The Bathroom Reveal!!!

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Hello Blogland!! Happy Superbowl Sunday and GO RAVENS!! Ok that is about as “sporty” as I get!!! The hubster is having some guy friends over for the game. I’ll just hang out in the Craft Palace and do my thing!

I know it’s been a week since I last posted. how time flies when you’re NOT having fun. I came down with the intestinal bug that has been going around. (I swear I’m a cootie magnet!) I was trying to keep up reading everyone’s blogs when conscience. Commenting using the tablet is a pain, though. I’m a crummy typist on a real keyboard, much less those touchy ones. Plus the autocorrect feature makes me NUTS!!

I felt better Friday so I’ve spent the last two days putting the hall bathroom back together. To refresh y’all memories, a couple of weeks ago I got a wild hair and decided to redecorate the bathroom using a vintage sheet I had thrifted as inspiration. The walls were already a Granny Apple green but everything else was black and country primitive. I wanted something more reflective of my aesthetic (snerk-as if I have one) today.

Here’s the old:005

And here’s the new: 008

It’s like a completely different bathroom. So much brighter and FUN!! The hubster really likes it, too. And it cost me ZERO dollars to do. I had the sheet and the white paint, and I accessorized by shopping (ok decluttering) the Craft Palace and guest room, plus rooted in my yard sale treasures hoard in the dungeon. Here’s some more pix:

1. shelf over toilet with CharmingTales figurines 2. back of toilet-I made the gingham "cover"

1. shelf over toilet with CharmingTales figurines
2. back of toilet-I made the gingham “cover”

Vanity and Mirror

Vanity and Mirror

1. Above the towel rack shelf2. Small table & magazine bin

1. Above the towel rack shelf
2. Small table & magazine bin

Towel Rack Shelf.

Towel Rack Shelf.

Another view of figurine shelf and close-up of Valentine garland I made using 70's vintage cards.

Another view of figurine shelf and close-up of Valentine garland I made using 70’s vintage cards.

I call this my Krista-inspired room because the colors remind me of her!  This was truly Design-on-a-Dime. I just slapped white paint on anything that was black (including the light over the sink) and repurposed stuff I had. Next up is a tweaking on the Master Bedroom.

My sartorial choices last week were better left unseen-LOLOLOLOL. I do however have a pix of me today in my church-wear. A few weeks ago I discovered a nifty little vintage store called “Retropolitan” in the small town nearby. It has the closest grocery store. I was heading there but took a different route than normal because I wanted to ogle the hoarder house that had caught fire. I discovered this shop on the way. Lot’s of CUTE stuff and reasonable. (I am SO investing in some vintage togs when the weight stabilizes) she also carries some clothes consignment.  I got the cardigan for a very reasonable $10.


Cardigan-East 5th Ave/thrifted, Skirt-JonesNewYork/thrifted, Tshirt-Style&Co/thrifted, Boots-retail

Here’s a picture of the blingy. Made the earrings from a pair of buttons.


Well I’m off to help the hubster get the party stuff together. He’s done most of the cooking (chili and wings) i do the organizing!

I’m linking up with the fabulous Patti for Visible Monday!!  and Lakota for Tah-Dah-Tuesday!!




  1. The bathroom looks so bright! Nice job!
    Love your church outfit today! The sweater is really pretty!
    I can guarantee you that Coach Harbaugh will win today! Lol! 🙂

  2. Decorating on a dime or less is the best!! Well done. I love that sweater too, the color and style. What’s the Superbowl? Never heard of it. 🙂

  3. vintagefrenchchic said:

    The new bathroom is very sweet and whimsical…great changes! I love your color blocking and pulling it all together with that peacock!

  4. I love your outfit and I LOVE YOUR BATHROOM MAKEOVER!!! HOW AWESOME! 🙂

    If you’re ever in Philly you need to come out and visit where I work- looking at your bathroom I think you’d love it there.

  5. Great, cheery makeover! How great you can shop in your own Craft Palace : > You look fab in those jewel tones, and thanks for linking up!

  6. Kathy Webber said:

    I remember getting those sheets as a wedding gift in the 1970’s! Bathroom is very cute. After reading some of your entries I headed for the nearest consignment shop and scored a wonderful 3 piece navy Ralph Lauren pants outfit with the tags still attached! Yippee.

