The Fabulous Black and White Party!!!

Black 7 White Hiya Blogland!! It’s a fantastic weekend here!! Is everyone ready for the Black & White Party??? I want to thank everyone for their support and participation, even if it’s only in their hearts!!

Here are our party-goers wearing their Back and White in support of those with invisible illnesses and conditions and their loved ones who support them.  Everyone decided to be on their best behavior for this party. It probably helped that I locked up all the booze!! There were no snakes and the cops weren’t involved!

First up is the lovely Desiree whose comments gave this whole party it’s catalyst!!!

Fabulous in a chic back and white suit accessorized as only Desiree can!! The pink tresses just set it off divinely!

Fabulous in a chic back and white suit accessorized as only Desiree can!! The pink tresses just set it off divinely!

Now we have the our Citizen Rosebud Bella  adding her divine presence:

Bella is wearing a vintage polkadot bathing suit under a tres chic vintage skirt!!

Bella is wearing a vintage polkadot bathing suit under a tres chic vintage skirt!! Love her pattern mixing!

Here is our fantastic Sacramento in a GORGEOUS location!!

Sacramento has punched up her black and white with some fabulous DIY neon pumps!

Sacramento has punched up her black and white with some fabulous DIY neon pumps!

Here is the glorious and elegant Curtise in her beautiful garden:

Curtise is looking rather mysterious in her black and white!!

Curtise is looking rather mysterious in her black and white!! Where is she going and with whom??

Here we have sweet Megan Mae in her party finery:

Megan's black and white is a DIY refashion!!! Isn't this just adorable??

Megan’s black and white is a DIY refashion!!! Isn’t this just adorable??

Next up is Linda all the way from New Zealand:

Linda shows off her black and white

Linda shows off her thrifted black and white. Her gorgeous necklace is from Fiji!!

Now we have the awesome Alicia rockin’ her monochrome look:

Alicia is looking stunning in her back and white accented with a bright scarf!

Alicia is looking stunning in her back and white accented with a bright scarf!

Suzanne is looking rather Parisian in her maxi and beret:

Suzanne is stunning in her mixed print

Suzanne is stunning in her mixed prints. I love the arrows on her maxi skirt!

Here is Val Sparkle who stopped by on her way to eating BBQ in Texas:

Val is all sparkle in her tunic and leggings!!

Val is all sparkle in her tunic and leggings!! I think she’s practicing her scarf action for a future VOGOFF!

Here’s sweet op-shopping Sue to join us:

Sue is magnificent in her pattern mixed ensemble and those kick-ass red boots!!

Sue is magnificent in her pattern mixed ensemble and those kick-ass red boots!!

Here’s comes the always groovy Vix stopping by between vintage fairs:

Vix in a fantastic frock she made and sporting a stunning jacket!

Vix in a fantastic frock she made and sporting a stunning jacket!

Amazing Melanie was able to sneak away from her VOGOFF duties to join in:

Melanie is looking

Melanie is looking rather film noir in her black and white!  The corrugated wall behind her makes such an awesome backdrop!

Jane of Flight Platform Living is joining us in honor of her daughter Tilly. please stop by and read her wonderful post about Tilly!

Jane is showing off a stunning skirt against a rainbow background!

Jane is showing off a stunning skirt against a rainbow background!

Last up is the always adorable Vizzini. Sheila of Ephemera sent this picture of him for the Diva’s party that never was.  Vizzini is quite handsome in his “tuxedo” fur and fits right in with the Black and White theme!!

"When you've got it, you've got it!"

“When you’ve got it, you’ve got it!”

I almost forgot!! Here is me in the dress I thrifted last week. I just don’t have words to express what I’m feeling right now. You guys are just awesome. Those of us that suffer, and those who suffer beside us, know we aren’t alone!!


This has been an amazing party!! I wanted to reiterate Desiree’s quote because it says it all:

“How on earth sufferers actually manage to run a home, have a family, active friendships, a job … And I thought, it’s a disorder that is neither black nor white, it’s unaccountable, it can’t be defined, it has no boundaries, one cannot predict it.”

I’ll be linking the party up with Patti for Visible Monday. The conditions may be invisible but the fight is visible!!

Everyone have a fabulous evening!! I’m off to bring this sweetie home!! I’ll have pictures and all that good stuff on Tuesday!!





  1. Suzanne said:

    Hope the homecoming of the new puppy goes according to plan.

    Thanks for hosting a great party with an even better message. Next time though…bring the keys to the booze cabinet : )


  2. What a great idea–even your sweet dog looks like she is having a good time.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. janeggg said:

    the party was fabulous lovely lady, even with booze locked away! Thank you for adding me in and your lovely words. It was a great honour to participate xxxx

  4. Cheryl said:

    Love your necklace and Gracie-Rose!

  5. Great party, Tamera! No need to lock up the booze – seems like these revelers don’t need spirits from a bottle to get looped. Everyone is so gorgeous, but despite our efforts, I think Vizzini and Gracie-Rose steal the show.

  6. Pam said:

    Gorgeous ladies all!! Such beautiful looks and current trends…all for a good cause! Great work, Tamera!

