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Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing this lovely first week of February??? Since it is the Season of LOOOOOVVVEEE I’m going to be posting some vintage really strange Valentine’s Cards.

First up: nothing says ROMANCE like lunch meat!!!!


Just a little update on the Tamera gets Healthier Project. I’ve been essentially Gluten-free Vegan since January 1st. It’s going really well. Not to say I’ll never eat dairy or meat or wheat again but so far I’ve had no interest in it.  I’ve been scouring my Moosewood cookbooks and got some vegetarian/vegan slow-cooker ones.  Tonite we had a tasty vegan Chickpea/Potato/GreenBean Curry. I made the hubster a porkchop for his meat needs. He liked the curry-so far he’s pretty much liked everything but the grilled polenta. I’ve even got him drinking green smoothies. He just doesn’t want to know what the green is (kale).

I weighed myself today and I’m down SEVENTEEN!!!!! pounds since January 1st. That makes a total of 54 lbs since October of 2011. Awesomecakes!!!  I really not focusing on a number-I just want to feel better.  My energy level is up a bit and my base pain level is down a bit so something must be working right.

I wore one of my button-down blouses Monday and even with belting it-it’s now too big. I’ve had it since BEFORE I lost weight (in fact I have 4 in diff colors) and I can’t really alter it to make it fit. Went through the closet and pretty much all of my button downs are now just too big so out they went.

I have deemed February Skirt and Frock Month. I am going to wear a different skirt or frock every day this month. As i continue to drop the lard and my pants get too big I’m going to wear skirt. Adjusting an elastic waist is fairly easy!!

Here’s Monday’s Outfit. Everytime I moved the blouse would poof all up:


Sweater-CJBanks/thrifted, Skirt-JessicaLondon/thrifted, Blouse-Dressbarn/retail, Boots-Kmart/retail,             Scarf-vintage, Belt-thrifted

And here’s today’s outfit. I LOVE my JJill $1 skirt–so swirly!!! I was going to wear a black cardigan but decided why not wear the teal??:


Skirt-JJill/thrifted, Cardigan-thrifted, Top-thrifted, Boots-retail

I’ve been making lists and plans on redecorating the rest of the house more like the hall bath. Mostly it will involve painting stuff. I’ll have to wait for warmer weather for spray painting!! It will give me more time to plot!!!

Well–it’s Tuesday nite and that means time for Mark Harmon!!! I’m now totally a TV Boyfriend Bigamist as I’ve added Keith Urban to my harem!!



  1. You have such lovely skirts. Congrats on going vegan and all your success with it! You look lovely. Can’t wait to see more skirts and frocks.

  2. 17 pounds since Jan 1 and 54 total is amazing!!! I’m working on it, but have only lost 7. I get about where I am and then just pretty much stick there. Thanks for the encouraging post. You look great!

  3. Vix said:

    That’s one heck of a weight loss, well done!You are looking even more confident and fabulous and I’m delighted you’e feeling better for changing your diet, too. What a great idea to skirt it through February, loving the teal and brown combo and the vibrant orange and green together.
    That Valentine’s card is scary! xxx

    • ladyperry12 said:

      Tamera: I celebrate with you! Great going on your weight loss. That is fantastic! Also, LOVE the Valentine. It is so odd that it is adorable. It makes me want to find some vintage ones for myself.

  4. pao said:

    Congrats on your change of life style – you can see the difference too. Good for you! I could use some weight loss, but I’m not doing anything toward it. Love the maxi skirt-look you’ve got going. Your valentine reminds me that I’ve got some old ones from my childhood that I made into a tote. Got to resurrect that for this month…

  5. Wow, that is a fabulous weight loss and you look fabulous! While both outfits are great, I love the second one the most. That JJill skirt is gorgeous!

  6. Krista said:

    I was just thinking some of your sweaters are looking a bit big. Congrats Tamera on feeling better that is number one, you still have that same million dollar smile it’s just on a smaller gal:). Keep on it sweetie I always say we only have one body to call home might as well take good care of it.

  7. Krista said:

    Btw I’m cracking up at your nothing says romance like lunch meat:)

  8. pastcaring said:

    That card is hilarious!
    I am happy to hear you are feeling healthier as a result of your diet change and weight loss. You certainly look glowing and happy! Think of the fun you will have, shopping for a new wardrobe and altering favourite items to extend their life with you. As usual, you look delightful in teal and red and leopard print. Skirts and dresses all the way in February – I’ll join you! xxxxxx

  9. Helga said:

    Babes, that’s tremendous news, you are doing so well! Isn’t it amazing what you don’t miss once you get used to it. Like sugar. Feeling fabularse is of course, THE most important thing! Weight loss is a bonus. Hubster is being wonderfully supportive!
    Love the teal cardi with that skirt-the skirt has the loveliest shape! And I spy leopard!

  10. That’s amazing!! I am supposed to be gluten free for my thyroid, but I have been really bad for the last few months. You are doing an awesome job! Oh, and I love the bathroom redo! xoxo Lynn Dylan

  11. LOVE that pumpkin colored skirt! (I think I’m finding the lbs you’re losing)… I’m going a similar route of elastic waist and all that, hoping my weight will stabilize back to normal. CONGRATS! on the weightloss and congrats on getting your DH to try the foods you’re making.

  12. Sheila said:

    You are so hilarious, Tamera – your TV harem makes me laugh.

    Let’s see, what else do I love here? Your swooshy browny-taupe skirt, the teal cardi! Wonderful! And congratulations on the weight loss! That’s amazing! I’m really proud of you for cleaning up your food and being dedicated to eating healthy. I love my Moosewood cookbook!

  13. Tamera – congrats on your success so far in getting healthier! You are absolutely gorgeous – I ESPECIALLY love the last outfit! And yes, nothing says ‘I love you’ like baloney!

    Sarah xxx

  14. Clare said:

    I need to stop feeling sooooo sleepy all the time! You look great, I love your greens/oranges look, with the scarf it’s rather 70s and I like it a lot! Also love the leopard print! It always looks great on you and floaty skirts are ace on you! Buy more! Keep going with the Super Tamera plan, the more weight you lose, the more clothes you have to buy…. bummer!

  15. I am love with your J. Jill skirt too. One plus of losing weight is that you get to go shopping for new clothes that fit. Fun! Can’t wait to see your frocks and skirts. I know you have a lot of really pretty skirts.

  16. Beryl said:

    So glad you’re feeling well. You look smashing in Teal. At first I wasn’t convinced, but I’m starting to really like your natural hair color. I enjoyed the Jamie Leigh Curtis in NCIS reference. Which was great this week.

  17. I am so glad to see your skirts are getting more, and more and so gorgeous.
    Brilliant dear Tamera.

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