The TootsieRoll of Love……

Hiya Blogland!! We have been having absolutely glorious weather (at last) here in Western Maryland this week!! I’ve been taking advantage of it by spending most of my home time outside!Lot’s of garden fun and taking Gracie on long walks. I’ve been pushing myself to take her on a nice walk each evening no matter how crappy I feel. This may be a good thing. Even if i only make it around the block I’m MOVING!! Plus she adores walking and is a perfect lady on the leash. She enjoys meeting other people on our travels (everyone things she is adorable of course)

I’ve needed the break from the computer–work has been crazy!! I’m finalizing a major renovation design and prepping all the technical specifications so it can go out for review. UGH–so much anal-retentive paperwork!! PLUS, I’ve been stuck in hours of mind-numbingly boring mandatory training!

Thanks for all of the sweet posts about Gracie!!! We all, MrBill included, fall more in love with her every day. She’s smart, lovable, cute, no negative behaviours, I just can’t conceive how anyone could have just gotten rid of her. Stupid on them-wonderful for us!!

The change is MrBill is remarkable!! He’s chewing bones, frisking, romping, he seems to have the spark back!! She still humps him occasionally to assert her dominance but he’s less perturbed by it now!!! He is totally happy being submissive! Every morning we walk up and down our front sidewalk with Gracie a few times for his exercise. He needs to lose a couple of pounds. He chunked up the last couple of months (over-spoiling on out part) Lauren says he looks like a tootsieroll (brown and round) He’s my sweet TootsieRoll of Love!!

I believe the Diva is looking down on us approving of the new addition. She is irreplaceable in our hearts and lives but Gracie has added the “glitter” we have been sorely missing since Kae left us. We are seeing some flashes of diva-tude in Ms. Gracie!!!! Clothes will soon be introduced!!

Enough gushing doggy chat!! This week I decided to  have a “theme” for my outfits incorporating the cotton skirts I’ve made and simple T-shirts. I’m exploring easy warm weather combo’s. These aren’t exactly groundbreaking but I’ve found this will be something to throw on in a flash. Add some colorful bangles and I’m ready to go!!

First up is Tuesday’s outfit. I did add a third layer in the denim vest. I just scored it for $5 and have been dying to wear it!! This will be a great addition to my wardrobe. I’d like to find a couple more vests, like a  khaki cargo style.

Skirt-DIY, Tshirt-Thrifted, Vest-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Bangles-Thrifted

Skirt-DIY, Tshirt-Thrifted, Vest-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Bangles-Thrifted

Here’s Wednesday’s outfit. At least I was comfortable for 5 hours of idiotic training!!

Skirt-DIY, Top-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Necklace-Thrifted, Bracelet-Gift from SheilaEphemera

Skirt-DIY, Top-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Necklace-Thrifted, Bracelet-Gift from SheilaEphemera

Thursday’s outfit is some sheet couture. The gingham is thrifted fabric and the floral is from a vintage sheet. I saw a gored skirt similar to this (alternating panels) and thought “I can do that!!” I plan on making more gored skirts for fall-I want a tartan flannel and a nice corduroy.

Skirt-DIY, Tshirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Bangles-Thrifted.

Skirt-DIY, Tshirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Amerimark, Bangles-Thrifted.

Did everyone see the little cutie peeking out from behind me?? She’s very interested in this picture-taking business!! I’m finding the chunky bangles really add a lot to an outfit. I pick them up whenever I see them if they are reasonable!

Everybody have a fabulous weekend!! I’ll be back on Sunday with more Gracie and MrBill cuteness!!!!!





  1. Donna said:

    What a cutey-patootie! It will be good for Mr Bill to be more active. Cute outfits too!

  2. Jenny said:

    fabulous collection of skirts complimenting your lovely smile!

  3. Sheila said:

    The bangles really do add a great element to all of these outfits. I really love that Hawaiian print skirt – so awesome. Aw, I see little Gracie peeking out – so cute!

  4. Beryl said:

    Cute description of Mr Bill as a Tootsie Roll. Skirts are so great for Summer. When you make the Corduroy/Flannel one for Winter, you should make Gracie a matching one. I bet she’d like it.

  5. Suzanne said:

    I love that last skirt. I can’t believe you made it yourself!

    Tootsie Roll of love is cute. I think I’m going to call my husband that from now on. LOL


  6. Eee! I love your little photobomber. ;P Also I am loving your skirts. I wish I had more ability to wear skirts at work. At least I’m finding more cute crops/shorts this summer. I love the second skirt print a lot. The material looks soft.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Tamera, you kill me with your wonderful skirts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love, love, love the 2 first ones, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love and sunshine.

  8. Desiree said:

    EEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! Gored skirt fabulousness – yes indeed!!!! I love the fabrics you chose, my heart goes pitter-patter – PLUS you have a model in Gracie – I can see it in her eyes. Bless her little cotton socks. xoxoxox

  9. Vix said:

    Yay! You know I love a denim waistcoat! Loving yours and those sweet skirts!
    Delighted to see little Gracie peeking out from your skirts and dying to see her all frocked up, too. I’m so pleased for Mr Bill, too. Dogs need company! xxx

  10. I’m loving that green floral, the fabric looks like bark cloth

  11. pastcaring said:

    Gorgeous skirts, Tamera, the mixed print panel idea is genius, and the tropical print is beautiful.
    So pleased that Gracie and Bill are getting along, and that the new girl is settling in so well.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! xxx

  12. clare said:

    The strawberry skirt!! I adore it! I’m so pleased you’ve found such a perfect new addition to your family, I’m sure Kae Kae would approve. xxxx

    • I believe she does approve!!


      The Menopausel Supermodel


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