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Hello Blogland!!!  Has everyone had a wonderful weekend???? I certainly have!! I will just be SO glad when this weird cold weather leaves and it gets warm. I am antsy to wear crops and sandals.

My whole outfit (minus the undies and shoes) cost a whopping $14 at the Goodwill. got loads of compliments and several friends at church were stunned that it was all name brands and so CHEAP. I am making more and more believers in thrifting!!

Jacket-CJBanks, Top-JonesNewYork, Pants-SagHarbor, Purse-Axcess
Everything from the Goodwill!!!

The color red is actually less orange then it shows.

I am in a quandary what to do with the hair. It curls up naturally like it’s doing over my ears. At least for this moment!! I’m thinking of letting it grow out again because the short just made me look like a pin-head. I’ve gotta think of something before the wedding. Maybe I could rock a really cool WIG!!! LOLOL

Speaking of wedding=3 weeks and counting. The Bride to be is getting a little nervous but everything is under control. I’ve coordinated many weddings at church for others so this is a piece of cake.  Or I am delusional!

It’s almost time for Masterpiece Theater. It’s the conclusion of “Birdsong” tonite which is just amazing!! Anyone else watching??

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Hello Blogland!!! Wow has this been a week!!! I wound up having to go have the joint in my foot drained and cortisone shots. (Yeah it’s as awful as it sounds!!) I’ll see the podiatrist next Monday. I’ve been laid up all week until yesterday so my styling was lacking to say the least!!

Yesterdays outfit for my return to work–well lets just say I was out of bed, clean and dressed!! You ever notice when you’re out from work everything seems to fall apart?? All I’ve done the last 2 days is put out fires (of stupidity!).

Today’s outfit was inspired by the Queen of Color (and SHOES) Sheila of Ephemera. She has been doing a 30 for 30 wardrobe challenge and puts together the most FABULOUS color combinations in her monthly capsules. I just absolutely LOVED this color combo!

The stunning Ms. Sheila!!

I recently thrifted a mustard T-shirt and raspberry cardigan so I was good to go. Not as fab as Sheila but I actually got several compliments on it at work!

Cardigan-JustMySize via Goodwill, Tshirt-Landsend via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Rider bootcut via Walmart, Shoes-AmericanEagle via Payless, Leaf Pendant-Mudd via Kohls.

I wanted to wear my yellow suede loafers but unfortunately they hurt. The flats are a bit big so they were more comfy for the swollen part.

I did manage some Thrift-Therapy yesterday as I had to go by the part of Frederick where the Goodwill Half-price outlet is. My car just drove itself right into the parking lot!!  All for under $15!!

Unknown brand. It's a silky knife-pleated, bright color chevron midi skirt!! How many spring trends is that nailing??? LOVE!!

Close-up of skirt. It has a tiny dobby dot texture woven into it.

Venezia Citron tiny gingham shirt. I do love me some tiny gingham!! I now have 5 shirts in gingham.

Sag Harbor stretch poplin black and white GINGHAM!! crops.

Izod bright floral cotton blouse.

Apt.9 olive poplin sleeveless blouse. This will be great for layering under cardi's and jackets as it gets warmer.

SagHarbor embroidered linen blouse. This is just so summery to me.

Close-up of embroidery on blouse.

Notations paisley moleskin jacket. This will be great for fall/winter.

Close-up of the jacket. It's my colors of greens and blues!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It’s almost time for Home-group (we host a bible-study once a month) so I need to get off this computer!!



Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone on this lovely rainy Sunday??? I’m not complaining about the rain–we desperately have needed it. It has ben a really weird spring here in Maryland. One day in the 80’s, the next in the 40’s. Just when I think I can break out the crops and sandals its freezing out!!I had to kinda lay low today as my pain threshold (I have fibromyalgia) is through the roof. I try to avoid taking prescription pain meds and just rest a lot to ease the pain.

I think my project in the garden Friday may be partly to blame. I decided to edge our front gardens with stones. We live in Western Maryland and we have an abundance of stones-LOL. Stone fences around the property and a big pile in the back.  I just thought it needed something to “finish” it and will look gorgeous later this summer with purple and pink alyssum spilling over it.

