Meet the rest of the furry family….

Hello Blogland!!!! How is everyone this evening!!

I feature her Divaness quite often and decided everyone should meet the rest of the furry family. In addition to Mr.Bill we have three cat-queens. All of the cats are attached to my hubby, Lauren. He is their preferred human.  They all follow him around “talking” to him and demanding his attention.

First up is our 17-year-old  mackeral tabby Molly-aka Fatgirl. I actually got her at a yardsale. She is quite the lovebug. She adores dogs and is always giving Mr.Bill  an ear-bath. Ms.Kae of course will have none of that!!!! When we have company she exhausts herself giving out the “head-butts of love” to everyone.

Next up is our 14-year-old silver queen Misty. She is the undisputed Queen of the cats!!! She is somewhat aloof and regal. She enjoys having her picture taken.

Last up is our  5-year-old demon-child tortie Callie-kins. I got her at a yardsale, too. She keeps everyone on their toes. Her favorite activity is tormenting MrBill because he is terrified of her. She likes to sit and stare at him and intimidate him. One of her favorite activities is semi-hiding in one of the bedrooms with her paw in the hallway daring him to come down the hall. She’s pretty but bad!!!

Of course her Divaness made sure she’d be pictured, too!!!

Mr.Bill and Kae-Kae

On to the fashion-here’s Wednesday’s ensemble. I’ve worn these before:

Thursdays outfit. I ran around on-site visits  for construction projects I’ve designed so I am whupped tonite! I think I looked cute, though!

The blouse is new to me–I got it at the Salvation Army

Here’s the jewelry:Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! Chat with y’all Sunday!!!



  1. That’s a lot of furries you got there!
    Cute outfits!

  2. pastcaring said:

    I am a cat lover so it is great to meet your gorgeous kitties! Aren’t they beautiful? Misty does look rather regal, we have one who we call the Queen too. And one of my old cats, now sadly gone to the happy hunting ground in the sky, was a naughtie tortie who sounds very similar to Callie. They are demons, aren’t they, it’s true what they say about torties. And you mustn’t upset Molly by calling her Fatgirl, that’s very cheeky! Don’t you just swoon for headbutts of kitty love?
    You ALWAYS look cute! Hope you feel refreshed and revitalised today! xxxxx

  3. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I love, love the shirt in the first photo…those colors are my favorites. Why don’t you put the kitties in little dresses too? ; )

  4. You certainly have the talent for putting together gorgeous outfits. I especially love that aqua and green together.

  5. Vix said:

    Ooooh, your kitties are just gorgeous! Fatgirl Mollie doesn’t look in the least bit tubby, how dare you!! Misty looks very snooty and distinguished and Calliekins looks rather like Polly Piglet but obviously shares Stephen Squirrel’s penchant for bad-ass behaviour (sharpening his claws on vintage frocks and sitting on his sister’s head when we’re looking away). Cats are such disgraceful tarts, ours llove jon most, too!
    Kisses to Mr Bill and Miss Kae-Kae!
    Love that chartreuse shade on you, matches you divine sunny personality! Happy weekend! xxx

  6. You do look cute! I love those loafers (what is my sudden love for loafers mean, I wonder?) That blue is divine! As are your kittehs and puppies. Thanks for the comment, dear Tamera. I see we share a love for fabulous bloggers! Love my Helga so much!

  7. What beautiful cats and dogs. I am devoted to mine, diva though she is and my dog too!
    Love your outfits and you have the best smile in Blogland.x

  8. All together now: Awwwwwww! We are catless for now, but I have fond memories of “headbutts of love” and “cat tortures dog” techniques. Love the greens and blues in that first outfit!

  9. I love seeing your beautiful cats. Our first cat, Othello, was a champion head-butter. I’ve never met another cat who loved to do that so much.

  10. Awww such beautiful kitties. I would love to snuggle each one. Mollywoggles looks like such a love. I love snuggly cats. The one thing I miss about my dearly departed Gomez is his headbutts.

    Love your blue loafers and the new blouse! Lime green is my favorite.

  11. Lots of cuties..
    Love your outfits.. And those blue shoes are tooooooooooooo cute..

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