Makeover Monday #2-Ode to Home Interiors!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone’s week has started off well!! For Makeover Monday #2 I’m going to be sharing what I do with thrifted Home Interiors pictures.

For those of you that are saying Home Interiors-what????  Home Interiors, also known as HomCo, is a party plan home decoration company. Basically, you have a party in your home (ala Tupperware or such) and they display there stuff and the guests buy some and the hostess gets freebies. They’ve been around FOREVER and now go by the name Creative Home. This stuff is everywhere in thrifts and at yard sales. It seems like EVERYONE in the 70’s and 80’s sported Homco stuff in there house.

I’ve noticed in the past couple of years that there is less available. You used to be able to get it for almost nothing but now it’s commanding higher prices. A Google search answered that mystery. Evidently vintage Homco crap is hot on Ebay and Etsy. Who knew???

Here’s a little trip down memory lane. How many of you will admit to displaying any of these in your home??? I plead the 5th!!!

A selection of 70’s syroco (plastic wood) wall plaques. I’d love to have the owls or the mushroom one today!!

Here’s a sampling of their “Fine Art”. Most of the frames are plastic wood.

The owls-“Dad & little Henry” is one of the most popular.

As I said, before the Ebay & Etsy hipsters discovered this stuff-you’d could get it for under a dollar if they didn’t give it to you.

This particular picture was huge in the 70’s. It had no glass and was a print on a piece of wood with a rustic wooden frame. It was pretty large=about 2 foot by 2 foot.

You could find faded out ones for under a $1. I like to do folk art painting and if you’ve priced canvas and framing-it ain’t cheap. I snagged one of these faded babies a few years ago for $1 with the intention of using it as a canvas for a painting. I figured I had nothing to lose. The picture board was stapled to the frame so they came apart easily. I found it was PERFECT for folk art painting. I could paint the frame to accent the picture. Plus they were CHEAP (not anymore it seems-if I can find them at all they are now about $3-$5, which is still a good deal. Here’s some of the painting I’ve done (that I still have-I’ve done several others for friends and family)

Black sheep wool sign

Painted to go with stoneware collection in bathroom

Painted and distressed  to look like a vintage sign for our front porch

I’ve been looking for some more as I’ve run out and I’ve got a couple of requests for paintings. I may have to start eyeing up some other cheapy paintings & frames for my “art”.

Thanks for stopping by Makeover Monday#2 and check out “Vintage Homco” on Etsy or Ebay!!



  1. Helga said:

    I hadn’t heard of HomeCo!
    LOVE the fruit!! reminds me that I MUST make a Carmen Miranda head piece…….
    Darl,my emails to you keep bouncing back……waaaaaaaah……….

  2. Vix said:

    I don’t know the name HomeCo, but Tupperware was massive here in the 1970s! Those owl and deer prints crop up with massive regularity at our car boot sales but I swear I just collect hideously tacky children and sexy 1950s ladies! I love your rustic art, is there nothing you can’t do well? xxx

  3. Wow, those bring back memories of ugly 70s kitchens! I don’t know if we had that company in Canada, but a lot of it looks quite familiar.

    I love your painted signs, Tamera, they’re beautiful!

  4. I love the second section of pictures. It reminds me of my grandparents dining room from when I was growing up. They had this horrible printed wood paneling with “hunting” style scenes of dear and ducks. They also had a velvet painting in their bedroom of a dog with a duck in its mouth, but it looked wonky like the dog was a mutant.

    I like your painted pictures. Your DIYs are very awesome.

  5. Tamera, Tamera, You have made my day with old photos of Home Interior products. I remember the fruit and veggies syrocco and I confess I owned the bottom picture with the grid of country scenes, oh my. In Boise, Home Interior was a big deal. My sis even sold it for awhile. Over the years as I have come into my decorating sensibilities I have rid my home of every piece. A few months ago at Idaho Youth Ranch, a great thrift agency with stores all over the area, I found a beautiful brand new lush fake fern with the tags still attached. So for $2.99 my home now sports a gorgeous Home Interior silk fern. I remember when all their fake plants were plastic and fairly expensive. Kathy
    PS In regards to your lame’ post: You get extra brownie points in heaven for sewing any “slick” fabric for church, whether its streamers or a big huge butterfly like I did once. I only had to get resaved 4 times during the process. 🙂 Was this post about clothing? Oops!

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