye and the stinkface she gives when she doesn’t get her way.

I stopped by the Salvation Army after work today on the other side of the town I work in. I only get there maybe once a month. Today was my lucky day as all adult clothes except winter coats were $1!!!! AND I actually found some awesome goodies I wanted. I even got a nice wool sport coat for the hubster.

Gorgeous Bakelite vintage hair barrette. The clasp is broken so this will become a brooch. This was also only $1

I found some nice rayon blend flat weave sweaters. I like a flat weave because I definitely have enough bulk of my own.

1. Burgundy Venezia pullover sweater
2. Teal Green SagHarbor mock turtleneck sweater
3. Brand New Capri Blue Laura Ashley cardigan

I have been wanting some more maxi skirts to wear with boots this winter and for $1 how can you go wrong???

1. Black Gingham Ponte Knit maxi skirt
2. Print Cotton Crinkle maxi skirt
3. Pastel Polkadots on Black Chiffon maxi skirt
4. Pumpkin Rayon Sweater Knit maxi skirt

This next top is by Carol Little and originally had one of those fake camisoles in the front so it looked like two pieces. It had a stain on it and was kind of yucky styled . I loved the color and drape of the cardigan part so a little snip snip snip removed the camisole part and now I have a nice rayon knit cardigan. It’s a gorgeous honey gold color.

Carol Little refashioned cardigan

This last Item was a PMP (pee my pants) find!!! Stuff by Pendleton is EXPENSIVE new and I rarely find it in thrifts in good shape, or for that matter, my size.  Again, today was my lucky day!!  A wool Tartan knit Pendleton cardigan in perfect condition for ONE FREAKIN’ DOLLAR!!! Be still my Scottish heart! I adore Tartan and have wanted to add some to my wardrobe. This will be awesome with a black turtleneck and jeans or a white blouse and black skirt/boots for the holidays.

My outfits for the end of this week were somewhat repeats. It’s been rather warm in Maryland and they turned the steam plant on so my office is RIDICULOUS!! I took advantage of it to wear a sleeveless blouse under my cardigan for probably the last time.

Cardigan-Goodwill, Top-Kohl’s, Trousers-Goodwill, Purse-Goodwill, Shoes-Kmart, Awesome Head Pendant-Salvation Army

Today was my Friday to work and I usually wear jeans. I broke out the Vintage Shirt of Awesome again. It always gets lots of positive comments. I wore it with the amber necklace that RockStar Vix gifted me. I had so many people come up to me and admire it while at the Salvation Army!!

Vintage Shirt-Thrifted, Jeans-Goodwill, Shoes-Goodwill, Necklace-Vix

I noticed that this blouse and the pumpkin skirt I thrifted today go well together so I think there is an outfit in the making!

I’m off to putz around with the pile of ephemera and scrapbook papers I’ve got strewn all over my craft table. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday!!



Hello Blogland!!! Happy Hump Day to everyone!!!

I’ve been taking the dogs a walk in their thrifted stroller every night this week. Granted it’s only around the block but it’s a start!!! At first MrBill hid in the covered part of the stroller in shame while Her Highness sat up front and enjoyed all the attention we garnered. and believe me- someone pushing a stroller with two dogs in it, one in a dress, gets you attention in a small town!!

Tonite when I said “Let’s go for a walk” MrBill ran to the door and when outside right to the stroller wagging his tale with excitement. He went in and lo and behold rode up front the whole way, much to the dismay of Kae who wanted to hog the front all to herself. In fact, she got in the covered part for a bit and looked out the back window at me pouting and grunting her displeasure!!! LOLOL

Toolin’ around town in style!!!

The divine Aussie Sarah of Misfit Vintage has declared this Floral Week. I’ve very little floral in my wardrobe (don’t have any lace either for that matter) but put together something to play along.

Sweater-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Gingham Blouse via Kmart, Black Jeans-LeeRider via Walmart, Shoes-Payless years ago, Bracelets-vintage

Today’s outfit was inspired by the colors in my vintage scarf, an old trick I learned years ago. My co-worker commented on how she liked the color combo and I told her how the scarf inspired it. She was so excited about that concept she was going home tonite, pulling out a scarf, and building an outfit around it. I can’t wait to see the results!!

Trousers-Goodwill, Cardigan & Top-Kohl’s, Shoes-Clarks via Goodwill, Scarf, Pin & Earrings-vintage

I’ve become obsessed with wearing post or button vintage earrings lately now that I finally remade all of the vintage clip-ons into pierced. Funny thing for a former dangly earring gal!!! I’m finding they work better with my hair and layers.

