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Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a good week?? The weather here in Maryland was PERFECT the beginning of the week. Highs around 80, sunny, low humidity. And of course, being Maryland  it completely changed today.

It’s HOT!!! Like 100 degree HOT with humidity so high it feels like a steam bath outside. And it’s gonna be like this all through the weekend. UGH I loathe hot weather. I’m a cool weather gal. You can always layer on more clothes to get warmer, but there’s only so much you can take off before you scare small children & pets or get arrested.

I’ve got lot’s of indoor projects planned because delicate blossom that I am I will just wilt in the heat.  I’ve been absent from posting earlier this week because I was taking advantage of the nice weather playing in this:

My veggie garden

Pickings have been slim in the thrifts lately. I’m on the hunt for fall/winter stuff now. I did find a NEW to me thrift store this week. I went down a different street to bypass some traffic crap and found a nifty place called Thrift Angel full of all kinds of goodies. How did I, the Queen of Thrifting not know this was there????I only had a few minutes to browse but I managed to find a CJBANKS charcoal grey LEOPARD PRINT microsuede jacket for $3!!! I’ll definitely be going back!!

I also discovered that my newest co-worker is a fashionista, too. She wants to learn about style blogging so I been sending her links to all of your wonderful sites for inspiration. We have a daily style chat which I am sure her male coworkers in her area LOVE…LOLOL!!

And on to this weeks styling. I will admit that Monday was one of those “Hey I am out of bed and dressed-what more do you want?? Migraine from hell days” so I took the path of least resistance.

Blouse-CJBanks via Salvation Army, Crops-Denim & Co via Goodwill, Shoes-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Grin via Good Drugs!!!

Tuesday’s top is going in the “maybe” pile. I’ve worn it twice and it’s just not working. It’s too “big”–wide and can’t be belted (weird tier things)to  make it more fitted. Ah well–only paid $1.50 for it.

Top-Cato via Goodwill, Crops-Thrifted, Shoes-Comfortview via Roamans

I’ve totally turned into a maxi-fiend!! PERFECT for this miserable hot weather.  I teach a handiworks class to teens on Wednesday evenings before church  and several of the girls told me they loved my outfit. Teen girl fashion approval of the highest order!!!

Maxi via Ross ($12.99!), Cardigan-Apt9 via Kohls, Purse via Goodwill, Orange Cami-ancient!, Sandals-Sam&Libby via Goodwill

More divine “maxiness”!!! These will be my go-to outfits this summer. I feel very polished, professional, and put-together–AND it satisfies my inner hippie!!

Cardigan-George via Goodwill, Maxi-Sonoma via Kohls , Sandals-Jaclyn Smith via Kmart, Purse via Goodwill

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!! See y’all Sunday unless I melt!!




Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

I was EVER so glad when 4pm Friday arrived. That class was so mind-numbing and, except for maybe the first morning, TOTALLY useless to me.  My boss owes me big time for taking one for the team and going.  LOLOLOL

Saturday I spring-cleaned the guest bedroom/hubster’s office. I do this yearly–wash the walls, woodwork, furniture. Dust everything, wash the windows. I just do it one room at a time because it wipes me out and I have to recuperate.

Hubster was off helping his Dad bale hay on the farm so I had the house to myself. It’s so much easier not to have him underfoot when I embark on a “project”.

Anyhow, I rearranged all of the furniture in the room for a fresh look.  He came home later that evening, went in the room for a long time and then came out in the kitchen and asked me if I had rearranged the furniture in the guest room. No, it just spontaneously rearranged itself Captain Obvious. LOLOLOLOL Men!!!!

He should know my proclivities on redecorating. My furniture and accessories get moved around so much they should have frequent flyer miles. I used to LOVE to paint the walls (is that strange??)  He would travel out-of-town on Monday for work leaving a tan living room and come back Friday to an aqua blue living room. I averaged about every two years changing it up. I finally eliminated the blah builder white house-wide here last summer before my splat. I gotta have SOME color!!

While I was cleaning I found this wonderful picture of our daughter (the new bride) with my Dad. I think this was in 1996–it was Julie’s first performance in The Nutcracker and he brought her flowers. she belonged to the Columbia Chamber Ballet from age 10 to age 18. They put on a condensed version of The Nutcracker every year around the area for free. she danced practically every major role such as Clara and The Sugar Plum Fairy through the years. My Dad would always come to watch her dance in it. The guy right behind Julie to the right is the hubster.

Julie and Pop Christmas 1996

My resident furry fashionista wanted to be included!!

Miss Kae is rockin’ the neon and tropical trends in her sundress by LuluPink via Ross.

Friday’s wasted in dullsville outfit:

Cardigan-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Top-Apt9 via Kohls, Capris-thrifted last decade,
Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Purse-Kmart

This maxi dress caused a PMP (pee my pants in excitement) moment in the Salvation Army. It’s Dana Buchman–still had the $72 tags on it! It was missing the belt and had a small pop in the seam. $4 and 5 minutes of sewing late I’ve got an awesome new maxi!!

