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………and it can’t be fixed.  I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been crying since last night.

Our little Diva is very, very ill.  Towards the end of the past week she seemed a bit less “perky”  than usual and was holding her neck funny. She has a bit of arthritis in her neck so we thought maybe it was bothering her. She was still eating and pottying normally.

Last night she took a significant turn for the worse. We both got little sleep–her panting and trembling and me worrying. She felt like she had a fever and this morning her piddle on the pad was a bit darker than normal. I thought she might have a urinary track infection.

So I called the Emergency Vet and rushed her in. They took one look at her and grabbed her from my arms and rushed her into the back. They immediately put her on oxygen.

After an exam and x-rays the vet called me into a room to give me the news.  Our KaeKae has Congestive Heart Failure. The x-rays show how enlarged her heart is–its pressing on her windpipe making it difficult to breathe. Her liver is also enlarged due to the diminished function of her heart.

Dr. Kelly-who’s an absolute sweetheart, said we can’t fix this but we can manage it. They had given her some medicine and she was already doing much better.  She will have to be on medicine twice daily from now on.  No exertion–she’s to be carried as much as possible. THIS she is going to LOVE!!

I asked the vet the question I didn’t want to know the answer to.  “How long???” If she keeps responding to the medicine she could have 6 months to 1  year or more. Even if she responds initially–at some point it will no longer work. Dr. Kelly said we will think positively and cross that bridge when we come to it. We have to follow-up with our regular vet this week.

They had to take her dress off for the x-ray and the tech said she grumbled a bit–always the diva!! They’ve given her a mild sedative so she’s pretty mellowed out now–sleeping on her pillow with MrBill next to me. I’m worried about how he is going to take all of this.

Between the tears I am angry. Angry at the puppymill jerk who abused her so. The vet said her little heart was damaged from having so many litters of puppies with no care. It’s literally worn out.  Angry that I can’t fix her. Angry that she is dying.

I’ll be lurking around this next week but may not be posting or commenting. I need to get my head around this and take care of her. I’m cooking her up some chicken livers to mash. I intend to go into spoiling overdrive.

We were planning a huge 11th Birthday Extravaganza next month for her. I’m thinking I’m going to move the date up–I’ll let everyone know.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  I’m going to link up with Visible Monday to let her many (and believe me she has them) fans know what’s going on.

Thanks–love you all!