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Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing this week so far?? The pollen is so thick in the air you can practically CHEW it when you breathe!! UGH!!

Last year at this time we were knee-deep in wedding prep for our daughter. I made her wedding cake and tried to no avail to talk her into having THESE as her wedding topper!! BEHOLD:

Nothing says "True Love" like dead rodents in camo on a mildew cake--with BEER CANS!!

Nothing says “True Love” like dead rodents in camo on a mildew cake–with BEER CANS!!

Isn't this just ADORABLE???

Isn’t this just ADORABLE??? Look at the details–the blaze orange nails, the camo necktie!!

I just couldn’t get her past the part where you eat cake that a dead rodent’s butt has been sitting on. Bummer!!

And while we are on the subject of rodents… I present to you:

How fabulous would this look on your mantel???

How fabulous would this look on your mantel???

Now try to get these images out of your head. You’re welcome…my work here is done! do you know there is a whole website devoted to anthropomorphic taxidermy called Of Corpse?? Me, either!!!

I am so easily amused thse days!

I am so easily amused these days!

I’ve been featured as the inaugural “victim” (LOL) for The Good Will Hunting Paralegal’s Career Wear Challenge. Lynne is challenging folks to send her pix of you wearing a career outfit you thrifted for under $10!!! Let’s all see what you can come up with!!

Glorious Vix made an AMAZING jumpsuit out of a curtain this weekend!! I would have loved these as actual curtains!!

Is this FASBULOUS or what???

Is this FABULOUS or what???

Her curtain couture inspired me to make something of my own. Unfortunately the curtains at the thrifts were UG-LEY so I decided to use a vintage sheet for my project. The pattern is one I drafted several years ago.

Top-DIY, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Top-DIY, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Here’s the blingage:

Bangles-Thrifted, Earrings-Vintage/Thrifted, Pin-Thrifted

Bangles-Thrifted, Earrings-Vintage/Thrifted, Pin-Thrifted

I felt very boho/hippie. I wore stuff like this in high school. I have some lime gingham I thrifted that’s been cut out in the same pattern.

I found these lovelies at the thrift for $1!!! I am totally gonna wear them to work on a Friday and see if anyone notices! I’m also going to post them on Rite Shite Charity Plop page on Facebook.


I’m off to watch NCIS–it was amazing last week and left you on the edge of your seat!! Everyone have a great evening and I’ll be back on Thursday with more fun and frivolity!




Hello Blogland!! How are y’all doing?? We are having a wonderful spring weekend–up til now when it started to rain. We really need the rain, though!It certainly is a small world these days. I am the Zoning Administrator for our town (volunteer). I basically look over building permits and such and approve them before they go to the county and get them. This week I had one for a shed that I needed to make a site visit for. The lady looked very familiar to me. We got to chatting and lo and behold, she is a vet tech at the emergency vets we use. She thought I looked familiar, too. I mentioned we were there recently with the Diva. She remembered her!! She was in the back and took care of her both times!! She said she had to undress her for the x-rays on her first visit and the Diva was NOT pleased. She grumbled at her and gave her the stink-eye, sick as she was!! She wasn’t happy until she was dressed again!!  She told me all of the techs thought she was adorable and were so sad at her passing. She told me that last day you could see she was suffering and we did the right thing for her. It certainly helped me to hear this.

Did a bit of thrifting this weekend. I’m going on a self-imposed thrifting ban for the month of May. I certainly do not need anything and I’m going to do some decluttering for a yardsale later this spring!! I decided to stop by the Goodwill half-price outlet and the newer goodwill on the other side of Frederick. I don’t get to these but maybe once a month or so. The wait was WORTH it!!

Croft & Barrow knit tunic-$2 Rayon un-labled skirt-$2

Croft & Barrow knit tunic-$2
Rayon un-labled skirt-$2

Bangles-$1 for the lot Scarf-$1

Bangles-$1 for the lot

Little glass basket-I feel a new collection coming on!

Little glass basket-I feel a new collection coming on!

New with $58 tags Bisou Bisou Denim Trench Coat- $3.75!!!

New with $58 tags Bisou Bisou Denim Trench Coat- $3.75!!!

