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Hiya Blogland!!! We are having a horribly stormy day here in Maryland. I’m not begrudging the rain (my gardens love it) but the wind and hail I can do with out.

Don’t forget to send me a picture of you in your Black & White outfit with a link to your post by Saturday June 15th at I’ll be showing all the participants next Sunday for Visible Monday.

Look at this sweet face:


How can you not fall in love with such adorableness??  Let me tell you, Lauren and I did fall in love!!

Meet Gracie-Rose, the new addition to the Supermodel Family!!!!  Gracie is a rescued 1 year old fawn-colored chihuahua we are adopting. We get to pick her up Sunday–she was just spayed and has her final vet visit the end of this week.

I have kept in touch with the rescue organization that we got MrBill and KaeKae from, sending pix a couple of times a year. Last week I contacted one of the “owners” Cindi-who also happened to have fostered Bill & Kae for over a year after they were rescued, to let her know about Kae’s passing.

Cindi was as devastated about it as we were. She said the Diva was one of those special dogs she’d always remember–such a personality!!  She wondered how Bill was doing, considering how bonded they were. I told her he seemed to be doing ok, being spoiled, but he often seemed kind of lost and depressed. I asked if she had any small female dogs that might be a good match with Bill.

She was so excited to tell me they had just gotten a female chihuahua that might be perfect for us. She was so new she hadn’t been listed on Petfinders and was getting spayed later that week. We made arrangements for Lauren and me to “meet” Gracie this week.


We saw her out in the fenced yard when we pulled up and KNEW she was the one. Gracie (her old name was CeCe–we gave her a new name) is what rescues call a “throw-away” pet. She was brought for an 11 year old girl, and when she stopped being a little cute puppy, the kid got bored with her and Gracie was just ignored until the father dumped her like trash at a shelter because they didn’t want her anymore. The shelter called Cindi the next day to come ad get her because she was so traumatized by being in with all of those large loud dogs. Can you imagine how terrified she must’ve been–a little 5 lb dog in a cage next to 100 lb rottweilers and such??

Cindi warned us that it might take her a few days to come around as she needs to know she is safe and can trust us. She said she couldn’t hold her for 2 days after she came to her–but on the 3rd day she just hopped up in her lap and has been a love bug since!!


Cindi was holding her and I asked if I could try to hold her. Gracie allowed me to hold her!! I petted her and she leaned up and kissed my cheek!! Cindi said that she took longer to warm up to her husband because probably the father had been mean to her in the past. Well–she let Lauren pet her and then she gave him a kiss!!!

I said she’s choosing us like Bill did! (When I “met” Bill and Kae, Bill had been so traumatized in the puppy mill he would only let Cindi hold him, even after a year. He let me hold him the first visit much to the shock of the rescue people–they always said he chose me!!)

Evidently “Throw-away”  pets are common in rescue organizations. Once the novelty or cuteness wears off people discard them like a used tissue. They have no consideration these pets have feelings and become attached to their humans. It’s so easy for someone to see a cute puppy in a pet store and buy it on impulse–never thinking that it a living creature!! Some people should not be allowed to have pets!!


There will be lots more pictures next week!!

Here are my last two black and white outfits!! I’ve run out of stuff to wear but will definitely be adding more to my wardrobe!

Wednesday looking “professional” in polkadots and “cow”

Everything but the shoes is thrifted!!

Everything but the shoes is thrifted!!

Thursday I’m mixing owls and snake print. I decided to wear my lime green shoes for the fun of it!!

Everything is thrifted!!

Everything is thrifted!!

This cutey will be ::::::::gulp:::::::: 27 years old tomorrow!!! It seems like only yesterday she was a baby!!


This will be a 4-day weekend for me! Tomorrow is my regular bi-weekly Friday off and I took a vacation day Monday to be home with Gracie. Saturday we are having a family picnic to celebrate Julie and my mom’s birthdays !! They both share the same birthday of June 14th which is also Flag Day in the USA and the US Army’s (my employer)birthday.


I’ll be back Sunday with the Black & White Party and some pix of Gracie Rose. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!



  1. Suzanne said:

    What a lovely story for the new addition to your family.

    Have a great long weekend with all the festivities!

  2. Donna said:

    Congratulations on your new baby girl! What a sweet little face. Can’t wait to hear about Mr. Bill’s reaction to her. Happy Birthday to the two birthday girls!