Well, I’m off to shampoo the bedroom carpet. Our silver cat Misty is mad about something and has been on a tear all evening. She got up on top of the kitchen cabinets and threw all my honeycomb turkeys on the floor, been racing around like a maniac, and while I was doing this post, evidently gorged herself on catfood and went in the bedroom to barf it all up. (she does that when she’s ticked about something) I’m typing away here and heard the gack gack gack (y’all that have cats know EXACTLY what I’m saying) back the hall. She left lovely presents for me!!!

Everyone have a wonderful evening and hopefully I’ll chat with y’all on Friday! I’m linking up with Thrifter Thursday at Coffee & Cardigans this week!



Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the week!

When her Divaness became a Google images sensation last month, Curtise asked if her Majesty had demanded a limo yet.  Um, she already had one!!!!  MrBill and KaeKae are getting up there in age (10 years) and both have health issues attributed to the abuse/neglect they suffered in the puppy mill that makes taking walks difficult. Unless I want to tote them and the it’s difficult for me as  have enough blubber of my own to tote. Kae actually can walk further than MrBill–he has luxating patellas (bad knees) and he just can’t go far without pain. And once I pick him up to carry him I have an immovable 8 lb blonde  chihuahua diva who ain’t walking NO WHERE!!!  She isn’t into the nature thing at all.

LOLOLOL So I picked up a pet stroller at the base thrift last spring for $20, although my fibro and the miserable heat this summer kept me from using it. We took it out for a stroll today. MrBill hid as best he could in the stroller of shame hoping the other dogs don’t see him. Ms. Thang LOVED it. She sat up front like Queen Cleopatra riding down the Nile on her Royal Barge!!! Passerbyers commented how cute they were while Kae preened and posed and MrBill tried to be invisible.

Here’s a picture of the little Episcopalian church we pass on Main Street.
Right now I’m mostly making a mess as opposed to making over anything. I drug out some of my papers last nite and am going to be diving into some card making this week. I’ll soon have to dig out the “C” word stuff and start creating!

Before the creativity bomb hit!!!

I’m going to share my vintage and thrifted turkey collection (fitting considering I work with a bunch of turkeys)  Get ready for Turkey-a-gogo!!!

This is the vintage turkey salt and pepper set that started it all about 25 years ago.

Well, enough about turkeys!! What did I wear today??

Vest-Thrifted, Trousers-Goodwill, Blouse-Dressbarn, Shoes-Thom McCann via Kmart

Bracelets-??, Necklace-Vix, Earrings-vintage and made pierced by moi

I’ll be hooking up with those creative gals at Lakotah’s for Tah-Dah Tuesday!!

Have a wonderful evening!



Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!! It certainly has been GORGEOUS in Western Maryland!!

I went to town Friday and made my rounds of the thrifts. It was slim pickin’s!!! Has anyone else noticed that the thrifts are a bit bare in your area??? I was talking with the manager of one I know and she said they haven’t been getting the donations like they used to. People are selling their stuff via Craigslist, Ebay and others.

I managed to find a couple of things. I SCOOPED up this gorgeous oil painting for $1.50 at the Salvation Army for my daughter. She’s a newlywed in their first house so she needs stuff!! The colors and subject were perfect for them. Julie and Sean both loved it when I dropped it off today!

That’s my 3 cushion sofa it’s on-it’s HUGE!!

Of course there is always time for gratuitous cute chihuahua pictures. Miss Kae is wearing her candy corn dress again(gotta wear it while she can!!) and MrBill is sporting the natural look. I’ve no idea what they are so tired for! That big white thing next to Kae’s head is Bear. Kae gets very vicious with Bear and stands on it while chewing it’s ears. Bear is bigger then she is!!

And onto the fashion part of the post.  Thursday I had to really amp up the conservative business look as I had a big design meeting. I’m in charge of designing new private handicap shower/bathroom/dressing rooms  and a new wounded warrior weights/exercise equipment room at the base fitness center.  I had to at least look smarter than I am!!

Navy Pinstripe trousers via Goodwill, Tweed Jacket-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Blouse via Dressbarn, Shoes-Capezio via Goodwill, Helga’s fav purse via Goodwill.

Friday was my errand day so I dressed way down hoping I’d find goodies at the thrifts to try on. No such luck!

Levi’s Jacket-had forever!, Lee Jeans-had forever, Tshirt-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Black Clogs-Earth shoes via Walmart years ago. Black newsboy cap via Kmart

Today the family (mom, sister& hubby, nephews, our daughter & hubby, hubster & I) met for dinner at the Italian Restaurant where #2 nephew works while he’s in school. He waited on us as someone was late and we ragged on him how much our waiter sucked!!! The meal was really nice and I am stuffed!!  My sister, mom and daughter loved the outfit and couldn’t BELIEVE it was thrifted!!