Maxi-DanaBuchman vis Salvation Army, Cardigan via Goodwill, Sandal-Earth Shoes via Walmart several years ago, Purse-Charter Club via Goodwill

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at Visible Monday, Monday Mingle and Thrifter’s Anonymous. Check out all the stylish ladies around the webs!

I’ll be back around on Thursday to chat!  I’ve got a lot of blog reading to catch up on!



Hello Blogland!!! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!!A heartfelt thank you to everyone for all of the kind words and encouragement about my dad. Y’all ROCK!!  The memorial service was wonderful and I was pretty together until the bagpiper started into Amazing Grace (my dad loved bagpipes) It was wonderful meeting all of the medical students, doctors and researchers who benefitted from the donor program. I’m an organ donor but after learning the good it does I’m considering taking my dad’s example and donating my whole body to science. The doctor’s can study the fabulousness of ME!!!

It’s been a hot sticky miserable week weather-wise here. From low 70’s to 100 degrees in a couple of days. UGH!

And to just put the cherry of suckitude on the crap cake this week–I’ve had to be in mandatory training at work. I loathe training when I’m remotely interested in the topic. I’m trapped taking training that I will most likely never use. It’s on writing Performance Based Service Contracts. I design and write up construction contracts so nothing applies. Plus I’m stuck with an insufferable pompous co-worker!! I’ve been able to do a bit of web-surfing but I don’t have all of my spiffy links to my favorite blogs!!  I’m still trying to figure out what contest in hell I’ve won that THIS is the  prize for.

My sartorial choices this week were predicated (wow look big words!!) on the heat and looking appropriate at a memorial. Which evidently MANY other people have no clue about. I mean…booty shorts and stripper shoes?? Really?? I’m not kidding–at least she had on a blazer so I guess it made it acceptable….NOT.

Monday–What I wore coming from work and going to the memorial for my dad….
Jacket-Goodwill, Tshirt-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Crops-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Batik scarf via Goodwill, Shoes-American Eagle via Payless, Purse via Goodwill

I’ve learned to never discount something because of it’s label.

I’ve always associated Alfred Dunner with grandmaw stuff and I’m not ready to go there yet!! However, if you pick and choose there are some usable pieces to be had. Case in point my jacket and tank below. The jacket looks like one of those trendy Missoni pieces that were all the rage at Target earlier this spring. The tank that came with it fits well, is a nice heavy poly knit and will be a good layering piece on its own. And both for $3?? SOLD

Top & Tank-Alfred Dunner via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, Sandal-Clarks via Goodwill, Belt via Goodwill

I didn’t take my picture Wednesday because the battery was dead in the camera and I had a headache. I wore my DianeVonFurstenburg maxi again (seen here)

I decided to crop the bubblegum pink LizClaiborne pants. I doubted I’d get much wear out of them in colder months and I don’t wear long pants in summer.

Tunic via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, Shoes-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Purse-Kmart years ago, Necklace-Vintage

I’ve been told the new pixie ‘do makes me look 10 years younger. I wonder if I shave my head bald if I’d look 20 years younger? HMMMMMM???

One more boring day of class to go and then WEEKEND!!! I’m planning on rearranging the guest bedroom and doing some foofing around the house!!! Chat at y’all on Sunday. Everyone have a great weekend!



Hello Blogland! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

This will probably be a kind of , oh I don’t know, melancholy post today. But if anything I want to be real and I’m not Susy smiley Face everyday.

This is my first Father’s Day without my dad. He passed away October 4, 2011 just past his 76th birthday after a long illness. In fact, he had been ill since the mid 70’s (Crohn’s disease, Throat Cancer, Heart Bypass, Kidney failure, etc. etc. etc.) We used to call him the Bionic Man because he just kept defying the odds and kept on going. He never complained about his illnesses.

Dad in November 2006 with his 71st birthday present to himself!

I went out in my garden for a bit this afternoon and shed a few tears. I got my love of gardening from him. His vegetable garden was a precise thing of beauty. Every plant neatly in a row evenly spaced. Not a weed in sight. His whole yard was like something out of a magazine.

He loved to read and turned me on to James Michner’s work (Centennial, Tales of the South Pacific) His favorite, being a native Marylander, was Chesapeake. I re-read it after he passed to remember him.

He donated his body to science (Johns Hopkins) and the State of Maryland to use in forensic science demonstrations and research. They have completed what they will be doing . Tomorrow there will be a ceremony to honor those who do this and we will be laying his remains (he was cremated) to rest in the State cemetery. Somewhat ironic for the day after Father’s Day.

Anyhow-on to the fashion. I was asked how many purses I have–last count 11-all thrifted. I’ve been looking for a dark pink and an olive/lime green one. Love me some purses!!

Top-ANA via Goodwill, Crops-Dockers via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill, Belt via thrift, Sandals via Kmart

I think this would look better with a silver belt so I’ll have to keep my eye out for one. Or get ambitious and make one.

Miss KaeKae in Lulu Pink via Ross

Mr. Bill in Fur via God

I am linking up with Visible Monday, Monday Mingle and Thrifter Anonymous!! Check them out!

