Hey It’s MakeOver Monday #1!!!!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone’s week has started off well!!

I came home from work today feeling low- I really missed Molly walking with me to the mailbox when i got home from work and head butting me! My sadness soon flew away when I opened the box and found a package from the wonderful Vix!!! I couldn’t wait to open it!!

Oh how she has SPOILT me!!  A cornucopia  of delights and she definitely has got my “style” down!!

There is an AMAZING vintage gingham dress. It fits everywhere but the boobage!! I’m going to shorten  it into a blouse and use a piece in the back to make a gusset so the gals won’t feel like they are being squished to death!

Fits great if I don’t inhale!!

She sent the most stunning jewelry from India–all in autumn tones. I’m planning outfits around them!

Even MORE goodies:

bamboo purse handles, Barry M polish, Bindi’s, a Vajazzling Kit!!!, Gorgeous Fabric and a hilarious card!

I was truly touched and blessed by this gift!! Thank you so much Vix!!

And now to the makeover part of the post!!  I pick up lot’s of home decor stuff at  yardsales and thrifts. almost everything in our home is thrifted or given to us.  Sometimes you just have to see the potential in an item–in other words-see beyond the tacky or ugly to the good bones underneath.

I’m a firn believer in there’s no ugly too much that a good coat of spray paint can’t improve!!  Here are two of my makeover magic “wands”:

Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze (discontinued) and Rustoleum 2x Heirloom White Satin spray paint

I picked this ceramic pheasant up for a quarter. He was an odd pink and mint green color–which isn’t the natural coloring of a pheasant!! Look what some paint and glaze did!! I display him with some fake leaves in the fall.

tacky to fabulous!!

I picked this 1973 ceramic fruit tree and pedestal stand up for a buck. It was just a bit too “dark” for me. Spray and glaze-new dining room centerpiece!!

Here’s some collages of other pieces I’ve made-over using this paint/glaze combo:

I use other colors of spray paint for makeovers. Next week I’ll share what I’ve done using Dark Cherry Red spray paint and dry-brushing!!

Hope this might inspire you to look at that tacky figurine at the thrift in a new light!!

Chat with you tomorrow nite!



  1. pastcaring said:

    Oh I am smiling so much at that fabulous photo of you in the frock Vix sent! You look about 15! Is there ANY way you could alter the dress so it’ll fit? I love it so much on you… but I know the perils of boobage and vintage dresses!
    LOVE all the jewellery. I will let you into a secret, Vix and I both bought Vajazzling kits when I met up with her in Walsall (amid much gigglimg in Poundland). She said she was sending it to you; I gave mine to a friend, and she has used it. No pressure, Tamera, but we need a review!
    I’m gonna keep moving, in case you spray me….
    Have I told you that I think you are fabulous? NO? Well, I DO! xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh you look GORGEOUS in that fab frock! Can’t wait to see you in the lovely jewellery – and that Barry M cyan is THE BEST COLOUR EVER – I am actually wearing it even as I type! Sarah xxx

  3. Joni said:

    My husband is asking me why I’m laughing so hard!! Your comment about not inhaling had me in stitches there for a bit. 😉 This picture is so joyous and fun, it’s just so contagious! These gifts came at such the perfect time too. I hope you can keep the dress as a dress because I love it on you. And if it would help, I’d love to have you send me some of your boobage. I’m nearly completely flat!

  4. Vix said:

    You look absolutely adorable prancing around in that frock trying your hardest not to inhale! I knew the colour would make you happy and knowing your talent with a needle it’ll be remade into something fantastic in a heartbeat!
    Yes, Curtise and I were spoilt for choice with the Vajazzling sets so don’t worry if you need more!!!
    I had no idea Ralph Lauren made anything other that frat boy clothing! I love the makeovers, everything looks so much better, shabby chic-ed up, you are so clever and you never seem to sit still for a minute!

  5. Haha! Love your photo…happy are you?
    You my dear are SO talented!! I love what you did with the pheasant…perfect fall decor!

  6. Wow!! The dress is fabulous. I think it’ll be an excellent DIY piece. I also love all the jewelry. Mailboxes can be such happy places, amirite?

    I love your makeovers. I’ve been wanting to paint my desk for awhile now. It may have to wait until the Hubs and I move, but I’m hoping to turn my awful desk into a thing of beauty with paint. And maybe our nightstand too. Never under estimate a good DIYer.

  7. Impybat said:

    I love that pheasant! nice DIY makeovers, Tamera!

  8. Wow, you are one talented lady! How do you find the time to get all these projects done? I don’t work and I sure don’t get that much done.
    Vix did send you some really cool things. I love the jewelry. The vajazzling, humm, I am not so sure about that one!

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