Well, you certainly are colorful today….

Hello Blogland!! How are y’all doing?? It has been an uneventful week so far on the Island of Misfit Toys (a.k.a work) but the week is young. I’ve been keeping busy getting some mending and sewing done for me and others. Evidently the ability to use a sewing machine or even hand-sew is a lost art these days. I’m always getting requests to hem something or such by friends. Am I ever glad I paid attention in Home Ec class!!

You’ve seen this maxi and cardigan several times before in various combinations. I’m finding these maxi’s are such an easy throw-it-on-and-look-good outfit!! They will still be worn come cold weather!!

Purse is newly thrifted from Goodwill for $3

Today I felt kind of blah so I decided even if I didn’t feel bright I’d LOOK bright!!  The post title pretty much captured my co-workers response to the retina searing explosion of COLOR I’m sporting. When I saw this blouse glowing in all it’s glory on the Goodwill rack I KNEW it had to be MINE!!

Go BOLD or Go home!!

Here’s the blingy stuff:

 I snagged the copper and leopard bangles last week at Burlington Coat Factory for $2.98 for ALL of them!! The Necklace on the right was thrifted.

Well–I’m off to continue making a dent in the never-ending sewing pile!! Everyone have a wonderful week and I’ll be back around Thursday!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    You always crack me up…”retina searing explosion of color”–Hilarious!

  2. Yay for maxis – and for those fab bright coloured accessories – you look GORGEOUS! Sarah xxx

  3. Terri said:

    I know on campus I am seeing LOTS of bright bright colors this year. You would fit right in there.

  4. Joni said:

    Go Bold or Go Home!! Love that slogan. You look stuuuuupendous in bright colors!!!

  5. pastcaring said:

    Well, when you look as fabulous in bright colours as you do, Tamera, why WOULDN’T you go bold?!
    Maxis and a layer on top are my standby too. Wonderful bling, love that owl necklace.
    I have friends who ask me to hem things for them too…
    Hope you aren’t feeling blah any more. You never sound, or look, anything other than bright and cheery and full of energy and good spirits! xxx

  6. Vix said:

    You rock bright colours and it’s a crime not to wear a maxi all year round (apart from in the snow when they’re a wet and soggy mess). Both those outfits are glorious and the owl pendant is ace!
    My brother is always bringing a pile of designer trousers to take up and it scares the life out of me when he leaves the price tag on just in case I bugger it up! xxx

  7. Mel said:

    Love how you look in your maxi’s! And those bright colors are good!!

    I love checking your blog and seeing your happy smile….makes me smile, too. 🙂

  8. Helga said:

    My work colleagues get quite excited over some of my colour combinations!
    Obvs, I’m a member of the Go Bold or Go Home club too………it’s the only way to be!
    It’s cheering not only for ourselves,but those around us!
    I’m crazy for your jewellery,and would love to play with your family jewels……ooooer!
    I adore that maxi,and the leopard bag is HAWT! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. I love your bold explosions of color! Go bold or go home is right! Love all of your jewelry.

    I used to not know how to sew, but I can do minor alterations successfully by myself now. My mom still asks me to sew on her buttons.

  10. lovely maxi and lovely color combo with green!, and also great and bright blouse and pretty pendant, but your better accessory is your beautiful smile!!!

  11. Oh, those bangles have me very envious – great find. Be bold or go home, indeed – you are the president of the club and you look great!

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