Packin’ Up the Boxes….


Gracie touring the Antietam Battlefield

Gracie touring the Antietam Battlefield


Hiya Blogland!! We are having a GLORIOUS end of the week weather-wise here in Western Maryland. Cools temps and LOW humidity! Miss Gracie and I are planning several walks.

This will be my last official post at this site. On Sunday I’m moving over to my new Blogspot site. It has been SO much easier getting it to look like I want it to. I still need to add some buttons and all but it’s ready to go!

Just change out your link to this:

As I’ve been cleaning up the old digs I found a few pix of WEIRD foods I just had to share!!

This just turns my stomach

This just turns my stomach

1. BACON Soda?? 2. Possum in a can--yum! 3. Poptarts and vodka-really?

1. BACON Soda??
2. Possum in a can–yum!
3. Poptarts and vodka-really?

I have no words for ANY of these....

I have no words for ANY of these….

1. Snake soup just gives me chills 2. Camel balls?? 3. Chicken and chocolate--a match made in vomit!

1. Snake soup just gives me chills
2. Camel balls??
3. Chicken and chocolate–a match made in vomit!

1. Hilarious!! 2. and some folk think caviar is gross... 3. Snickers in tomato sauce-'nuff said.

1. Hilarious!!
2. And some folk think caviar is gross…
3. Snickers in tomato sauce-’nuff said.

Now if you’re all back from barfing your guts out just imagining this stuff-here’s some outfit pix!!!

This week Jane at Flight Platform Living’s Shiny T Tuesday challenge prompt is “Undeniably ME”.  I think in the last year, through LOTs of thrifting and rethrifting I’m closer to what is ME than ever before!! I chose an outfit with a flowy hippy maxi skirt, comfortable top, bangles, cool shoes and in TECHNICOLOR as my submission! The top, skirt, bangles, and shoes are all thrifted.


Anne of Spy Girls 52 Pick-Me-Up challenge prompt this week is “Feet First”. You start with your shoes and make an outfit. I decided I wanted to wear my awesome Amerimark leopard sandals. I pulled out my leopard belt and bangle (I NEED leopard earrings!!) and started rummaging around the closet. I settled on the top and almost wore my black maxi until the shoes connected with the taupey JJill skirt. Added some more bangles and gold hoop earrings and away I go!!! The top, skirt and bangles are all thrifted.


I decided I wanted to wear my cheery DIY strawberry and roses skirt this week. I almost paired it with a pale pink T until I saw how this red T is so close to the warm red in the print. Popped on my denim vest, some bangles and my white flower sandals. I felt very summery! The vest came off later in the day as I need to make an armhole adjustement-it kept sliding over so my boob hung out the armhole-not an attractive look!!


Today I decided for COMFORT!! Pulled out a maxi dress(retail at like 90% discount!), popped on a thrifted cardigan and bangles and away I went. The maxi comes in handy to keep my legs warm in my office!


Everyone have an absolutely FABULOUS and productive weekend!! I’ll be back on Sunday at the new digs!! I’ll see you there!! I will be making a redirect post on the old blog sending everyone to the new place!!



  1. Donna said:

    The food is enough to put a person off her feed…gross…What were they thinking? Love the blue skirt with the blue top. and of course your precious little photo bomber.

  2. 50 and counting said:

    WalMart sells spotted dick in a can. Honest. I have one in my pantry

  3. 50 and counting said:

    Oh, and I just popped over to the new site. Do I need an invite? Can you send one?

  4. Suzanne said:

    Those photos of food….I think I will have nightmares tonight.

    I love the blue and green outfit. Also your hair matches the colour on the skirt! : )


  5. Awww it wouldn’t let me follow! I’m sad! I hope you love your new blogspot! (That lobster crab centipede thing looks creepy! tasty tasty creepy)

  6. If you’ve never had marshmallow vodka, I’d say try it. It gives me hope that poptart vodka would be tasty.

    Love love that top.

    Please let me know when the new site is live!! I want to follow the new one.

  7. Vix said:

    Penis soup? Creamed Possum? Where on earth do you find such madness?!!! I have no words!
    Glad it’s cooling down for you and you’re coping and looking entirely fabulous. That denim waistcoat is gorgeous, the blue maxi is very elegant and the yellow & orange groovy number is fabulous!
    I can’t follow the new site, it says invitation only! Don’t leave us! xxxxx

  8. gorgeous!, love your colorful outfits, you look so fresh and really comfy!
    And your funny food pics always make me laugh!, it’s not so strange to find tongue or snails in tins here, you would be shocked to watch me eating some delightfully cooked tongues, ears or brain, as an aperitif!!! mwahahaha
    besos & cooking

  9. jane said:

    you look delicious in every one…unlike that food!!!!!

  10. Where do you find those pictures? Or maybe the question is WHY? Snake in a can, penis in a can, Snickers in tomato sauce?!?! I heard about wasabi Kit-Kats in Japan, so I asked my niece to get me one when she was last there. Unfortunately, wasabi was no longer trending, so she brought me some chocolate and tomato stuff. It was horrible! But the Japanese don’t really know how to do chocolate, so that’s better left untouched.

    Fun outfits, love that yellow and gold print top. And I’m so glad you’re getting cool weather. We’ve had over 90-degree weather for days and days, and I’m getting a little cranky!

  11. Krista said:

    The food gives me nightmares where do you find this stuff? You on the other hand are looking beautiful! I’m so loving your hair Tamera, it’s just so you! Peetee sends his love and licks and we will see you n your new spot soon.
    Lots of lovexxxooo

  12. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I am sorry you couldn’t keep WordPress your home…I really like it here. No worries though. I will follow you on over to Blogspot. : )

  13. Helga said:

    O, my, I too have no words……..aside from keep those foods the hell away from me!!!
    YAY, your new home is almost ready for us!!

  14. clare said:

    I’m waiting for Mike to bring me some food at work and now I feel a bit pukey. I think the crab caterpillar did it! However, photos of you and Grace are just so sweet I’m sure I’ll be feeling better! Love the red and denim together!! and your leopard shoes, it’s all wonderful!

  15. Great outfits and scary food!!! Love you and am looking forward to seeing you over at your new blog-digs when I get the chance. XXOO

  16. pastcaring said:

    Oh good grief, what bizarre food hell is this?! Hilarious!
    I can’t access your new blog, it’s invitation only – like some exclusive club that won’t have me as a member!
    Love the maxi, your cute self-made skirt, and that bright yellow print top is fabulous! xxxx

  17. perry berry said:

    I have no words about this food but I must say about her clothing she is simply looking gorgeous!!

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