Hand-made screenprinted Caftan of Awesomeness!!

Hand-made screen printed Caftan of Awesomeness for $4!!!!

I’ve been seeing the cuffed “boyfriend” jeans around and thought I’d give the look a try:

Jeans and top are thrifted.

Jeans and top are thrifted.

I rather liked it and got some compliments. In fact, I wore the jeans with a pink tshirt and my pink loafers Saturday!!

Todays outfit is all thrifted except for the undies and shoes!!  I’m going to be sharing this outfit with Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal for her Goodwill Career Wear Challenge!! She is hoping to show others that you can dress fabulous for your career on a budget!!

Jewelry-Thrifted Skirt-Jaclyn Smith/Thrifted Top-McNaughton/Thrifted Sandals-Retail

Skirt-Jaclyn Smith/Thrifted

Wow, my legs look REALLY hairy in this picture! HONEST-I shaved!!  Must be the translucent glow of pasty whiteness!! This is my first wearing of one of the pairs of sandals I got from Amerimark for my birthday. They were super comfortable and cute!!

Well, I need to get my butt in gear. I have to take a cake up to church for a social this evening and MrBill wants some lap time before I go!! I’ll be linking up with all of the stylish ladies for Visible Monday! Everyone have a fabulous rest of the weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday!!



Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a fantastic week?? Or at least one where the crazy level is manageable???

You may have noticed I changed my blog template. The comment button is now up in the left corner by the post title. I’m still tweaking it a bit. I wish WordPress (free version) gave me a bit more freedom. I’m not hip on paying for my own website at this point. If I could figure out how to transfer everything I would move to Blogger/Blogspot. I’ve been “playing” there and it’s far more user-friendly as far as customizing. Anyone got any tips or hints to share??

I absolutely adore Pinterest. It’s like my big digital scrapbook of stuff I like!!  I was pinning some retro kitschy stuff and ran across these lamps. Can you AQUA AWESOMENESS????? I SO want these!!lamps

Are these the grooviest album covers ever?? I would LOVE to hear the album based just on the coolness of the album art!!albums

Of course, I have pinned quite a bit of the freakish and absolutely weird. Here’s a little taste of some classy 70’s era advertising:



Yesterday I wore the Calvin Klein tunic I thrifted over the weekend. I am not keeping it. It occurred to me half-way through the day that the print resembled mildew. Plus it was totally annoying-the front placket had too thick of a stabilizer which made it stiff and it bulged out weird all day. Plus–the sleeves wouldn’t stay rolled up with the tab thing and kept getting caught on stuff. Didn’t love it so in the donation bag it goes!!


Todays outfit was built around being comfortable (I’m really “achey” this week) and warm as it will barely get to 60 today and my office is COLD!!!  I have loved this knit maxi since I thrifted it–so comfortable. I’m in shades of grey with the peach top–I like the combo of grey and peach together. This cardigan plays nice with any bright color–it has an interesting pattern.


I hope to get the front porch cleaned off and the porch furniture out this weekend. MrBill hopes to spend some quality time turd-hunting and finding some stink to roll in. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back Sunday evening with some sheet couture!!



Hello Blogland!! How is everyone doing this week??? I am totally itching to get out in the garden but it’s still a bit too early to plant stuff. I usually wait until the first weekend in May.

I was going through some pictures and found one I’d like to share. This is one of my favorite of the Diva. She was being a Chihuahua plant in the garden!! I love the expression on her face!


I found this awesome vintage circus picture I had to share. Could you just imagine our Circus-Queen Desiree rockin’ something like this??

93bdbb0628c46088e579a7b7b5c8885aHey Desiree-maybe you could come up with your own version and thrill us all with your fabulousness!!

Here’s a little something to put a smile on your face!!!  Click here and  Let’s DANCE!!!


Yesterday was rather cold and I had to be out on a site measuring so I decided on pants and trainers.

Jacket-Chico's/Thrifted, Jean-Retail, Tshirt-JonesNewYork/Thrifted, Shoes-Timberland/Thrifted

Jacket-Chico’s/Thrifted, Jean-Retail, Tshirt-JonesNewYork/Thrifted, Shoes-Timberland/Thrifted

I couldn’t wait to wear the new twin-set I thrifted this weekend. I just love the print and although it may not show–there is a bit of embroidery accents on the cardigan. Since the print was so bold I decided to forgo all jewelry except a pair of vintage red earrings I DIY’d into pierced ones.  I can never go wrong with the JJill swishy swirly skirt!!


