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Hello Blogland!!!  We are having a dreary rainy day here in MD!!!

I asked for and received cash for my birthday so I could do some serious thrifting. Today I hit up all four of the thrifts here in Frederick (3 Goodwill, 1 Salvation Army) on the way home. I spent a total of 36.50 and still have money left!!

The coolest part was, since I’m a “regular”, the staff recognizes me. I was in the Goodwill Last Chance Outlet and one of the ladies I know ( I’ll call her Ms. Sue)asked if what I was wearing today was thrifted. I told her everything but my underwear and shoes!

There were these two young girls–maybe 18-20 going thru the racks near-by.  Ms. Sue pointed me out to them and told them my outfit was thrifted. The girls came over and complimented me on it. They told me it was their first time in a Goodwill.  I gave them some pointers on how to shop–like look at EVERYTHING one size up from your regular and one size down at least. I told them how I’ve found brand new items with the tags on and name brand stuff for next to nothing. I also said since they were “regular sized” they would have far more choices.

Then I showed them what was in my cart. I had a croc Tommy Hilfger purse, a Fossil purse, a tan poplin Old Navy blazer, an aqua cotton knit Lands End cardigan, a CJBanks red with white polka dots cardigan, and a black with white stripes Liz Claiborne cotton sweater. Total coast: $26

They were amazed and when I was checking out they were loading up a cart excitedly with stuff to try on! Think I made some converts there!!

I also picked up at the other thrifts the following: A brand new Vera Wang LS Tshirt, a quilted floral Alfred Dunner jacket,  a green gingham Liz Claiborne blouse, a pair of Danelle leather sandals and a Luvali purse. This purse is really COOL. It kiwi green and brown paisley–but you can zip the cover off and reverse it to a kiwi, tan & brown stripe. It will be great for Spring and Summer!!

Today I gravitated back to my valentine’s day’s outfits colors–red and brown. There is a tiny red stripe in the plaid of the pants.  I managed to dump yogurt down my front today so I’m not sure if the stain will come out of my top. Oh well it was only $1.50.

Top-White Stag via Goodwill, Pants-Geoge via Goodwill, Vest-thrifted

Note my “angelic” pose with my egg-lo!!!

Y’all have a wonderful evening!!



Hello Blogland!!! Gonna be a short post tonite cuz its soon for my time with my TV boyfriend AND American Idol!!!

I was asked to post a close-up of the jacket I wore Sunday. It’s a kinda 50’s retro print.

I was kind of low-key today–just got over the stomache bug!

Blouse-Notations via Goodwill, Jeans-Mossimo via Goodwill, Vest--I think it's from the Goodwill. I have a brown one and one is Dressbarn, the other thrifted. BELT-thrifted.

I got this necklace (with earrings) at Burlington Coat Factory for $3.99. They have the best jewelry and great prices!

Well, off for some TV time!




Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!! I stopped into the Goodwill in town after church as usual (I seem to be a regular there on Sunday afternoons–the staff recognizes me!!) Scored some more goodies I’ll be sharing in the next weeks. It’s so much FUN to come home with 2 bags FULL of clothes for under $15!! Who needs the mall??? I got a pair of Lane Bryant navy & white pinstripe trousers, a pair of never-worn Cabin Creek red wedge sandals, a white Apostrophe 3/4 sleeve blouse, A dark red & white striped Jones New York long sleeve tshirt, a butter yellow White Stag 3/4 sleeve tshirt, a celery & white striped Venezia 3/4 sleeve Tshirt, a black with white pin dots slinky knit tank top and best of all a stunning Harve Bernard teal and kiwi green printed linen tunic blouse.

Our resident doggie fashionista is sporting a new outfit today (Ross is the best for dog couture on the cheap) It’s a little hoodie that says “Royal Diva Society” “Cutie Club”  I had a hard time getting her to hold still–she kept prancing around!

It's all about ME!!!!

My outfit was 100% thrifted–even the shoes!! The total cost was $14. Got loads of compliments both at church and in the thrift store. One lady commented she didn’t realize you could dress so stylish from the Goodwill. I encouraged her that you just have to be willing to LOOK at everything to see the potential. Heaven knows I am sporting brands I’ve never worn or considered in the past.

Jacket-CJBanks, Tshirt-Jones New York, Pants-DressBarn, Shoes-Bandolino, Purse-Vintage Everything is from the Goodwill

Wow-it looks like I’m sporting some kind of weird bird egg halo in this picture-LOLOL!!

