Cuteness Overload!!!

Hiya Blogland!!! It’s the start of another stupendously stupid week at work for me. Sigh…so much stupid…so little opportunity to thwack the morons over the head!!

I’m going to save my OOTD for Thursday. Y’all are more interested in seeing pix of the new addition!!

The big excitement at our house is the arrival of our new rescue doggie. We picked her up at the rescue Sunday evening. (I took the day off yesterday to get her settled in. Yep–I took a vacation day for a DOG!!!)  Gracie-Rose is officially a member of our Wolfe pack (Wolfe is my last name BTW)

To get everyone up to speed– we adopted a year old fawn color chihuahua. No one is sure of her actual birthday–she’s just a bit over a year. We gave her a birthday of March 17, 2012.

When we got home (rescue is 20 minutes from our home) I took her into the yard while Lauren went to get MrBill. The look on his face when he spotted her!! It was sheer JOY!

1.Happy boy waiting for Gracie to arrive on her poochie pouch 2. Snoozin' and Snorin' after a busy day 3. Sharing Mama's lap

1.Happy boy waiting for Gracie to arrive
2. Snoozin’ and Snorin’ after a busy day
3. Sharing Mama’s lap

He ran to her wagging his tail faster than I’ve ever seen him wag it. They did the ritual butt-sniff hello to each other. Then MrBill peed and danced for her. Gracie then peed and danced for him!

They both frisked around a bit then MrBill started to do his happy roll on his back  in the grass. Gracie dropped down and did the same. She followed him around (leashed of course) the yard a bit. He went to his favorite “hunting ground” on the edge of the lawn and nosed out a cat turd.

He ate some and then kept nosing another piece towards Gracie. He would nose it, look at her and wag his tail. She finally got the message and ate his gifted turd. Bonding at it’s best!!

The rescue lady said she might be a bit standoffish for a couple of day. Once we got inside she looked around a bit and then jumped up in my lap to give me kisses. She is quite a love bug. She likes to be with me, or at least in the room. I’m used to having a dog audience!

She likes to roughhouse with daddy with an old sock. We definitely need more doggie toys. MrBill and Kae never played with any.

She loves chewy bones. Last night she kept bringing them up onto my lap. Then she took a nap surrounded by 6 chew bones. Girl needs options!

PicMonkey Collage

We’ve noticed a big difference in Bill. He’s friskier, more active and just seems happy. And a bit confused. You might want to skip over this part if you have delicate sensibilities. Oh yeah…like anyone who’d be reading my blog would be having vapors….LOLOL

Anyway, Gracie started humping MrBill last nite (they are both spayed/neutered) much to his confusion. She is evidently asserting herself as boss dog.  The look on his face is priceless. WTH????

When I left out with her yesterday evening for a long walk ( I was feeling pretty good) MrBill cried after us and was upset until we returned. Maybe he remembers us leaving with Kae and her not coming back??? He can’t go for long walks with his bad knees. This weekend Daddy is going to walk Gracie whilst I push MrBill in his doggie stroller. Hopefully he will soon understand that she’s coming back when we go out.

What we saw on our walk today

What we saw on our walk today

She is excellent walking on a leash, is housebroken (no accidents so far) and busy but not hyper/yappy. She hops up on the bed and snuggles between Lauren and I and sleeps all night.

I’ve been trying to get pictures of MrBill and her together but she gets excited when she sees the camera and moves. She jumps like a kangaroo. She evidently understands the word “cookie” and has figured out exactly where we keep them. When I say the magic word she runs right to the pantry door.

Pardon the unmade bed and mess. she was asleep and still!

Pardon the unmade bed and mess. sSe was asleep and still!

All in all she is a little love. She’s made MrBill a happy boy. I really don’t believe we understood how depressed and lonely he was. He had been moping around a lot. Last nite he started to chew one of the chewy bones. He hadn’t wanted any (even the nice new expensive one) since Kae passed.

No one could ever replace the Diva in our hearts. I still miss her bossy, prissy, adorable self. But I think the Diva would approve of Gracie. We are seeing some hints of diva-ness!!! Once she’s more established with us Mom breaks out the CLOTHES!!! We’ll see if she loves them as much as the Diva did!

