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Hello!!!! Thought I’d pop my head up from the Christmas Undecorate-a-thon for a moment and post what I wore yesterday. The next couple of days are gonna involve mangy sweatpants and tshirts and no one needs to see that! Oh yeah, and juicer news. Yup–got me one for Christmas. It’s a BlacknDecker model–inexpensive and if I really like juicing I’ll upgrade. I tried it out today. I juiced a Granny Smith apple, cucumber, letttuce and some celery. It was a real prretty shade of green and kinda tasty, although bland. I think I’ll “kick t up a notch” with some ginger or other herbs.

Anyhow-everytime I wear this combo I’m reminded of “Maude”. For you children out there, “Maude” was a spin-off of “All in the Family/Archie Bunker” in the seventies. It starred the awesome Beatrice Athur as Maude. You might remember her as “Dorothy” on “Golden Girls”.  I’ve always loved Bea’s sense of style. She knew how to dress!  Both characters always looked unique yet classy.

Bea Arthur as "Maude"

Bea Arthur as "Dorothy"

Doing my best “Bea Arthur” impression down the catwalk:


Jean: Black Lee Rider Stretch Bootcuts via Walmart

Top: Jersey Purple and Black Tunic via clearence rack at DressBarn

Vest: Black knee-length sweater via Lane Bryant clearance for $4.99 last year! I wear this a lot!

Shoes: Black Predictions via Payless worn with black trouser socks. These are my go-to winter work shoes.

Jewels: Silver thick hoops via Walmart years ago, Crown pin from Joann’s crafts (found in the jewelry making dept.)

I’m participating in Visible Monday with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style  and Monday Mingle! Check all of these sylish ladies out!

Well-back to work. I’m almost done and I’m looking forward to NOT looking at Christmas stuff.  Gotta get the house cleaned so I can put out my winter/Snowman decoration. LOLOL Did I mention I have a bin of that??? I decorate for every holiday/season.

Flaking off……


Hello!!!! I’ve been busy taking down all of the Christmas stuff (and believe me I have a metric TON of it) Just gotta undecorate the living room tree (400+ vintage and antique glass ornaments) and the dining room Santa tree (200+ santa ornaments) and undecorate outside and I’m DONE. I’m whupped tonite! I think I need an intervention-my christmas collection is getting almost hoard-like. Albeit a very organized and labeled in tubs hoard. My OCD tendencies come in handy at times.

Speaking of which….I’ve always struggled with being to matchy-matchy. The colors in my outfit had to match exactly or I freaked. I’ve been trying to break that. Yesterdays outfit was an example. It wasn’t matchy-matchy and I didn’t explode!!

Strolling down the catwalk in coordinating SHADES:


Jeans: Chocolate Liz Claiborne via Catherines. I told ya I had multiple colors!

Sweater: Capri blue Fine Gauge Mock turtle via Roamans. Another of my multiples.

Vest: Brown rib knit sweater vest via Goodwill

Shoes: Brown Predictions via Payless worn with brown trouser socks

Scarf: Brown, orange and aqua print via Goodwill

Jewels: Gold drop earrings via Walmart years ago, Gold pin via Goodwill

I was worried that the brown jeans weren’t an exact match but they blended great. My big freak-out was the blues didn’t match. Both are a turquoise-y color-but the blue in the scarf is more green then my sweater. The orange in the scarf really popped against the blue. Of course, utilizing my handy-dandy art degree (oh yeah, I have a BFA) orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel and enhance each other when put together.

I got several compliments on the outfit. I’ll definitely be a bit more adventurous in my color matching in the future.

Well, I need a Tylenol and heating pad. I lugged 10 tubs to the basement tonite and I’m paying for it now!!



Hello!!! Rejoined the world of work yesterday. Got my office cleaned and organized in peace and quiet. It’s like a morgue here–so many are out for the holidays.

Speaking of work, I guess I should fill y’all in on what I do. I’m a Project Engineer for the Department of Public Works on an Army base. Essentially I do design work for renovations/remodels for the buildings, facilities, repairs ,maintenance etc. The dress code is casual Friday with some restrictions (no jogging suits, shorts, etc.) If I showed up in a suit or dress the guys would faint if they’d  even notice-engineers aren’t universally known for their fashion sense. Heck, some of them can’t button their shirts correctly. We have one who often wears his sweaters inside out and backwards and is TOTALLY CLUELESS when you point it out.