  7. You ladies all look so gorgeous! I have to say, I covet Sacramento’s and Megan Mae’s looks (and your beautiful necklace, Tamera!). What lovely black and white looks. 🙂

  8. What a fabulous round-up and for such a great purpose. And look at Gracie-Rose, the prettiest face ever. Thanks for sharing all the joy with Visible Monday! xoxox

  9. Oh wow! Everyone looks so amazing. Black and white may be cliche, but it never stops looking out of style.

    I’m crazy in love with Sue’s boots. I wish I knew where she got them!

    Also hello Miss Gracie-Rose. She looks so happy to be home. I love her ears!

  10. pastcaring said:

    Doesn’t everyone look great? Thanks for hosting, Tamera, it’s been a very thought-provoking party.
    Looking forward to seeing Gracie at home with you.
    Btw, I thought exactly the same about my photo, I look as though I am sneaking off in disguise for some naughty shenanigans! Sadly, I wasn’t…! xxx

  11. Sheila said:

    Aw, honey, thank you for including Vizzini – I feel bad for not doing this myself, but it’s been a hellish couple of weeks. I am linking up to you in today’s post.

  12. Tamara, you are the best. Your party is the highlight of the season. Can I come late? All the party-goers look so fab. Love you!!!

  13. Congratulations on a fabulous party for a great cause. Everyone looks divine and like Jean, I may be able to come late to the party.

  14. Tamara, these are all so much fun and so very stylish. You hosted a great party and you look fabulous. Sorry I was late for the party. I sure hop you don’t mind that I included a link back to your post today, I just wanted every one to see it. If you want me to remove it, please let me know.

  15. sue said:

    Thanks for letting me be a part of your B &W party, all the way from little old New Zealand!

  16. Thank you for organising this party of friends. I do hope one day we all can meet.
    Much love, dear Tamera.

  17. Marla Robinson said:

    All these women are gorgeous!

  18. Desiree said:

    The Phoenix and I celebrated the party at the hospital today … rather appropriate don’t you think? As it was haemophilia -related, he was getting treatment in the haemotology and oncology ward, which is not a very happy place to be. But he’s home now and relaxing, and we’re having an after-party listening to some old Genesis tunes from the 1970s. Thank you so much for hosting such an amazing do my lovely, we’re going to need all of tomorrow to recover! Love, Desiree xoxoxo

  19. hurrah for your great initiative and all the pretty ladies that join the party!. You’re gorgeous and fabulous and really amazing!!, love that you’re sending all your support and staying fabulously stylish while doing it!
    besos a todas

  20. Vix said:

    God, I can hardly remember a thing. I blame that Curtise and all the booze she smuggled in her vanity case. Thank goodness for Vizzini adding a bit of self restraint and decorum to proceedings!
    Thanks for a great night (I think). Can’t wait to see Gracie dressed up Diva-style and being the best accessory to your fabulousness! xxx

  21. What a lovely bunch of B&W outfits and for such a important cause. You all look amazing and I think it’s great to be reminded to not judge the pain of others for we all have our own pain to bear.
    LOVEYOUHONEY!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see Gracie in her new home and outfits!!!! Does she know she inherited an entire Diva wardrobe!!!!

  22. clare said:

    I forgot to reply to your email. what you said was so lovely, but I must protest, I don’t look after Mike as much as I should and he’s spent time looking after me and my chronic depression! Sickly pair that we are. You look lovely, everyone does and it’s all such a great idea! xxxxxx

  23. What a stylish bunch of women. Your dress is cute and you accessorized it nicely.

  24. Zalina said:

    Thanks for the awesome photos. Everyone looks great!

  25. To everyone here … you are my style-heros! You all look fabulousl

    Tamara, I ‘m so sorry I couldn’t make it to your Black and White Ball! By Wednesday, I’m back in work mode, and with our busiest days the weekends, I’m slammed until Monday AM. I’m always late to VisMon because of that. I know the rest of the world has the weekend off, so I understand your schedule, of course. Please pop over and see what I meant to send to you. The photo of our newest little girl-rescue is especially for you to see … she’s a lot chihuahua and adorable. Congratulation to you on your new baby as well. She’s a beauty. Although I’m sure you’ll never stop missing Diva, great giving hearts like yours and your husband’s should be rewarded with another dog to rescue.

    Again, my apologies that I could not join the usual suspects.

    Big cyber hugs to you, dear Tamara.

  26. janeggg said:

    hello again! wanted to let you know i’m holding a new fashion linky every tuesday over at my place starting next week! the shiny t tuesday posts are becoming a link up with prompts…the prompt for next week is ‘WHEN PATTERNS SPEAKS’ Would be fab to see you there xxx jane xxxx

  27. I am humbled to be included with all of these lovely and amazing ladies! Our limitations may slow us down, but our style can still shine through and inspire others who suffer to step up and out of the shadows. I salute all of you and thanks to Tamera for putting this together! 😉


  28. Great post, Tamera, and it looks like it was a fabulous party! I was hanging with my cousins, one of whom has rheumatoid arthritis and soft-tissue pain, and is also a widow and a caregiver to an adult schizophrenic son. And she keeps on smiling! Your party made me appreciate her challenges even more. Thank you!

  29. I just missed the party – please let me know when you or another blogger is having another one!

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