OOOOOOO Shiny Blue Parrots!!!

Hello Blogland!!! Wow am I glad today is my ‘Friday”!! It has been one hectic crazy week at work!!! I’m planning on staying home (no going to town to thrift) and getting a massive amount of tidying up both inside and out done. Plus I have some sewing projects I’d like to get a start on.

I came home to a wonderful package from Megan Mae full of her sweet buttonflowers!! I recently sent her a batch of vintage ties (we have a local thrift who will often put them on sale for 10/$1) and she sent these in return. Even a cute xmas one!!!  She makes these and obi’s from the ties.

I did manage to stop in the “We think we’re Neiman Marcus and price accordingly” Goodwill Store yesterday to look around. I am glad I did. Clothing and shoes were dismal but I found the most awesome vintage necklace for $2. They never have jewelry and this was in a bin of junk back with the books.

80’s wooden parrot necklace

How FABULOUS is this!!! It’s definitely a statement necklace-although I’m not quite sure what statement I am making wearing it!!!  The hubster said he liked my turquoise FISH necklace. Sure, honey, fish with BEAKS-LOLOLOL!!!!

I adored the color combo of turquoise, orange and black so much I base my whole outfit on it. I received compliments from strangers on the necklace. Definitely a keeper!

I was so thrilled with the awesome jewelry Vix sent me I of course planned an outfit around it!! Got lot’s of compliments on it. The co-workers really liked it a lot.

Why not wear orange giraffe, chevrons and brown croc with stunning Indian jewelry??
Here’s the blingy:

I just love the autumnal tones of these!!

Well–I’m off to start cutting out some gold lame’ streamers for the Hispanic dance team. I love them but oh how I HATE working with lame’!!!!

Have a great weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday!!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    You are too cute as always. Great score on the parrot necklace. Per chance, is your husband an evolutionist? ; )

  2. pastcaring said:

    The fish-like parrots are fabulous! (I can sort of see what your man means) and I agree that orange and turquoise are a wonderful combination.
    LOVE your maxi – no surprise there! – and the beautiful pendants from dear Vix. I think I might just be inspired to wear my autumn shades maxi today too, in your honour!
    Have a great weekend, love. xxxxxxx

  3. Vix said:

    You look gorgeous in both your outfits! Orange is most definitely one of your colours, you own it, baby! That necklace does look rather fishy but in a good way. The autumnal tones to your outfit are rather beautiful today, I was tempted to wear those colours today but I’m just whipped up a frock and it needs an outing!
    Megan Mae is one clever chick! Love her brooches.
    Have a fab weekend, oh fabulous one! xxxxx

  4. The flower buttons are wonderful! You and Megan have forges a terrific synergy. Love your new necklace, and you know, there is a “parrot fish”, so maybe hubby isn’t too far off : >

  5. Joni said:

    Love your comment about the statement necklace. 😉 You always make me laugh in here. I think the statement you’re making is that you like to have fun and wear happy clothing and accessories because you radiate happiness and creativity! I love the bright bold turquoise!

    I also just purchased a heapin’ helpin’ of Megan’s buttonflowers and can’t wait to do things with them. I’m going to give some to my sister too. I think they’ll look great on hats, lapels and maybe even on a bracelet somehow. If I can figure it out.

    Have fun with your lame! That’s why it’s spelled like LAME? lol

  6. Yay! So glad the buttonflowers arrived. My MIL found that crazy Santa tie and I knew I had to make you a buttonflower out of it.

    LOVE the parrot necklace. Great score for $2! Our Goodwill never has jewelry.

    The jewelry from Vix dresses up your maxi perfectly. I bet it’s going to get a lot of wear for autumn.

  7. Helga said:

    Hahah,fish with beaks!! Yeah,honey!!
    Darling,I love your beautiful smile!! You are rocking those colours,and totally rocking that amazing jewellery Vix sent!! Huzzah!
    I’ve finally realised I had subscribed correctly;couldn’t figure why I didn’t know you’d posted…sorted now! ROCK ON! XXXXXXXXXXX

  8. Terri said:

    Ooh, I’m liking the amber stone Vix sent! But the parrot necklace was a wonderful find. I’m wondering if someone had deliberately placed it in the books.

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