Down by the canal….

Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone’s weekend going?? We’ve been having a wonderful one here!!  Yesterday I took Gracie out for her first “car ride”. I have a thingy that hooks to the seatbelt and her harness to secure her. She was a perfect angel–just laid on the seat good as gold.

We went down the road from our house to the C&O Canal Park. My town, Sharpsburg, is bordered on somewhat on 2 sides by the Antietam Battlefield National Park and on another side by The C&O Canal National Park. Sharpsburg is also a canal town in addition to a Civil War site.

A mini history lesson:

The Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal is one of the most intact and impressive survivals of the American canal-building era.  The C&O Canal is unique in that it remains virtually unbroken and without substantial modification affecting its original character for its entire length of 185 miles. The C&O Company was chartered in 1825 to construct a shipping canal connecting tidewater on the Potomac River in DC with the headwaters of the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania, thereby providing an economical trade route between the eastern seaboard and the trans-Allegheny West.

In the late 1870s the canal trade began to decline as many of the Allegheny coal operators began to ship over the B&O Railroad, the canal’s greatest competitor.  This development, together with the effects of the nationwide economic depression in the mid-1870s and major floods in 1877 and 1886, again put a severe strain on the finances.  In 1889 an enormous flood forced the canal company into receivership, and the B&O Railroad emerged as the majority owner of the company’s bonds.  In 1924, by which time the railroad had captured almost all of the carrying trade, another damaging flood struck.  This time the repairs necessary to resume operation were not made, and the active era of the canal came to an end.

In 1938 the railroad, hurt by the Depression, sold the entire canal to the United States government, and the canal was placed under the National Park Service.  In 1961, President Eisenhower proclaimed it a national monument.  An act of Congress in 1971 authorized the acquisition of additional land and establishment of the C&O Canal National Historical Park.

The canal survives as an excellent illustration of 19th-century canal-building technology. The magnitude of the engineering achievement is exemplified by the length of the canal, its 74 lift locks to accommodate a rise of 605 feet, the 11 stone aqueducts spanning the major Potomac tributaries, 7 dams supplying water to the canal, hundreds of culverts carrying roads and streams beneath the canal, and a 3,117-foot tunnel carrying the canal through a large shale rock formation.

The canal towpath is a wonderful place to walk!

The canal towpath is a wonderful place to walk!

Scenes of the Potomac river along the towpath

Scenes of the Potomac river along the towpath

Gracie and MrBill, aka The Tootsie Roll of Love, are getting along famously. Every evening we take a short jaunt down the sidewalk and around the ally. MrBill is getting back some of his mojo!! They are almost always together around the house.

Gracie & MrBill snoozing on their Poochie Pouches!

Gracie & MrBill snoozing on their Poochie Pouches!

Here’s some more pictures of Gracie. She has adjusted so well it’s like she’s always lived with us!!  I’ve started her off wearing bandana’s I’ve made her from my stash. She’s too tiny for the Diva’s wardrobe (the Diva was more voluptuous) so I’ll need to see what can be altered and I guess this mean’s SHOPPING!!!doggiesFriday was another simple DIY skirt and Tshirt day. I’m planning on continuing a bit this coming week in the same vein.

Tshirt-Thrifted, Skirt-DIY, Peacock Pendant-DIY, Shoes-Amerimark

Tshirt-Thrifted, Skirt-DIY, Peacock Pendant-DIY, Shoes-Amerimark

Sunday I pulled out a maxi dress as it was miserable humid out. This is the dress I scored discounted as-is for about $5 at Kohl’s! and LOOK–pasty chicken wings on display!!  And as you can see I got upstaged by someone awfully cute!! She’s very interested in the camera!


I’m off for a walk around town with Miss Social Butterfly. She loves to visit folks as they are sitting out on their porches in the evening. And of course-all the other doggies in town!  Truthfully speaking it hurts to walk but we chug on because it’s good for both of us.

I’ll be linking up with the stunning ladies for Visible Monday!!! Come by and check out the most stylish ladies around!!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with some 70’s fashion fun!! Get out your disco balls and platforms!!

Posing for the camera this morning!

Posing for the camera this morning!