Out towards the driveway

Leading to the front step

Cardigan-Landsend via Goodwill, Polo-ModernFit via LaneBryant, Jeans-Lee Rider via Goodwill, Purse-Matt&Nat via Goodwill, Shoes-LandsEnd Driving Mocs via Goodwill

I was trying out some color-blocking while I ran errands Saturday. and of course that meant a stop at the Hagerstown Goodwill!!!  This is probably my favorite Goodwill along with the half-price outlet in Frederick. I got some  nice goodies and spent less then $20!

Worthington Rayon Sweater Set. I actually have the cardigan already--the one with this is way to big but the shell was 2 sizes smaller and is what I really wanted. I'll just donate the too big cardi.

Apt. 9 blouse. I love cotton blouses for summer! This has my fav colors of aqua and lime!

CD Daniels mock layered top and T. I loved the peek of the blue gingham. This will be a nice transitional piece in this crazy spring.

DressBarn Navy and White stretch seersucker jacket. This is so lightweight I can see it getting big play this summer. And it was only $3!!

White Stag maxi skirt (still had original tags.)Walmart used to carry this line. They were well made, fit well and stylish. How I wish Walmart would bring them back!!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this item. I thrifted it a few weeks ago and I discovered it matches PERFECTLY with the skirt above.  It’s like they were meant to be!! I have several tops and T’s that will go with this outfit.

Alfred Dunner Rayon sweater with beads

Ms. Thang was showing off her Divaliscousness this weekend. We were out walking along the sidewalk Saturday morning when a van pulled up with a bunch of little girls in it. They rolled down their windows and ooohed and aaahed over her. Kae pranced and posed for them as only a supermodel chihuahua Diva can do!!

Ms. Thang and Mr. Bill

Ms. Thang KaeKae--her dress says "Born with Style"

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Have a blessed Sunday and a great week!!  I’ll be back on Wednesday!



Hello Blogland!! Everyone ready for a wonderful weekend?? We are forecast to be getting some much-needed rain here in Maryland. Today was my Friday off so I worked in the gardens weeding and adding rocks to the edging. I am aching big-time!!

I’m trying to settle myself into a bit of a posting schedule. Today I’m going to post a round-up of outfits I wore this week that I haven’t posted yet.

Sweate-Lane Bryant via Goodwill, Tshirt-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee rider via Walmart, Shoes-Easy Spirit via Goodwill


Jacket-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Blouse-Izod via Goodwill, Jeans-Westernport via Dressbarn, Shoes-???





Hello Blogland!! How is everyone doing this lovely hump day???

I just heard that Dick Clark passed away today. Wow…he was such a big part of my life. My mom was a huge Bandstand fan from the time it went national in 1957. My grandmom told me she would dance to it while pregnant with me and I remember watching it as a little kid.  My parents actually met at a fire-hall dance!

We would be glued to it as a teenager, drinking in the latest styles and dance moves. I’ll also admit to watching Soul Train!! And New Year’s Eve always rocked with Dick Clark. A class act and an American Icon. He will be truly missed.

Broke out the capris and sandals yesterday for ONE day!!  It then turned cold today!! This weather is CRAZY!! Please excuse the blinding white brilliance of my legs!!

Capris-Lane Bryant via Goodwill, Tunic-?? via Goodwill, Scarf via Goodwill, Sandals-Basic Editions via Kmart

I tapered the capris a bit more–they were really wide legged. They are a black trouser denim material. I got the sandals last year at Kmart for $7.99. They are super comfortable-I brought them in brown and white and wished they came in other colors!

I think I’ve settled on my MOB outfit finally. I returned the one dress I got because it kept slipping off my shoulders and was a tad shorter (knee length) then I like. My pasty legs need some coverage!

I needed something that would be comfortable since I’m going to be running around alot doing the desserts, etc. I decided to bite the bullet and make my outfit since I can’t find anything I like!!

The Bride to be gave me permission to wear pants if I want to (it’s outside in the afternoon and not too formal) I’ve decided on pink silk shantung slim cropped pants with a matching sleeveless shell. I found this GORGEOUS chiffon fabric in pale pink with aqua, pale orange, darker pink,  and lavender flowers that I’ll be making a kimono style jacket with.  I’ll keep y’all posted with my progress!