Tonite I’ll be spending some quality time with my TV Boyfriend Mark Harmon!! Y’all have a great evening and I’ll be back around Thursday with more fun and frivolity!!!



Hello Blogland!!  It has been a glorious but a bit cool weekend.  Spent a good part of Saturday spreading compost on the flower beds and vegetable garden. We get it from the country landfill super-cheap by the pick-up truck full. I am PAYING for it today–good thing I have pain pills cuz the Fibro is raging!!

Some of the results of all of the hard work!

Some of the results of all of the hard work!

Clare of Miss Simmonds Says commented that MrBill always looks so sad.  He definitely has “sad-eyes” but he’s generally a pretty happy guy. He is just a more low-key quiet dog. He’s not too thrilled with picture-taking. Or clothes. LOLOLOL  I gave him a bath yesterday and when we went outside he headed straight for the lovely manure on the garden for a quick stink-roll. Thankfully I stopped him in time!!


I’m pretty lucky to have loads of thrift shops nearby. In Frederick-the city I work in, there are 2 Goodwills, 1 Salvation Army, A Goodwill outlet, 2 consignment shops, and I just found out the hospital has a charity shop downtown. I hit these up monthly–except for the one Goodwill on my way home I stop by weekly.

In the city near where I live, Hagerstown, there is 1 Goodwill, 1 Salvation Army, 2 Mission Thrifts, 2 consignment shops, and 2 new consignment/thrifts opening later this spring. I hit these up at least once per month.  Friday I made my rounds of the Hagerstown thrifts. And I must say there were goodies to be found!!! Here’s my haul:

Brand-new Clarks Artisan Mushroom Brown Shoes for $6!!

Brand-new Clarks Artisan Mushroom Brown Shoes for $6!!

Summery Purse-$1 Plastic Bangles-10 cents each

Summery Purse-$1
Plastic Bangles-10 cents each

Cherry silky jersey tank-$2 Calvin Klein tissue silk tunic-$2 Cotton/Rayon knit twinset-$4

Cherry silky jersey tank-$2
Calvin Klein tissue silk tunic-$2
Cotton/Rayon knit twinset-$4

Polka-Dot jersey skirt-$2 Two new with tags Jaclyn Smith chiffon skirts-$2 each

Polka-Dot jersey skirt-$2
Two new with tags Jaclyn Smith chiffon skirts-$2 each

Sign for my work office-50 cents!!

Sign for my work office-50 cents!!

I had to also stop by Walmart for some dog-chow and spray paint. I found this awesome maxi dress for under $20!!! What’s not to love?? Black and white tribal print, cotton knit fabric, and the cool “jewel” embellishment at the neckline!!  I snapped it right up!


I wore this outfit to work last week.  Maxi dresses are like wearing a nightgown to work. A co-worker said I looked like a bruise. OH-KAY!!!


Cadigan-Thrifted, Pendant-gift from Sweet Krista, Maxi-Retail

I’m hooking up with dear Patti for Visible Monday!!!!  Again I just want to thank everyone for the sweet comments, cards and love everyone shared with us during the past week. You’ve all made it so much easier to bear!!! We miss the Diva terribly but we are doing ok!!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more weird to share!!



Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing out there??? This has been a sucky week in so many ways–the bombing in Boston, the horrific explosion in Texas, and of course the passing of the Diva. I wanted to find something that would lighten things up a bit. I think I’ve found it!  Behold:

Roller disco chicken!!!

Roller disco chicken!!!

I was a teenager in the 70’s (class of 1977!!) and I still love 70’s fashion. Except maybe THIS:


The dress isn’t so bad but WOW that suit is craptastically fabulous!!  Polyester certainly is made for PLAID!! Dig that bow-tie!

I’m finally getting my living room back together after taking half of the furniture downstairs to paint. Hopefully there will be pix this weekend!  Now I’m eyeing up some of the dining room furniture. First I need to freshen up the porch furniture with a fresh coat of paint as it will be going out next week. I’m ready for warmer weather and gardening!