Hello Blogland!!  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend planned!

Today is the last day of the Fashion Challenge! It’s been loads of fun! Today was Pastel or Neon. I like bright colors as opposed to pastels so I wanted to challenge myself with something pastel. I scored my blouse this week-I’ve been wanting a tropical print top but everything is too boxy or I just didn’t like the print.

I passed this blouse by on the rack initially. I backtracked and pulled it out for a better look and I am glad I did. It’s a wonderful rayon drapey fabric. I loved the print- it looks like vintage postcards-which I collect. but the best part is that it has darts along the waist that nips it in and makes it less boxy. AND for $3???? Mine!!

But first–my resident Diva Miss thang wanted to participate in the challenge. She’s rockin’ her neon  today.

Miss Kae-Kae in a neon yellow dress with neon green and pink accents via Ross

Blouse-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Linen Crops-Goodwill, Purse-Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohls

Note the new location-It was actually daylight when I took my picture today. This is my front porch.

I got several compliments on the outfit while I was running errands today. I gotta say pickings were slim in the 4 thrifts I visited while I was in town. I managed to get a canner with the rack (I want to start canning) and a nice Wexford glass relish plate.

Well–I need to ice two dozen cupcakes (Coconut with chocolate icing-like a Mounds) for tomorrow and get my rubberstamping stuff together for the demos.

Y’all have a great evening and I’ll be back Sunday!



Hello Blogland! How is everyone this fine Thursday evening??? I am SO happy I am off tomorrow because this week has been the pits. Oh well.

Putzing in the garden last night helped immensely. I weeded a bit, tied up my tomatoes and picked my first cucumber. I’m going to have a bumper crop ready this weekend and zucchini too.  The squash plants are HUGE!!

My veggie Garden. Yes, that is pink flamingo’s you see!

This challenge was a bit hard. I usually wear solid colored pants. I have a pair of black & white gingham crops and I wore my seersucker pinstripe ones yesterday. I’m on the hunt for some houndstooth and black/white pinstripe for winter. As far as bright colors–I have a pair of bright pink pants I recently thrifted that I want to make into crops because I think I’d get more wear out of them.

I scored this sweater yesterday and since it was cooler weather I HAD to put together an outfit immediately!

Sweater-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Polo-LaneBryant, Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Purse-Vintage

My hair has been driving me crazy lately. I was trying to grow it out a bit again but it seems once it gets a millimeter too long it looked like a rodent crawled on my head and died. I really like how chic Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Densch and other mature ladies look with a pixie cut. I decided today was the day it comes off. I took my picture when I got home so you can see the difference. What do y’all think??

The new ‘do!

I’m giving workshops this weekend at a fundraiser craft festival. I’m demonstrating yo-yo flowers (which are very similar to Megan Mae’s darling button flowers,) primitive rug hooking and collage jewelry. So I need to get my butt off of this computer and get my stuff together!!



Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone had a better day then I’ve had so far!!

I have a major renovation design I’ve been working on that has suddenly become “hot” and needs to be finalized this week-about 2 weeks ahead of the projected completion date. I pretty much had all of the specifications, estimate, and documentation complete and had a few tweaks on the blueprints to do before I printed them out.

And would you know it–my computer decides to go whack-a-doodle all day long and lock up if I looked at it cross-eyed! AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!  I had to have IT recover the drawing and they spent the afternoon doing diagnostic stuff on the computer. Let’s just say I’ve had it with technology today!! I missed my lunchtime blog visiting!

This will be a short-ish post because I have no patience for computers of any kind tonite. After I make my challenge post I’m going to go putz in the vegetable garden. I hope to catch up with everyone’s blogs in the next couple days-I hate missing anything!

Wednesday’s challenge was Tribal or Floral. The closest I can come to tribal is some batik print blouse. I really am not much of a floral gal either. when it is a floral it’s usually a bolder or abstract one as opposed to a “ditsy” floral. I like this blouse because it’s a trendy tropical print in unusual colors.

Blouse-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Crops-Merona via Goodwill, Purse-Vintage via Goodwill,  Sandals-NoBoundaries via Goodwill

The sandals didn’t last long-I changed them out to something flatter because I was running around so much (in circles pulling out my hair). The crops are actually a thin white and brown pinstripe seersucker. The blouse is a thin voile like cotton that is very cool and airy which is GREAT for the heat and humidity.!

Thanks for the input and suggestions about the crops yesterday. I’m going to try them with a shorter and more fitted top to see if that was the problem. I’m somewhat reluctant to make them too skinny legged. I am built like an orange on toothpicks. LONG toothpicks–for someone who is barely 5’4″ tall-I wear a 31″ inseam. Stumpy body. Seriously–I have no hips, butt or thighs. All of my excess blubber is around my waist.  If pants are too “skinny” in the legs it makes me look even more round!  It’s the reason I passed on the leggings with a tunic look.

Anyway–off to the garden for some relaxation. I never thought pulling weeds could look so inviting!