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Hello Blogland!!!! Everyone in New England ready for the blizzard??? AGAIN–here in Western Maryland we will be cold with 33 degree rain and MAYBE some snow. UGH it’s done this almost every day for the last two weeks!!

I came home from work to a wonderful package in the mail from the fabulous Sheila of Ephemera!!!! An adorable Scottish badge and a gorgeous brass bracelet!!! Now if it would get warm enough to wear shorter sleeves!!! This will be awesome with my hippie skirts! Thank you Sheila!!!!


The Valentine I’m sharing today is another WTH???? one.  Seriously–if your significant other gave you THIS for Valentine’s Day–wouldn’t they possibly be needing some dentures??? What are these card designers SMOKING???


Implying you’ve got a fat butt is a sure-fire way to light your fire!!!!

Skirt month continues. A coworker remarked that I certainly was “colorful” yesterday.  Exactly what I was going for on a dull grey February day! The skirt was a remake from a sundress. This was a PLUS-Sized sundress and I swear one boob wouldn’t have fit in the bodice-it was so skimpy. Don’t these clothing manufacturer/designers realize that a plus size gal usually has BOOBAGE and needs to be able to wear at minimum a strapless bra so cut the bodice to COVER it!! But for $2 it made a dandy skirt with some snipping and elastic!


Cardigan-George’/thrifted, Tshirt-JonesNewYork/thrifted, Skirt-thrifted, Boots-Kmart/retail,                              Frida Necklace-DIY/Me

Today was a crazy day–busy getting a project out. I was FREEZING this am (it’s got a dampness in the air that cuts to the bone) I pulled out a warm sweater and I’m wearing heavy leggings under the skirt!


Skirt-JessicaLondon/thrifted, Sweater-WhiteStag/thrifted, Boots-Aerosole/retail


Close-up of sweater

I’m busy planning a cyber birthday party for the end of this month!! It involves cocktails, the Rat Pack, and retro food!! Watch for more details on Sunday!

I ‘m off for my date night with my hunk from down-under Keith Urban!!! Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Sunday!!



  1. Linda said:

    You are so right about the valentine!!!! At least it made me laff tonight 🙂 I like the cardigan and coral shirt, it’s bright! but just what we need this time of year.

  2. I wore my black cashmere sweater (GoodWill) and black maxi. We were twinsies 🙂 You made me giggle about the boobage. Wish I had some to bother with…lol.

  3. Beryl said:

    Those Aerosole boots are wonderful. Sorry about the weather where you are. Thank goodness for heavy leggings. I like how you’ve remodeled that dress into a skirt. That Valentine card reminds me of my childhood, before being heavy became such a big deal. (Shows how old I am – pre-seat belts, smoking bans, or fears of lead wall paint.)

  4. wOWWWWWWWWWWWW more gorgeous skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Tamera, you made my day

  5. Clare said:

    Oh that Scottish badge is wonderful! The valentine is hilarious…. I actually picked up a Taschen book of kitschy Valentine’s. And there’s some just like yours in there! Very weird. You look great… The skirt is gorgeous and I love the watermelon colours! Love that sweater too, it’s rather amazing .. And warm, cos sounds like its colder there than it is here!! And I have always wanted to visit New England!! Xxx

  6. Vix said:

    That Valentine’s is mental! What on earth were they thinking????
    You, on the other hand, look gorgeous, especially the glorious colour in the first photo. Your parcel from Sheila is perfect, can’t wait to see that cuff being rocked!!
    Snow? Urgh! We have loads on the way tomorrow night, hate it! xxxx

  7. Just love the sundress to a maxi skirt!! I think the Valentine’s are so cute compared to the ones nowadays. The party with cocktails and the rat pack sounds wonderful. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  8. pastcaring said:

    How clever to remake the sundress with insufficient boobage room into a beautiful skirt! You look full of your trademark colour and sass in the first outfit, and warm and cosy in the second – both outfits perfectly accessorised by your lovely smile!
    That Valentine is hilarious! xxxxxxx

  9. Love love the watermelony colors of the first look! I also love your rainbow-y sweater! I couldn’t face a sweater today, so I froze. Lol!

  10. Desiree said:

    Well done with the dress-to-skirt refashion – I feel smug and joyful to learn that you gave that anti-boob frock the right treatment by giving it the chop;). It looks gorgeous as a skirt and I’m so glad you wore such fabulous colours out and about in the crazy cold weather you’re having. It must be quite a challenge to stay warm!! xoxo

  11. pao said:

    You have been sewing up a storm lately. I guess you could call those anti-Valentines.

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