This will be an outfits of the week post. Here’s Tuesday’s outfit:

Top & Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Top & Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail, Bracelets-Thrifted

The shoes are black/white python and came from a company called Amerimark. (I link because I love)  It was recommended by a vintage blogger as a source for vintage style shoes. They are reasonably priced, and everything comes in wide widths. Plus almost all are flat or very low heels. I brought 5 pair of cute sandals with my birthday money this year!! I’ve got my eye on several pairs of adorable maryjanes for next winter. The clothing is …gag…Alfred Dunner little old lady crap but if you wear wide widths and need flat cute shoes at a great price I can highly recommend them!!

I was going all tropical on Wednesday!! I made the skirt from a bit of remnant fabric. I realized after I took the pix that I needed to take it up in the waist a bit as it was drooping in the front!!

Skirt-DIY, Shoes-Retail, Everything else is thrifted!

Skirt-DIY, Shoes-Retail, Everything else is thrifted!

Here’s a close-up with a really cute accessory!!! MrBill has a look that says “Please tell me this picture taking will not involve dressing ME up!!!!”


Today I decided to dress easy with a dress. I really need more non-maxi dresses in my wardrobe!!

Shoes-Retail, Dress-Avenue/Thrifted

Shoes-Retail, Dress-Avenue/Thrifted

You’ve probably noticed you weren’t blinded by the glow of my lily-white legs. I am sporting some Hanes nude sheer hose.  I won’t go bare-leg until it’s warmer and I’m wearing sandals.  Bella at Citizen Rosebud recently posted a great article about wearing nude hose HERE!!

I took MrBill a little walk around the block earlier. We are on a weight loss program-he needs to lose 2-3 lbs. It was SLOW going. He needed to sniff and pee on everything vertical. I’m surprised he’s not dehydrated!!  It pooped him out–he’s laying under the sewing table sound asleep snoring away!!!

I’m glad this is my 3 day weekend!!! I have so much to do–get the living room back in order, paint the porch furniture, do some transplanting, go to the thrift stores in town!!!

I’ll be back on Sunday!!1 Everyone have a fabulous weekend!! And if you have them-hug your pets really hard!!




Hello all of you wonderful and fabulous folk out there in Blogland!!!!!!  I can’t express how much all of your love, kind words, and thoughts meant to us during this time. 

I am doing ok.  I won’t lie and say  this is easy. I look for her and cry at times.  MrBill looks for her and is confused. We are lavishing him with love and attention. We plan to adopt another rescue later this year. We need time to grieve and such. I know the right dog is waiting for us .

I downloaded the pictures on my camera last night. I had taken some of Kae during her last week.  After looking at them–I can see that she was only existing but not living. The “spark” was gone from her eyes. This helps me know we did the right thing for her, as devastating as this has been. 

I want to remember her as the vivacious, vibrant, bossy, prissy little Diva she was.  She really was the glitter in our lives and there will never be another quite like her. I am truly blessed I got to be her mom and allow her to fully realize the Diva that she was.

I took this outfit photo Friday morning before I went to work. I had carried Kae outside for her business and decided to take the OOTD picture when we came back in. Usually she wasn’t too interested in joining me for the daily picture–if it wasn’t all about HER she could care less.


Jeans-old/Retail, Shoes-Kmart, Top-Thrifted, Necklace-DIY, Adorable Diva Accessory-Priceless

Here’s a picture of the Diva in all of her glory. Remember her like this…..  I keep thinking of the Garth Brooks song “The Dance:

“Our lives are better left to chance, I could’ve missed the pain, but I’d of had to miss the Dance….”

Thank you KaeKae for the Dance. We will always love you!

Thank you KaeKae for the Dance. We will always love you!


Here’s a picture of MrBill doing a happy roll in the yard yesterday. He will run for a bit and then throw himself down and roll on his back grinning.  It’s just sheer joy!


I’m slowly catching up with everyone. I’ll be back on Thursday with an outfit post and such.

Again–you guys ROCK!!!  Thanks you again for everything. Y’all have truly made it easier for me.


Tamera and MrBill