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Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone today???

Work is crazy right now and I am whooped at the end of the day. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and I hope to respond to each individually but right now I am brain-fried.

Keeping up with my self-challenged goal of wearing at least one item of clothing thrifted down the catwalk:


Pants: Gray with pink, white and black pinstripe stretch gabardine via Goodwill

Blouse: White pintuck stripe via Dressbarn

Sweater: Ann Taylor via Goodwill

Shoes: Margaret Stuart Black Leather booties via Salvation Army

Jewels: Earrings via Walmart, Necklace via Goodwill.

I have a pink, grey and black polka dots on white blouse I  thrifted that almost fits that I plan for this outfit instead of the white blouse for a totally thrifted ensemble!

Y’all have a nice evening!! It’s NCIS Tuesday and that means quality time with my man Gibbs!!



Hello Blogland!!!! Happy Monday to everyone!!

You can probably tell that I like greens and blues. Aqua and Lime green are my favorite colors! My glasses frames are even an olive metallic. And they work with red hair!!!

Speaking of glasses- a co-worker (male) stared at me for a bit this morning then asked if I got new glasses. LOLOL..our other co-worker (also male) said no you idiot she got a hair cut and colored it red. Yeah–new glasses. Whatever!

I’ve almost got my alteration/refashion pile completed. Just gotta hand-hem a pair of pants tonite and take in a blouse and I’m DONE. Of course until I thrift some more stuff…lololol. I’ve pretty much altered everything I had that I could to make it less dumpy and frumpy.

Accenting my new glasses (LOL) on the catwalk:

Jeans: Lee Rider stretch Bootcut via Walmart. I had on another pair of thrifted Mossimo jeans that were a bit too big. I need to put a bit of elastic in the back waistband .

Tshirt: Dressbarn via Dressbarn Clearance for $9.99!

Jacket: CJBanks Lime Denim via Goodwill for $3.00!!!  I had to shorten the sleeves and take the sides in a bit to shape it but I LOVE it!!

Shoes: Forgot to take a picture–Thom McCan pewter loafers via Kmart

Jewels: Hoop earrings via Walmart, Pin via Joanns

Well-gotta get off here and make some dinner!






Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is having a super weekend.

The new do is a hit with the family and friends. My hubby LOVES me as a redhead. My natural hair color (which hasn’t been seen since like 1976–I started greying at 16) is a reddish-brown and I have pale redhead coloring. This is just the natural color amped up a bit. The cut is SUPER easy to care for–almost wash and go. And for someone who HAS to wash their hair every morning (at 5am) that’s a plus!

I scored this jacket at the mission the same time I got the olive suede skirt. It fit PERFECTLY, had all my favorite colors and was $3.50. It practically had my name on it. I got tons of compliments on it at church today. I had planned to wear a steel-blue blouse I hadn’t worn in a while but it was TOO BIG!!! YAY to that. Into the box in the basement it’s going (can’t be altered).

I’ll be hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Lookin’ cute on the catwalk:

Jean: Olive denim Liz Claiborne via Catherines

Blouse: Lime Green fitted Via Dressbarn

Jacket: Tog Shop via Hagerstown Rescue Mission

Shoes: Olive Ballet Comfortview flats via Roamans

Scarf: Goodwill

Jewels: Earrings via Dressbarn, Pin thrifted  via  Hagerstown Rescue Mission

My futures so bright I gotta wear shades!!! (I had just come in from taking the dogs out)

I’m challenging myself to wear at least one item of thrifted clothing per outfit this week! Anyone wanna join me???

Have a great Monday!







Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is ready for a wonderful weekend!

As promised, here’s the debut of the new do! I had it cut shorter and I dyed it Auburn (Feria) I LOVE it!!! The hubster will have a strange woman tonite….lololol

Showing off the new do on the catwalk:


Jean: Black denim Lee Easy Rider boot cut via Walmart

Sweater: mock turtle via Roamans

Vest: Lane Bryant clearance

Shoes: Black Leather Earth Spirit clogs via Walmart

Scarf: Goodwill

Jewels: Pin-made by me from scrapbook stuff, earrings via Dressbarn

Hope everyone has a great weekend!




Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone today?? It’s another cold, rainy day here in Maryland.  Ugh…I hate 35 degree rain. I’d rather it snow if it’s going to be that cold.

I’ve found one of the benefits of having this blog is the opportunity to look back over pictures and see what does/doesn’t work. Case in point the tan “Fisherman” vest I wore yesterday. When I really studied the picture of me wearing it I realized it makes me look bigger and dumpier than I am. I contrasted that with a picture of me in just the sweater and concluded it was the vest. I tried pinning it in on the sides to see if that might help. Nope–still looked dumpy. So I spent some time last night trying on stuff and taking my picture so I could evaluate the pieces in question. Needless to say I have several things, the fisherman vest included, that I’m packing in the rubbermaid tub in the basement.  I’m going to continue this process as I lose weight. The camera doesn’t lie!!!

I am still feeling a bit under the weather so my style choices are kinda mundane. Funny thing is I still got compliments on how put together I was. And I felt a bit shlumpy!!!!

Shlumping down the catwalk:



Jeans: Tan Liz Claiborne denim via Catherines

Sweater: Purple mock turtle via Roamans

Shoes: Brown leather Predictions via Payless-you’ve seen these a lot. These are my general work shoes.