  1. love the peacock shirt. You said the magic word: disco balls! I’m a sucker for a mirror ball and/or confetti cannon. Boom, sparkle, sparkle!

  2. msmeta said:

    Great maxi dress (I’m currently looking for one) but you have such great- looking legs! You shouldn’t cover them up! Glad everything’s well again at your house.

  3. Oh Ms. Gracie is a delightful girl. Glad to see the blossoming friendship btw her and Mr Bill. I adore that peacock print skirt! Thanks for sharing it all with Vis Monday xoxo

  4. Love the maxi! Miss Gracie is so fab. She even looks like Mr. Bill’s little bossy sis. The Diva is still missed, but a new family member is always welcome. I’m happy to see a pup so full of energy.


    Ha! Adorable babies.

  6. Helga said:

    Gracie is SUCH a precious!!!
    Ooo, I love that peacock skirt on you, and whoa, LEGS!!!
    It’s nice to get the old chicken wings out for a bit of sunshine!!! Mine are starving for it!

  7. Pam said:

    You look so great in that blue top…wear it often!! Have a wonderful week, Tamera!

  8. Donna said:

    Pasty chicken wings – you are so funny! Very pretty dress… I can’t for the life of me figure out what those ignorant people didn’t like about Gracie. I think this was a “meant to be” situation.

  9. Suzanne said:

    I love the fabric you chose for that skirt. Also the maxi is great. You look wonderful in it, even if someone is trying to hog all the attention. My pug also photo bombs me.


  10. Love the cobalt and the print midi! Your dogs are adorable too! xoxo

  11. I love that peacock skirt! And the maxi dress looks pretty snazzy, too, as well as comfortable. Looks like Gracie likes it, too!

  12. Vix said:

    Love that DIY skirt and that gorgeous maxi, your arms are fab, show them off more!
    Gracie is so cute, I’m so happy Mr Bill is getting his mojo back now he’s got a new partner in crime.
    Your canal needs a few narrowboats and a canal festival! xxx

  13. Oh hello Gracie! I’m so TERRIBLY behind in all of my blogs, I’m doing my best to catch up… and here’s Gracie!!! You are gorgeous in that pretty maxi, Tamera!

    Sarah xxx

  14. pastcaring said:

    I love a river and a canal, can’t beat a leisurely stroll alongside some beautiful water.
    Ooh ooh ooh Miss Grace… The minute I saw your face, I knew that I loved you! Isn’t she just the cutest? I love that she and Bill are getting on so well.
    Love that skirt you made, and you look amazing in the maxi – your definition of pasty is clearly very different from mine, you look like a bronzed goddess to me! xxxx

  15. Krista said:

    I think you live in such a lovely part of the US. That canal looks like a great place to walk. Walking to clear the mind and the pain, I wish you sunny summer strolls! Gracie does have a bit of that Divaness to her , getting all up in your pictures. The picture of her and Mr. Bill makes Peetee jealous and me happy.

  16. Zalina said:

    That maxi dress is very pretty on you. You scored shopping wise and beauty wise.

  17. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Thank you so much for the little discourse on 19th Century canal building technology … which I went back to actually read and enjoy *after* going after the DOGGY stuff. You look divine, especially with the charming puppy bombs. SOOO happy all of you are doing well, and that Mr.B is happier. But no one is better off than your adorable Gracie. She’s a beauty and a lovey.

  18. Those puppies are just the sweetest, cutest babies (can you tell I’m a dog lover? LOL). Your outfit are prefect and marvelous for hot weather and I am so very taken with your peacock pendant! I collect peacocks so I appreciate the fact that you made that pendant yourself 😉


  19. clare said:

    I’m not feeling very good at the moment but your smile and lovely Gracie have cheered me right up. She’s just too cute! It’s great that the canal was protected and preserved, it looks like such a lovely spot for a walk! xxxx
    ooh and love you in the maxi dress!

  20. We at the C&O Canal Trust — the official nonprofit partner of the C&O Canal National Historical Park — are pleased that you enjoyed your visit and appreciate the posting of some of the history of this fantastic place. The Trust is working to preserve this national treasure and improve the visitor experience at the Park. Did you know that you can stay overnight at one of six restored lockhouses along the canal? For more information, go to

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