Russian Nesting Dolls and Retro Parties!

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Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a wonderful weekend?? I’ve been able to get a lot of sewing done!! Some of the results are later in the post!!

First up some more freaky Valentine’s!!1 What’s really scary is that many of these were meant for CHILDREN to give to other CHILDREN!!! Whack-a-doodle!! This bunch seems to have a common theme of VIOLENCE!!

Bondage and Cannabalism--now that says LOVE!!!

Bondage and Cannabalism–now that says LOVE!!!

Those lovely symbols of Valentine's Day: hearts, cupids, knives, guns, psycho eye!

Those lovely symbols of Valentine’s Day: hearts, cupids, knives, guns, psycho eye!



You’re all invited to my

Retro Cyber Birthday Party

February 23, 2013



Here’s how it works: Just send me a pix of you in your party attire by February 22, 2013. I’ll post all the pix on February 24, 2013. Email them to

Here’s the results of my sewing!! I’ve loved this russian Matrushka print since I saw it so I decided to make a skirt!! I see fabrics i love all the time so now I have a way to wear them!


Skirt-DIY, Top-thrifted, Boots-retail, Pendant-Fabulous Vix

Well, I’m off to do a bit more sewing. I thrifted a skirt and dress this weekend that needs some “fixing up”.

I’ll be linking up with Patti for Visible Monday!! Have a great rest of the weekend and I’ll be back Tuesday!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    OMGoodness. That skirt is something! I LOVE nesting dolls (even own one…from Russia via Dollywood during Festival of the Nations). The colors are great on it. Fun retro stuff too.

    • Lindsey said:

      We love nesting dolls too, and that skirt is awesome!! You should add a mini matryoshka to it somehow…

  2. pastcaring said:

    Cocktails, devilled eggs, and the Rat Pack? That will be some party, Tamera, count me IN! I am loving the glass-in-each-hand-and-one-in-the-hat look, might have to pinch that idea….
    You look gorgeous, I love that Russian doll fabric. I may not ever be as good a seamstress as you, my friend, but I’m going to give a bloody good try! xxxxx

  3. Helga said:

    I will totally be there!
    OMG, those V Day cards are terrifying!
    Mind you, kids like a good fright, generally. I love it when they’re really little and when you scare them they go stiff as a board……..

  4. This print is so much fun and how cool is it that you can sew!! I love the skirt…keep smiling and have a great week!

  5. Clare said:

    I’m definitely coming to the party!! Better get an outfit sorted then. Those Valentines are the most disturbing I’ve seen so far! Brilliant! Your skirt is utterly fantastic, love the material and the fact it’s a maxi gives it real impact!! Xxx

  6. It’s amazing what was “normal” back then. I love how you kept your top and shoes understated so the skirt could shine!! It’s fabulous. XXOO

  7. fashionovafifty said:

    Cute skirt!

    Hope to attend the party~

  8. Ooh, jello molds and whiskey sours! Can’t wait : > Thaks for linking up your great new skirt to Visible Monday : >

  9. What a vibrant print! Love the skirt and how you paired with black. You look GREAT!
    So, it’s your birthday on the 23rd? Mine is on the 18th. I won’t ask how old, if you don’t. 😉

  10. I am in love with that three fisted drinker! Sounds like my kind of party! ; )

    I love the colors in that fabric. And of course, those Russian nesting dolls are so adorable. You made the right choice in keeping everything else simple so that the focus is on the skirt. You are going to get so many compliments when you wear that!

  11. What a good idea! A cyber birthday party. You look great in your new skirt!

  12. Vix said:

    I’m there! I can’t wait…it’s been ages since I went to a party!
    That skirt is fantastic, you are so clever and I adore those creepy Valentine’s cards, a vast improvement on those horrible sad faced blue bears with visible stitches that are all the rage here! xxx

  13. What a fun skirt! I don’t know how you find time to do all that you do. I am retired and I can’t seem to find the time to get 1/10th of what you do done.

    I collect old Valentines, but mine are the lacy frilly ones from the victorian times. I hadn’t paid much attention to the ones from the 50’s. They were creepy! That one with the knife wouldn’t even be allowed in a school nowadays!

  14. Tamera, joyful is how I feel when I come visit your blog to see your bright and shiny face and lovely frocks and follies. How joyful you look in that wonderfully printed skirt!

    Looks like I’ve got to rustle up some party attire- how could I miss the cyber Bday party of the year?


  15. Sheila said:

    Lol at those Valentine’s cards! Too funny!

    I will get my party attire on for you!

  16. How adorable is that skirt? Very! Happy Birthday on the 23rd if I don’t manage a celebratory outfit.
    And yes, those Valentines are a little creepy … think first, draw later!

  17. Jan F said:

    Adore that fabric and am very jealous. I could see it as curtains in a girl’s room with a collection of the real dolls on a shelf!!! Did you get it recently, I have never seen it?

  18. Desiree said:

    Oh those cards are frightful! What were the designers thinking? Or maybe they weren’t and knocked the cards up after an extended liquid lunch! I would LOVE to come to your party, any excuse to celebrate your birthday and oh my the skirt is utterly divine!! Hope you’re staying cozy love:) xo

  19. OMG your skirt is amazing AMAZING!!!!! It looks great on you! I’m happy to hear you have a Bday this month I am gonna try and get my butt dressed and ready to party and send you a picture! These Valentines crack me up and what is with the crazy pop out eye balls! Peetee said to give the Diva a big wet kiss and Mr. Bill and he can share a lil kitty roca 🙂

  20. pao said:

    And another very cool skirt that you’ve made out of the most amazing fabric. Well done. I’d love to come to your birthday bash. And your valentines are rotting my brain!!!!!!!!

  21. Would you like for your next birthday russian nesting doll with some amber pieces, just let me know where to send because I saw an epic russian nesting doll at amber necklaces for a bargain price.

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