Owl & Pumpkin rug update

Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a good start to the week?? This will probably be a short post!

I’ve been fighting a resistant bladder and kidney infection the last few weeks (UGH) I went for a follow-up visit to the doctor yesterday and evidently it’s still “there”. He changed up my medicine to Cipro.  It’s supposedly the drug of choice for resistant bacterial infections like mine. I took the 3 day mega-dose of it  years ago and had some “intestinal issues” with it. Doctor decided to try a lower, longer-term dosage. I’m diabetic and having an infection like this linger is a big concern.

One dose last nite and I am DYING. This may be TMI but I spent from 2am to about 8am lying on the bathroom floor. The thought of food still makes me queasy.  Yuck-o! Doc said stop taking it as I must be super-sensitive to it. And as a BONUS (yay) it has made my fibro pain go through the rafters. I am laying about like a slug in the recliner putzing on the laptop.

Quick update on the Owl rug-hooking progress. I’ve managed to get the owl almost  done.  I work on stuff like this while watching TV.

Here is my sartorial elegance for yesterday!!! I decided to wear ballet flats instead of sandals to start the transition to fall. It’s actually supposed to get cooler this weekend–like the 70’s!!! YAY!!!  BTW–that’s not a bib necklace but tiny wood beading on the blouse. I like it because its neutral and not so heavy it pulls the front down.

A close-up of the jewels:

Well–I’m off to maybe visit some blogs and take a nap!! Everyone have a great day and I’ll be back Thursday!!



  1. Vix said:

    You poor love, kidney infections are agony anyway, sending you lots of love and hugs for a speedy recovery!
    The owl’s a work of art and I love your blouse with the built-in bling. I hope for your sake you get some cooler temperatures. We had an unexpected scorcher today which was utterly fabulous! xxx

  2. pastcaring said:

    Oh no, poor you, it sounds painful. I do hope you feel much better soon. Recline as much as you need, groan if you have to!
    The owl is looking wonderful, he has personality in his eyes!
    Gorgeous colours on your top. Take care. xxxxxx

  3. 50 and counting said:

    Get yourself some acidophillus capsules. They will restore the “good” flora in your gut. There isn’t enough in the yogurts to do the job.

    A Russian doctor told me to always take acidophillus whenever on antibiotics. I had a case of colitis due to the zithromycin prescribed for pneumonia. Worst ten days of my life.

    Feel better soon.

  4. Aww I’m sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon. I started a new med which makes me kind of nauseated, so my appetite has been gone too.

    Your little owl is coming along swimmingly! Can’t wait to see him completed.

  5. Terri said:

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and yeah for cooler weather.

  6. steppingmywaytobliss said:

    It is supposed to cool off here too but I am not ready to dress for Fall…not yet. Hope you get better real soon. I went through a time a few years back when I kept getting repeat bladder infections…never knew why and now I haven’t had one in years and years.

  7. So sorry your feeling bad.. Nothing worse than a kidney infection.. and then to be allergic to the meds.. Bless your heart.Sending prayers.
    Love your ballet flats.. I am ready to move into fall.So tired of all this heat!!!

    • Thanks for the response [email].. I love your blog.. Fun to read..Nice to see ‘another menapausal lady,lol”..

  8. Tamera, I hope you’re feeling better. Not TMI for me. I hear that all day, so I’m used to it.
    That metallic purse is awesome. Hang on to it…metallic leather is going to be big this fall!

  9. Beryl said:

    I am so sorry you’re feeling ill – but on an upside, those are really cute shoes!

  10. Oh, I feel for you!!! Been there, done that and I’m so sorry you have to go through it. Feel better quickly!! Acidophilus is helpful long term. Your owl is so sweet and the outfit is great. I’m echoing Sheila of 909: metallic bags for fall!! Your flats are great, too!!

  11. Those ballet flats are adorable! What brand are they? What makes the pattern on the sides, stitching? Beading? So cute!

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