Itching like a bear up a fuzzy tree….

Hello Blogland !!!!  I hope everyone is having a lovely evening!!! This shall probably be a quick post as I have some paperwork for the town I need to get done.

Monday was a busy work day with a couple of site visits to construction sites so I dressed accordingly. Sometimes I have to wear a hard-hat and construction boots when I go out!!! I’ve found a maxi dress looks stupid accessorized like that!

Aqua & white mini gingham blouse-Basic Editions via Kmart 2 years ago, Crops-Dockers via Goodwill, Amazing Pink Loafers-LizClaiborne via Goodwill

I ADORE this blouse–I brought one in every color (hot pink, navy & aqua mini ginghams) on sale a couple of years ago. They are a stretchy cotton and fit so well. Unfortunately they’ve changed the pattern a bit for blouses like this and they no longer fit as well.  Of course, everything looks fabulous with bubblegum pink shoes. I never imagined I would get so much wear out of a pair of PINK shoes!!

As I blogged yesterday, I received a package of wonderfulness from the amazing Vix!! In the box was a gorgeous piece of 50’s bark cloth fabric!! I immediately whipped it up into a maxi skirt!

I received loads of compliments on it!! The print is stunning and SO 50’s. However–here’s where the itching like a bear up a fuzzy tree comes in (hey that’s a 50’s Elvis song!!)  I am apparently sensitive to whatever the fabric is made of.  I broke out all over my legs with a rash–even where I was covered in a half slip!!! BUMMER BUMMER BUMMER-I don’t believe heavy tights would help because my hands itched, too after a while.

All is not lost. Remember the wallhanging I’m making for our daughter’s family room?? Her colors are silver-grey, aqua, black and pale yellow.  I’m going to make pillows for her–the colors and print will be perfect!!

Here’s the blingage:

1. Necklace & Bracelet-gifted
2. Close-up of fabric, vintage pins, bracelets made by me, earrings-???

I had to take snacks for our homeless feeding into town after work so of course since I was next to the Goodwill I stopped in. LUCKY DAY for me! I found a gorgeous late 70’s early 80’s rayon challis dress for 2 bucks. AND IT FITS THE BOOBAGE!!!  I was going to buy it for the skirt part figuring there was no way I was stuffing the gals in a size 18. Boy was I wrong–there is more than enough room even when I inhale. I’ve got 4 or 5 cardigans that go with it. Can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it with tights and boots!

Here’s a close-up the print–gorgeous magentas and plums and gold metallic. I notice I’ll have to tighten my belt when I wear it!  I need to soak it in some woolite as it smells cigarette-y but it’s in wonderful condition. AND IT FITS THE BOOBS!!!

Hope everyone has a great evening and I’ll be back Thursday!



  1. Joni said:

    Oh no! I wonder what could have caused the itch? I recently broke out in a rash on my legs but I think that had more to do with nettles on the trail. 😉

  2. It’s too bad about the itch!!!! The skirt looks so fabulous, and knowing the source makes it that much more special. But ya know, upcycling means moving on and I like your plans for the fabric. The pink shoes are remarkable and I love picturing you in your hard hat. Keep on keepin’ on. 🙂

  3. pastcaring said:

    Oh bummer indeed! That fabric is spectacular! What about lining the skirt, or is it too late now? Anyway, if you really can’t wear it, cushions would look wonderful in that magnificent print.
    I envy your sewing skills. When the kids are back at school, I am making something, I really am! Vix sent me a 60s dress pattern, and I found a maxi skirt pattern in a charity shop which I think will fit. I may need to come to you for advice when it all goes tits up…
    Yay for the fab frock that fits the boobage! The colours are gorgeous. You’re right, with boots in the winter, it will be perfection. And a hat, I think you’ll need a hat! xxxxx

  4. Vix said:

    How very peculiar! I didn’t lace it with itching powder, honest!!! What a shame ‘cos it looks spectacular but your plans are equally cool! Love the new frock and how well that blouse fits you. Your posing goes from strength to strength, you just need a glass of wine to finish that look off to perfection! xxxx

  5. LOVE the pink loafers and the fab vintage frock. OHNO! About the skirt though. Sounds like the way my MIL reacts to linen. I suggest a soak in vinegar/water mixture and then a good airing in the sunlight. That’s how I usually get the worst smells out of clothes.

  6. What an awesome vintage dress! It looks great on you! Bummer about that skirt, though, although happy you can find another use for it.

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