Thrifted Jewelry--the ivory one is carved bone roses

I’ll be linking up as usual with Patti for Visible Monday #35. and Monday Mingle!

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! Anyone watching the Oscars?? Considering I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated I may just watch the Red Carpet. It amazes me how these celebrities with all that money and stylists can look so AWFUL!!!



Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this lovely Saturday??? The wind is blowing like crazy here in Maryland. I think March’s “in like a lion” is a few days early!!

Yesterday I spent the day taking down all the snowmen and Valentine’s day decoration (I decorate for every season/holiday) and putting out the Spring/St. Pats day stuff. I found several boxes of those little yellow puffy chicks I brought last year on sale for a nickel a box. I have no clue what exactly I was planning on doing with them!!  I found the little chicken feeder I used to keep M&MS in and I thought–why not chicks???  The hubster just stared at it and shook his head. LOL-he just doesn’t get the irony–it’s a “chick feeder”.

What do you all think?? Cute or I need therapy??

Last nite the hubster and I went out to Red Lobster  for my birthday.  Did not exactly follow my diet so I am being super good the rest of the weekend. Truthfully, I am so used to not eating such rich stuff that it kinda upset my tummy a bit.

I broke out my Matt & Nat/Montreal purse again! According to Sheila of Ephemera I definitely got a fantastic deal for $4!!

Sweater-Lane Bryant via Goodwill, Blouse-Merona via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Rider via Walmart, Shoes-Comfortview, Purse-Matt&Nat via Goodwill

Notice the peeping tom snowman picture is gone-LOL. After looking at my “chick feeder” I have to say those little beady black eyes are kind of CREEPY.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!



Hello Blogland!! How is everyone this fine evening?? Today is my birthday and I am not ashamed to say I am 53 years YOUNG!!!  The hubster has classes tonite so we are celebrating tomorrow nite.

Gonna be a quick post–since the weather has turned so warm and spring-like I decided to break out my pink loafers. I got these last month at the Goodwill for I think $4. They are Liz Claiborne and were never worn. I got compliments from EVERYONE at work today–even the guys!!

Jacket-Thrifted, Lee Rider Pink Gingham shirt-Goodwill, Jean-Westport, Scarf-Goodwill, SHOES-LizClaiborne

Everyone have a wonderful evening!!



Hello Blogland!! Happy Washington’s Birthday!! (For those of us who remember when his and lincoln’s were celebrated separately!!) Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I sure am glad it’s “hump day”!! I have been sp busy at work and I am plum tuckered out when I get home!

In celebration of Geo. Washington I pulled out this cute purse with cherries on it for today. Got quite a few compliments, too.  Todays outfit (minus underclothes, shoes and earrings) cost all of $13 thrifted!!!

Pants-Lane Bryant, Blouse-Notations, Sweater-George, Scarf-Vintage Echo, Shoes-Comfortview

Here’s a close-up of the purse:

I made a great score at the Goodwill yesterday!! Got an adorable rust/brown/gold print CJBanks jacket for $3 and a red bandana print denim Charter Club jacket for $4!!! Watch for them in the next couple of weeks.

Well–off to pack my lunch for tomorrow and watch American Idol. Y’all have a great evening!



Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!! I know I am because I am off work!!

I’m baking poundcakes for the outreach, doing some alterations and starting to pack up the winter decor. I kinda decorate for each season/holiday and it’s time to put away the snowmen and wintery things and bring out the SPRING stuff!!! We really didn’t have a winter here in Maryland so I am ready for Spring to come!!

Do you find certain brands/lines are a guarantee to fit and look good on you?? I’m finding in my thrifting travels that Jones New York, St. John’s Bay, CJBanks and a few others always fit well and are of good quality. These weren’t brands I typically brought in the past. My horizons are certainly being opened!  What brands work for you??

Yesterday’s outfit for church was 100% thrifted-even my purse. I don’t count underclothes or shoes (I wear a 9 wide which makes thrifting shoes very difficult) in my percentages.  I had loads of compliments and my friends were shocked to hear the outfit, including the purse, was only $16!!!!

Sundays Outfit- Sweater is Ann Taylor Loft, Top is St. Johns Bay, Pants are Lane Bryant

I am linking up the adorable Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle today!!

Did anyone else LOVE last nights Downton Abbey??? I can’t WAIT for series 3 in the fall!!!