Scarf: Goodwill

Pin: Thrifted at the Rescue Mission Store. I just love the colors in this!




You know, with evaluating these pics I’ve noticed I look maniacally cheery at 5:30 am.

Big reveal next post. I’ve gotten my hair cut shorter and I’m dying it RED tonite!!



Hello Blogland!!!! The stomach bug has finally passed (among a lot of other stuff) and I was able to back to work today. Still not 100% but I was able to hide in my office.

Everytime I wear the vest I wore today a coworker asks where my fishing pole and tackle box are. Yeah…like he is SO the Tim Gunn around here-NOT!

Fishing down the catwalk wearing:

Jeans: Lees Easy Rider Stretch bootcut via Walmart

Sweater: Jade Fine Gauge mock turtle via Roamans

Vest: Goodwill

Shoes Easy Spirit via Goodwill

Jewels: Earrings via Walmart, Pin-made from scrapbook embellishment.

I’m noticing I need to a roots touch-up this weekend-lol. I think these sweaters are about done-they are now just too big and not easily altered.  I’m going to look into altering the vest a bit.

Oh well–off to empty the dishwasher and all that other fun stuff. American Idol is on tonite!!!



Hello Blogland!!! What a dreary cold Monday it is. I’ve been fighting some kinda bug so I’m off today!

What I’m actually wearing you definitely don’t want to see….lololol. I’m hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday with what I wore on Thursday.

Trudging down the catwalk:

Jeans: Brown Denim Liz Claiborne via Catherines

Top: Liz Claiborne Graphic  knit tunic via Catherines

Vest: Brown Knit via Dressbarn

Shoes: Brown leather Predictions via Payless

Jewels: Forgot to take a picture!!

Off to take some Dayquil!!

Have a great day!





Hello Blogland!!!  It finally snowed here in Maryland. Only 2.5 inches but I’ll take it! I didn’t get a chance to post last nite as we had our church home group.

I’m spending this quiet Saturday organizing and foofing the “Craft Palace”. Since we are now empty nester I have commandeered a bedroom just for ME and my STUFF. I’m a serial crafter (I do pretty much everything from rubber stamping to crocheting to painting) so I’ve got a critical mass HOARD. Plus my mother gave me a box of vintage sewing stuff I need to organize and stash away. I’ll share some pix after I get it cleaned up.

The visit to the nutritionist went really well. He’s happy with my progress. I’ve lost 21.2 lbs since Thanksgiving. WOOHOO doing the snoopy Happy Dance here. Still a long way to go but it’s PROGRESS!!

Slidin’ down the catwalk anticipating snow Friday wearing:










Jeans: Lees Easy Riders Stretch Bootcut via Walmart

Shirt: Black cotton knit mock turtle via Dressbarn

Sweater: Purple tweed tunic via Dressbarn

Shoes: Grey Ballet Flat Danskin sneakers via Walmart worn with white hanes athletic socks (it was COLD yesterday)

Jewels: Gold and silver hoops via Walmart, Pin received in a swap (maker unknown)

Boring outfit but it was a casual quiet Friday at work and my pain level were a bit high so I kinda didn’t feel too stylish.

Have a great weekend!







Hello Blogland!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!

This outfit wasn’t quite what I planned. I wanted to wear the new leopard sweater I just thrifted but it needs to be taken in. The blouse I’m wearing I could not get on in November! WOOHOO!! Tomorrow is nutritionist day so I’ll know how much I’ve lost. I only weigh in once a month. I don’t want to be focused on a number.

Strolling down the catwalk wearing:


Pants: Black and white plaid Liz Claiborne via Goodwill (see close-up view)

Blouse: Aqua woven fitted via Dressbarn

Vest: Black knit via Dressbarn

Shoes: black leather Thom McCan loafers via Kmart

Scarf: Thrifted

Jewels: Turquoise drop earrings via Walmart, Bracelets via Burlington Coat Factory, Pin made by me

Off to doing some sewing before American Idol!!




P.S. I just noticed it looks like the snowman is peeping on me!!!


Hello blogland!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day!! It kinda sucks to go back to work after a four-day weekend!

I’ve been practicing taking photos with my new to me tripod. Hey, my camera had features I didn’t know existed. It’s amazing what you learn when you read the manual!!

I’m kind of boring today. I had to go up on some roofs to assess damage today and I needed to dress appropriately. I originally had on this cute CJBanks pale yellow waffle weave vest but it made my sweater bunch up under my arms. So on with my trusty denim vest!  I’m going to have to start altering my Roamans mock neck sweaters-they are starting to HANG on me!!! Not that I’m complaining!

Please excuse my somewhat lack of energy in the pics. I took them at 5:30am (I go to work early) I took them in my living room.

Stumbling down the catwalk I wore:


Jeans: Grey Denim Westport via Dressbarn

Sweater: Grey fine gauge mock turtle via Roamans

Denim Vest: ??? via Goodwill

Paisley Scarf via Goodwill

Shoes: Black Leather Predictions via Payless

Jewels: Silver bird earrings via Kmart, Brooch via Joanns

I’ve liked up for Trending thru the Decades:Neutrals at Silverstyle!

Well, it’s Tuesday and y’all know what that means………..NCIS!!!!