Since I’m casting pearl before swine here I dress to please me.  I wear dress pants and spiff up if I know I’m meeting with a colonel or general. Otherwise it’s jean-a-rama (at least in the winter)

Slinking down the catwalk while organizing my office:


Jean-Liz Claiborne via Catherines. LOVE THESE–great fit and colors.

Blouse-DressBarn (on clearance) worn over a black cami from Lane Bryant

Sweater Vest- Goodwill

Shoes-both pairs Comfortview via Roamans. I wound up wearing the olive green bow ballet flats because it was pouring rain.

Jewels- Owl Earrings and brass bangles via Goodwill

This is one of my fav tops. I love the smocking on the neckline and the bottom. I have three pair of the Liz jeans. I have so much trouble finding pants that fit that when I do I scoop them up in every color. I happen to be an “apple”-no butt, big gut, skinny legs. Addd to that I’m also very short-waisted and have trouble finding pants that the waist band isn’t in my armpits or the crotch around my knees. I can’t do petites because my legs are really long (I’m 5’4 and take a 30″ inseam) I’m a freak to dress!!

Ah well, off to open and play with the juicer I got for Christmas!!!



Hello!! The hubster and I took my mom to visit our daughter and fiance’ yesterday. Julie (darling daughter) wanted Gran and us to see their new house decorated for Christmas. And of course we HAD to visit with the world’s cutest chihuahua puppy!! If I’m this goofy over a dog-can you imagine what it will be when they have real kids? LOLOLOL

Obligatory cute picture of Noelle. She’s a budding fashionista! I’ll share pix later this week of my chihuahua KaeKae–who is the most stylish dog in town!

We ate lunch at this really nice Italian restaurant in Glen Burnie called The Olive Tree. It was DELISH!! We got an appetizer called Italian Nachos that involved pasta flour chips, sausage, tomatoes, olives and CHEESE! It was amazing! I’m starving today to make up for it.

Strutting down the catwalk while eating Italian:


The Deets:

Jeans- 12 year old  Lee Riders- my fav weekend jeans

Sweater-Fine Gauge wide Ribbed Mock Turtle via Roaman’s. I love this sweater and have 9 of them. They layer well, accessorize like a charm and always look polished.

Vest-DressBarn via Consignment Shop. I added a close-up pic so you can see the tweedy colors

Shoes-Predictions via Payless worn with brown trouser socks.

Jewels-Copper Dangles I’ve had for years (?)  and pins that I made.

The hubster wasn’t around so I took my pic in the mirror. Note my intense expression!! My camera skillz are pathetic!

Back to work tomorrow–it’ll be a quiet week since most everyone is off. Or go completely off the rails. I hope to rearrange my office a bit and clean some.





Hello!!! This is a momentous occaision!! My first post featuring ME in the picture!!!

This is what I was sporting down the catwalk on Christmas. Well, actually the second outfit down the runway. It seems that the ensemble I had planned out and wore to church turned into a disaster. There isn’t any photographic evidence to incriminate me!!

I had found this gorgeous red tartan wool fabric at the thrift store. I made a cute flarted knee-length skirt. I planned to wear it with my black flat knit mock-turtlenec pullover sweater, black knee high boots, black tights and a scarf.

WELL…..I’ve lost a bit of weight since I made the skirt and it was too big, so I pinned the waistband to keep it up. Evidently the wool is real (as opposed to polyester fake wool) Even with tights, slip and tshirt under it–I itched like a bear up a fuzzy tree! It came OFF as soon as we got home and I changed into something more comfortable. Oh well….

Here’s Christmas Outfit take 2:


Excuse the fuzziness of the photo-My hubster took the picture–the string dangling from my butt is actually a cat-toy hanging on the door knob!


Jeans: Lee Riders Stretch Bootcut via Walmart (I LOVE these–great fit and style)

Blouse: White cotton pintuck striped Dressbarn via Goodwill.

Vest: Black sweater knit-Dressbarn last year

Shoes: Thom McCan black leather buckle loafers via KMart worn with tan trouser socks.

Scarf: Vintage Thrifted Silk Christmas Print

Jewels: Thrifted Vintage Lamplight Pin, Bow and Bell earrings I got at Woolworths about 25 years ago!

Everybody liked the outfit-especially the scarf. I was comfortable and looked pulled-together yet casual. I hadn’t worn the blouse in a while and now I’m wondering why? It was cute and versatile.

The plaid skirt is in the giveaway bag. The outfit looked really CUTE, too. (I wore the scarf and jewelry above with it) I’m sensitive to real wool and try to avoid it.

I’m challenging myself to try to shake stuff up in 2012 wardrobe -wise!


I had to do the dreaded bra shopping this weekend. I’ve been putting it off-but the underwire broke in another bra and it just had to be done.

If I have any male readers-you might want to click-out now–LOLOL. We are gonna be having bra chat!!

I’ve always been very “busty”- and very self-conscience about it. (I joke that my body grew into the existing rack-LOL) I have no idea why anyone would want to have surgery to make them BIGGER. It makes it hard to find clothes that fit (Why do designers think that a large bust=football player shoulders=armpit holes down to my waist??) Heaven knows men have conversations with them (hey-my head–it’s up here).  And some people equate big bust=small IQ.

Menopause is a weird thing. For some inexplicable reason, my boobs are going through a second puberty and GROWING. I haven’t gained any weight–in fact I’ve had to take in some pants. Yet my bras and some of my tops have gotten too tight. I thought gravity made everything move south!! Yet some of my “junk” is apparently moving north. To my chest. Where I DO NOT need any more.

So I took all the measurements, determined the size and off I went to the big girl store. What? You wonder why I didn’t go to Victoria’s Secret??? Let me tell you Tamera’s Secret–there isn’t enough fabric in their bra department to hold up my puppies. VS is cute and all that–but I need hydraulics. Lift. Lock and loaded. I don’t want to bounce and put my eyes out. I want them lifted UP off my waist.  And the Wonder Bra just ain’t gonna do it for me.

I’m perusing the bra department when the helpful PERKY (if you know what I mean) twenty-something, size four salesclerk comes over.

“Can I help you?” Here’s one of our most popular styles-what size do you need?”  She is WAY to friendly–I think she’s been main-lining Starbucks.

“Mumble Mumble Mumble” from me.

She starts handing me one of each style they carry in my size. Great–multiple selections. Like I want choices.

I take a selection of different styles in my size in the dressing room and begin the try-on process. It’s not enough to get the right size–gotta be the right cut, etc.

The first one I try on is the big girl version of the Wonder Bra. It has these little pockets in the cups that hold…get this… little BALLOONS. I haven’t stuffed my bra since I was 10 years old. The front is very low-cut and plunging and it has tiny skinny straps. The premise is that the balloons will displace boobage to make cleavage.  Yup–I had cleavage all the way up to my NECK. I felt if I coughed or such that everything was flying outta them cups–because they were over-flowing.  And if one of the skinny straps broke–I’d kill someone. Who thought this would be a good idea for a big busted woman??

And while I’m on the topic. Who thought it was a good idea to make them little camisole tops with the built-in bras in size 24???  That flimsy stretch fabric isn’t supporting ANYTHING that size. It just mashes them down. And halter tops for big girls–PUHLEEZE!!!! Unless you can wear a really good strapless or halter-neck bra–you gots boobs in your lap.  And don’t get me started on spandex shorts or mini-skirts at the big-girl store. If your butt fits in the size 26-28–the spandex miniskirt should NOT be an option. Check out for confirmation. Just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean you should be wearing it–in public.  Have mercy–I’m just saying.

Anyway-and so it went. One positioned the boobage so they were kind of under my armpits–not an attractive look. Several just didn’t get them off the waist. A couple gave me the dreaded 4-boob syndrome. You know–when it’s kinda tight along the top of the cup so it makes it look like you are nursing four puppies.

Forty-five minutes later I FINALLY found a style that covered what I wanted covered. Lifted them where I wanted them to be. Held them securely with minimal bounce-age. I brought one in every color they had.

They better stop growing…..