  7. Krista said:

    Omg I’m sitting here drooling over this makeover and then you say Krista inspired and melt my heart! I love it! It’s happy and warn you really did good. The shelves are brilliant and you can rotate your stuff too.

    Your church outfit is so nice, the cardigan is beautiful on you! So glad you stumbled upon that shop, I love when things like that happen. I hope you keep on feeling better.

  8. Your bathroom looks like it is ready for spring!
    I love that sweater on you. The intense colors look so good on you.

  9. Oooh great cardi! Congrats on the bathroom redo! I love bringing in stuff and brightening a space. Unfortunately I’m still under my MIL’s decorating for the rest of the house, but I did spruce things up with a couple of big paintings.

  10. julee said:

    I love bright bathrooms! It’s amazing what some white paint can do.

  11. Vix said:

    I love your bathroom, it’s so cheery and colourful and unique, just like Krista! I can’t believe you did that in a week and while you were ill, too. You really are wonderwoman!
    Love that waterfall cardi on you, the colour is gorgeous and the shape is so elegant. Hoorah for new retail opportunities! xxx

  12. HOLY AWESOMENESS – THE BATHROOM IS AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE it Tamera. And YOU are gorgeous as always – great colours and a million dollar smile!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Heather said:

    Love the bright blue of your cardigan! Great color for you, too. The bathroom makeover is so much fun — good job!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  14. Beryl said:

    You bathroom makeover is so cheery. And that blue sweater is so cool with all the ruffles. Very nice outfit. Now, about that hoarder house that caught fire? Was it as interesting as it sounds?

  15. First off, congrats on your team winning the Super Bowl.

    Then, congrats on such a happy looking bathroom. I LOVE the inspiration and those plates and platters on the wall- looking GREAT! Speaking of,,,, you look fantastic in your ensemble- let’s just say BLUE becomes you! Hope you’re feeling better (tip: pro-biotics for the gut to help de-magnetize you in the germ dept) soon.

  16. You are ever so clever, with a bathroom re-do that looks great and cost nothing. Talk about a transformation! The blue sweater is lovely!

  17. pastcaring said:

    You really have breathed new life and fresh colour into your bathroom, Tamera, it looks so bright and pretty. Like you, my friend! Love you in blue and green, and that peacock pendant is fabulous.
    Congrats on the Ravens’ win – my Other Half watched it and has just told me to say that Joe Flacco had a good game (means nothing at all to me!) xxxx

  18. pao said:

    Wow, your bathroom redo should wake you up in the morning with all the sunny-ness you’ve added to it! That looks like a lot of work and creativity accomplished in one week. Congrats to you!

  19. It’s so much lighter and brighter and so cheerfull. Lovely!

  20. Clare said:

    You really crack me up! Off to ogle to hoarder house that’d burnt down… I’d probably do that too. Your bathroom looks wonderful! I’d spend ages looking at all the decor and little knick knacks! I bet you want to spend all your time there now. I love your blue and turquoise combo, it’s fantastic. xxxx

  21. The loveliest bathroom I have ever seen, what a transformation. I am impressed that you did all that on such a budget. Well done. I am curious about the hoarder house which burnt down – is the hoarder okay?

  22. Your bathroom makeover looks amazing!!!! I’m so impressed!! Love the blue cardi and all your the jewelry 🙂

  23. Wooo I love the valentine banner! I collect those too, America has all the best ones so I have to get them online, we didn’t really have the ‘kids valentines’ culture over here. But they’re so cute. I won’t cut up the real ones but there are some printables online as well. The bathroom is fab, so much brighter!

  24. Sheila said:

    You did an amazing job on the bathroom – it’s so much brighter!

    Love the blue cardigan – great colour on you!

  25. Your bathroom looks so happy! I’m completely impressed by your creativity and ingenuity. I also love that blue cardigan on you, and hope to see more of it.

  26. Melanie said:

    I love you sunny bathroom! It’s so cheerful – and you did just with your brains. Awesome.
    I agree with everyone, that bluest of blue in the cardigan is fantastic on you.

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