Jan of Fort Smith Stylista welcomed a new rescue baby this week. Her name is Toute and she’s also a chihuahua!!! To help bring more awareness and support for shelter/rescue adoptions, and to show off our adorable babies, I am currently planning a cyber-party for the end of July. Pets of course will be welcome!!! More info to come.

I’m off to play with Gracie and MrBill. Be back around Thursday~~



  1. Beryl said:

    She is just precious! I am so happy for you guys!

  2. I am so happy for you guys, and Miss Gracie! But most of all I’m happy for Mr. Bill. It’s always hard when one pet loses their best friend – you can’t explain to them why their friend is gone. It’s even harder to re-introduce new pets. But I am glad he has a new family member who accepted him and made everyone happy!

  3. Desiree said:

    I’m so happy for you, Lauren and of course Gracie-Rose for being adopted by Doggie Family of the Century. But I am utterly overjoyed for Mr Bill! To hear that his depression is lifting makes me feel what that poor old guy has been going through since the Diva went away and never came back. This must be such an intensely emotional time for all of you. Enormous cuddles, licks and squeaks to you all (I have all the cat turds I can manage here thanks) 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoox

  4. Donna said:

    Is she not the most precious little girl!? So happy to hear that Mr Bill took to her right away. Your little family has a bright future filled with lots of love. Bring on the CLOTHES!,

  5. Donna said:

    P.S. I can’t get over how quickly Gracie adjusted to her new furever home!

  6. pastcaring said:

    Hasn’t Gracie settled in well, and so quickly? And Mr Bill sounds much happier, that is very good to know. Introducing new pets to existing ones can be so tricky but I think Bill and Gracie are going to be the best of friends. Well done you for rescuing her, well done Gracie for choosing such a great new family! xxx

  7. Vix said:

    I’m so thrilled and excited that gorgeous Gracie has settled in so well and that Mr Bill has accepted her. It’s a real worry introducing new pets, some get so traumatised. It looks like a match made in heaven and she is utterly beautiful! xxx

  8. Krista said:

    This is the happiest post ever! Gracie has won Mr. Bill’s heart, how utterly adorable! Love the shot of them on the bed.

  9. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Congratulations! She is going to be one happy pup at your home. My mom recently got me a wall sign that reads “Rescued Is My Favorite Breed”. It is so true!

  10. Hey, Tamara!
    We’ve actually had Toutes since Memorial Day weekend. We found her running along a deserted stretch of highway, then dashing across in front of us. She was filthy, very thin, and smelled strongly of wood smoke. She came right to me, so she had family at one point, but she was so far away from everything and was in such bad shape I didn’t try to find her origins. Not sure how old she is, but she’s still chewing and I don’t think she’s had a heat yet. I didn’t ask the vet and he didn’t mention it.
    She’s wants to rule the world, and does. She’s attached to my hip, but is brave and bossy. She and Bijou are just now getting to be buds, and she and Lizzy, our white Chihuahua (also a rescue … deserted by bug-out renters,) were buds from the first.
    Bijou is not a rescue … I got her for myself for Christmas three years ago, from a local breeder I know. She was the only straight haired baby in the litter, and was the runt as well. Just like me!
    (If this looks familiar, the above is also in my response to you on my site … wanted to make sure you see it! I’m excited for you all … and much of my work schedule bows to the dog’s needs. So, yeah. Of course you took the day off. )

  11. janeggg said:

    oh i am just so thrilled for you! Big love and hugs and thanks for the cute overload! xxxx

  12. Suzanne said:

    Awww…what a happy homecoming for the new member of the family : )


  13. Helga said:

    I have the tears of cuteness in my eyes!
    Such an adorable bringing Gracie home story!! And Mr Bill! It’s ALL too sweet!!!

  14. Sheila said:

    What a wonderful story! I love the picture of Mr. Bill looking so happy and excited, and I’m so glad they’re getting along. What can I say about Gracie? What a gorgeous girl! So happy for you, Tamera!

  15. Jenny said:

    That’s one or should I say two lucky dogs! It’s a shame not all pooches get this much love…you’re a treasure!

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