Hope everyone has a great evening!



Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! The foot is getting much better–the drugs seem to be working.

Our daughter Julie’s bridal shower was this past Sunday. I forgot to take my camera but the girls are gonna send me pictures! It’s hard to believe the wedding is a bit over a month away (May 20th) lots of last-minute stuff to do. Thankfully Julie is pretty laid-back and organized plus 3 of the 5 bridesmaid just got married so they have “experience”….LOL

It’s hard to believe this little girl is getting married. Where did the time go??

Julie's first Christmas. She arrived from Korea Nov. 12, 1986. Her older boy cousins are responsible for the gun!!!!

She’s grown up to be beautiful, smart and all-around wonderful!! We are so proud of her!!  We also love her fiance Sean–he’s a wonderful guy!

Julie and Sean

Her bridesmaid are all long-time friends. The matron of honor Aimee and Julie have been besties since diaper days. They grew up across the street from each other and Aimee is exactly 2 weeks older than Julie. Another bridesmaid, Penny, is about a month younger than Julie and grew up at the end of our street.  It seems like just yesterday they were playing out in the sandbox and now they will be all married!!

Aimee, Julie and Penny about age 12 years.

Aimee, Julie, Penny, Alex & Joel (the girls little brothers) picnicking on Aimee's deck. I think the girls might be about 6 years old here.

It was a nice shower and the girl’s really did a nice job with it.  I was sporting an all-thrifted outfit. The crops are a trouser denim–they have a side zip and fit like a dream. They were supposed to be “long” pants but were a tad too short for me so I cropped them even more. I’m going to study their proportions a bit more so I can re-create them on other cropped pants.

Crops-no label via Goodwill, Top-Linen Tunic Harve Bernard via Goodwill, Sandals-Talbots via Goodwill, Purse-Matt & Nat via Goodwill

The shoes were amazing comfortable. I guess since they were open they didn’t compress the joint.  I can’t believe how skinny my ankles are…lolol  One of the only body-parts that is!!

I hope everyone has a great evening!! I’m gonna watch some Dancing with the Stars. The hubster only has a couple more weeks of school so I won’t have as much “free time”.



Hello Blogland!! I hop everyone has had a wonderful week!!  It has been gorgeous outside although now we need rain!

I haven’t been posting any outfits because I’ve been home almost all week with a bum foot. The joint at the bottom of my left big toe on the ball of my foot swelled up like a golf ball last Sunday nite. I didn’t injure it so it was really WEIRD. Went to Urgent Care Monday morning and they x-rayed it, took blood and said it looked like Gout. SUPER!!!

I went to my  regular doctor on Wednesday for follow-up and he said no way it’s Gout–my uleric (sp) acid level was way to low. He’s referring me to a podiatrist. He thinks it may be bursitis. Got some spiffy pain/inflammation pills.

I went back to work Thursday but forgot to take my picture. You’re not missing anything. I was out of bed, clean, and dressed.

My Friday ensemble:

Sweater-CJBanks via Goodwill, Blouse-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Rider via Walmart, Shoes-Thom McCann via Kmart

I’ve read that denim shirts are on trend this Spring. I was really excited to find this nice chambray one for $1.50!! The sweater came with an attached camisole that I just cut out myself.

I hit the Goodwill Last Chance Outlet last week and SCORED bigtime!! These are some of the goodies I found:

Liz Claiborne Crops-$1.50

Close-up of fabric. It's a navy and cream cotton brocade.

Liz Claiborne Crops-$1.50

Close-up of fabric. It's a bronzy-tan & cream cotton brocade

SagHarbor Jersey top-$1.50

JonesNewYork Tshirt-$1.50

JonesNewYork linen blouse-$1.50

I also brought the coral tweed jacket I wore last weekend.  And the sweater and blouse I wore above.

I’ll be linking up with Patti for Visible Monday #42 and Monday Mingle! and Thrifters Anonymous!

Well–it’s time to ice my foot again. Everyone have a great evening!!