MicroCord Jeans-Evan-Picone via Goodwill, Sweater via Goodwill, Top-LaneBryant via Goodwill, Belt via Goodwill, Shoes-Naturalizer via Goodwill. Accessorized with adorable Diva

I’m hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!! Check them out to see style far better than anything in a fashion magazine!!

Stop back tomorrow for Make-Over (or Make-A-Mess) Monday!!



….My job would be fabulous!  Hello Blogland and Hallelujah it’s HUMP DAY!!! Boy am I glad this is my 4 day week because my co-workers are plucking my last nerve!!

I’ve been soothing my frazzled nerves by immersing myself in creating some stuff!!! I had a bag of old jewelry with several pairs of clip-on earrings which I’ve converted to pierced ones. I’m really starting to groove on wearing button/post earrings as opposed to dangly ones.  Less business with layers, scarves and other jewelry. Here’s my craft table under seige:

Todays outfit involved another pair of the pants I redid over the weekend.  The blouse is actually not orange but more of a dark coral red. It’s by Foxcroft and I thrifted it new last week for $2!!! I was introduced to Foxcroft by the fab Pam at Over50feeling40. She has recommended the brand on her site and I knew when I saw it that it would be excellent quality. a couple of my male coworkers complimented me on the outfit. I work with almost all male engineers and they are not known for their fashion sense nor their powers of style observation so when they notice I know the outfit hit a home-run!!

Outfit is all via Goodwill except shoes which are Thom McCans from Kmart

Here’s a close-up of the pants tiny houndstooth pattern and the vintage earrings I wore today. The pants are some kind of polyester suiting fabric and they stayed nice and crisp looking all day.

I’m on a sewing mission to get cracking on some projects I’ve had in the to-do bin for Christmas. They involve Santa’s, moons, a goose and a cow. LOLOLOL

Everyone have a wonderful evening and I’ll see y’all later this week!!



Hello Blogland!!! Hope the start to the week is going well for everyone!! I’ve got meetings galore this week so fun fun fun!!

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist today. (LOVE her!!) Good news is the diabetes is super under control and my HBA1c is in the normal range, my cholesterol numbers are fabulous, and my kidney function tests are normal. The bad news is I am evidently severely Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12/B Complex deficient-even with taking supplements. I’m not absorbing them so I’ll need to take them sublingually (under the tongue. Getting them back in order may help with the craptastic fibro pain.

Now to the Raspberry Chocolate part of the post! A co-worker said that was what my outfit reminded him of!!! I’m wearing one of my DIY fix the crotch-length pants I spoke of yesterday. This definitely is the answer-I used to redo the crotch seams but often that would leave the zipper in such a position that I could unzip and pee without even taking the pants down!! Not a good look. Taking off the waistband, removing the zipper and making a new elastic waist seems to preserve the proportions and drape of the pants.

The whole outfit is courtesy of the Goodwill!!!

A couple of comments asked if her Divaness had a cowgirl outfit to match my western themed outfit I posted yesterday. Not yet–she requires one that is more Rhinestone Cowgirl than regular cowgirl! My mom asked if I was going to buy her a pumpkin outfit for Halloween. I happened to have her on speakerphone and Kae was on my lap at the time. I SWEAR she understood what my mom said because she shot the phone a dirty look. AS IF she would go out in public dressed like a large round vegetable.She has her image to maintain!

And now on to the Makeover part of this post!! I love using thrifted sheets for projects. You can get a nice wide amount of fabric on the cheap. I’ve made costumes from thrifted sheets for plays. I have a couple stashed away now that will become summer skirts!

Curtains is one of my favorite things to make-including shower curtains from sheets. The guest room curtains below were made from a full flat sheet and two pillowcases (the lower tier). It only cost me $2!!

The Craft Palace curtains are a combo of thrifted red gingham fabric for the lower tier and a vintage sheet for the upper tier. The vintage sheet had damage in the center but I was able to salvage the gorgeous scalloped edges with bias trim.

Remember this office chair I picked off the side of the road and stuffed in my little car? Nice and sturdy and UGLY!!

I found a full flat and fitted sheet set at the Mission Thrift for $3-the print reminded me of Mary Engelbreit and matched the Craft Palace “decor” perfectly!

I took some measurements, made some sketches and cut out a pattern for a seat cover. I lined the sheet fabric with white sheet fabric to make it more sturdy.

A bit of sewing, some pinning and adjusting and WAH-LAH-new cover for chair!!

Now the chair doesn’t look like a big black behemoth and my cats like to fight me to lay in it. So my butt is now always covered in cat fur!!!

I’m off to play more – I just dug through a box of old bits and bobs of vintage jewelry and I feel some creating coming on!! Have a wonderful evening!

I’ll be linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday!