I am too old for manual labor…

Hello Blogland!! Is everyone having a wonderful weekend??? We manged to get a deluge of 3 inches of much-needed rain today. My gardens love it.

I was off Friday so I get this brilliant idea since the fibromyalgia was feeling good  to tidy up the gardens a bit as they were getting quite tatty looking. The weekend of September 15th  will be a huge festival in my town to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Antietam (the bloodiest day in American history) They expect maybe 50,000 people to descend upon our little town of 700. WOW!!! I live on the main crossroad so we want to make sure the house looks nice for all the tourists. Miss Kae is demanding a new outfit for her many fans.

So, the weather is cool, I’m feeling spry and out I go at 8am. I drug my poor battered body back in around 5pm. The gardens look great but I am still recuperating. The hubster said “You overdid it”  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…but at least it’s DONE.

I had planned to reorganize the Craft Dungeon a.k.a. the basement on Saturday but I was just too sore. I needed to go to the post-office to mail some parcels and the hubster asked if I could go to town to the hardware store for him

Going to town means a 30 mile round trip. I live in the boonies, folks!! If I’m going to drive that far I’m going to make my thrift rounds and hit up yard sales on the way. The yard sales were pathetic. The thrifts, however, yielded some goodies!!

Vintage sheet for quilts, English tin plate, vintage bobby pins and earring that will be made into a pin

I scored some great wardrobe items, too. Pickings have been a bit slim lately.

1. Avenue Poplin Blouse- $2
2. CJBanks Autumn Colors Tweed Cardigan- $2
3. Evan-Picone Orange Rayon Knit Tunic Sweater -$3
4. Avenue Glen Plaid Double-knit Cardigan with Black Velvet Trim-$3

Since it was very cool today I pulled a jacket out to wear to church. I have to admit the shoes started paining me because I stood more than I planned. They really need the cushioning of tights because they RUBBED my bare feet!!

All thrifted-Jacket is Charter Club, Skirt is Alfred Dunner, Top-???, Shoes are Madden Girl

The accessories:

I’m off to watch Monarch of the Glen and Ballykissangel and do some hemming. I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!

Stop back tomorrow for Makeover Monday #2 and see what I’ve done with some  tacky 70’s Home Interior pictures!!



  1. Donna said:

    The hubster was right, you overdid it, darlin’. You look like you recovered tho. You always take such a good picture. I love the pattern and texture mix in your outfit. We watched Ballykiss Angel until they changed priests. Will have to check out Monarch of the Glen. Watching Poirot and Midsomer Murders now (not simultaneously).

  2. Vix said:

    You’ve got some dedication, you really have! Hope you’re feeling much better now! 50,000 folk descending on your town? I hope the powers that be put your house on the tourist map after all that work!
    Great scores, as ever! That’s one big trip into town! Love the blazer, the bobby pins and that fabulous orange top and your pattern-mixed outfit rocks!! That doll faced pendant is sweet!
    Very civilised viewing for you this evening. We’ve just watched Inspector Montalbano and it’s bed with a book after the news, two nights of partying’s knocked me out! xxxxxxxx

  3. Marci said:

    You look fabulous in that red! ‘Very nice! Boy, do my gardens need attention! It has rained today so maybe the weeds will pull more easily! Have a great week! -Marci

  4. I agree with Marci – that shade of red is marvelous for you. We’ve had tons of rain too and the mushrooms are sprouting everywhere – I must go out and garden some too.

    Thanks as always for sharing your delightful blog with Visible Monday!

  5. Well, you don’t look like you are in pain!! You look joyful and beautiful as always. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! It is easy to overdue in the yard…just lay this week and enjoy looking out at the fruit of you labor! Love that smile!

  6. vintagefrenchchic said:

    love you mix of color and texture (and I thought I was brave wearing a cheetah belt with stripes–you win). and of course your exuberance for life!

    isn’t BBC tv the best?

  7. Joni said:

    Those are really cute shoes Tamera! I hadn’t thought of tights adding that extra bit of padding but it’s so true. Maybe that’s why I like cooler weather so much more. The shoes are more comfy.
    You remind me so much of a close friend of mine. She also has fibromyalgia and does way too much all in one day then pays for it later. She is highly creative and productive just like you. I love your energy and zest for life. 😉

  8. I am too old for manual labour too! You look super gorgeous – I especially LOVE the daisy earrings! Sarah xxx

  9. Helga said:

    Argh,shoes that hurt!!! I was wearing a pair yesterday that were traumatising me,but I can’t bear to get rid of them…I just hate to admit that they are too high!
    There’s that fab bag again!!
    Darling Miss Kae!!! What WILL she wear to dazzle her fans?! Do take pix of her being admired!
    Sounds like it’ll be pretty crazy,but in a good way! I’m quite fascinated by the Civil War,but don’t know an awful lot yet about it.
    Manual labor?! Forget it! We’re at an age,darling,where we are just too delicate and fabulous and we just need to be admired,not put to work!!!
    Love the sheet….i’m such a sucker for a retro sheet,haven’t seen any for a bit,but then I haven’t really been looking!
    Take care! XXXXXXXXXXX

  10. Wow, sounds like you did overdo it. Hope you took it easy for awhile. I agree with Joni, tights/socks definitely make shoes more comfy. I think that’s why I like ankle boots so much.

    Love your pattern mix here. And all your thrifting goodies. That orange sweater is a wonderful shade.

  11. Kim,USA said:

    Cute outfit. You are doing great every week with your pattern outfit. Happy Monday!


  12. How exciting about the festival. Would love to see a photo of the gardens.
    I live in the boonies too, so I know what you mean about making the trip to town worth it.
    Too bad about the shoes. They’re so cute!

  13. I am impressed. I wouldn’t do anything in the yard for that many hours, unless you count sitting in an easy chair and drinking some beers! Love, love, love those shoes. Sorry they caused you pain…. but it just might be worth it. Great outfit!

  14. Can’t wait to see Miss Kae’s new outfit. Love that pie plate. Tamera, I really like your outfit today, you are most visible! I love the Mary Janes too, because, well, that strap secures the shoe on my foot and keeps me from imitating Cinderella. 🙂

  15. Hope the fibromyalgia passes soon! I had no idea that you lived at this crossroads of history…and it will be cool to see photos from the big event.

  16. You look fab in red. Your accessories are fab too! I think your best accessory is your beautiful smile.
    My yard is so plain. I have some flower boxes that are just now starting to look good but I don’t have any pretty flowers. I’d love to see yours.
    Good luck on the influx of tourists!

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