  3. Cathy Mallory said:

    Thank you for saving the life of a furever friend. My husband of fifteen years is the manager at the county animal shelter. I have heard plenty of horror stories about mistreated and discarded animals. Of course, we have adopted several furever friends ourselves. So, CONGRATULATIONS on your new family member!

  4. Awww what a sweet girl! She’s beautiful, Tamera. I know she’ll be a welcome addition to your home, and hopefully a good friend to Mr. Bill. I always feel like it should be the pet that chooses the owner. Miss Gracie knew you were good people.

    I could never understand how people can throw away pets. My mom is moving apartments and will have to give the kittens up for adoption. Admittedly we were supposed to do that a year ago, but they wormed their way into our hearts. It was our intention to have them in a forever home with us, but my mom’s new apartment will not let her have 5 cats. Which is again, a lot. We think we have a home for them though, so maybe it was just up to us to foster them until the right home was found.

  5. What a lovely new addition to your family – I think it is wonderful that you adopt pets from shelters. I do not understand how anyone can abandon a pet or get bored. I love your outfits – especially the first black and white one. I am going to try and find some black and white to take part in your party. Congratulations and I hope Gracie settles into her new family very well and the Mr Bill enjoys her company. xx

  6. pastcaring said:

    Gracie is a beautiful girl, I hope she and Mr Bill become the best of friends. Three of our four cats were adopted from shelters and the last one was a stray, it always brings a tear to my eye to visit those shelters and hear the sad stories of the animals. So you are doing a good thing, Tamera, and Gracie will have such a loving home with you.
    Great outfits, of course, you are beautiful in black and white! Enjoy your long weekend, happy birthday to Julie and your mum. xxxx

  7. Melanie said:

    I’m so happy for you and the addition of Gracie-Rose to your family! That’s wonderful news. There was an evil man in this area who beat his dog to death and he got jail time. You should have hear me cheering!!! I completely agree that some people shouldn’t have pets – or kids for that matter.
    I laughed at the description of your outfit “and cow.” I’m picking out what to wear for your party.

  8. Vix said:

    Gracie is beautiful, what a fabulous new addition to your family and what a horribly spoilt child to be allowed to get rid of a living creature. Thank goodness she’s going to a couple who will give her the love she deserves.
    Loving the outfits and sending loads of love to beautiful Julie and your mum! xxx

  9. dear lady, so glad to met your family new member, Gracie is so cute!
    And love your outfits, that floral b&w cardigan is one of my favorites of yours, and love your pretty combos and fabulous sandals!, I would love to join your black&white party, if I would just have a free moment!

  10. Cristi said:

    I was so happy to read this post! It’s hard when we lose the furry friends we love. I was so sad to hear of the Diva’s passing, my heart went out for you! When my 18 yr old kitty passed I said I can’t go through that again! But, then we fostered 3 kittens and I could not let them go. It’s because of stories like the spoiled little brat, who was allowed toss out her first responsibility like trash…great lesson Daddy. This story also shows how wonderful it was that the Diva had you to love her and make sure she had the very best life!

    It is so wonderful you saved Gracie!!! She is in now in the perfect home to live out her years fully loved, by super big hearted, kind people and that is the just best! Wish that for all critters! What a cute name too, Gracie, perfect for a sweet little doggie like her, looking forward to all her pics!:)

  11. Cristi said:

    Also forgot to add…that I love your black and white outfits and the reason you are doing them!!! Must say though, didn’t see “cow”, rather reminded of that Prada print from a few years ago, as it’s super stylish on you!;)

  12. 50 and counting said:

    Here’s a toast to a successful adoption!

    We’ve always had rescue dogs. They have huge hearts.

    Hope the weekend goes smoothly

  13. clare said:

    ooooh I already want to book a flight to come over and give her a squeeze. She looks like she’s got loads of personality. I’m probably biased because she does look like my Ruby! You look gorgeous too, I love those lime shoes! How would they look with a black and white outfit? I think they’d look awesome xxxx

  14. Desiree said:

    I’m so happy to hear about Gracie-Rose and that she’s coming to live with you in her new forever home. That’s certainly a sad story indeed. It’s lovely that Bill chose you and now Gracie has too:). Are you going to throw her a party? I think she deserves it – I’ll come! Big hugs, Desiree xo

  15. Helga said:

    Gracie Rose is GORGEOUS!!!! I’m so excited for you, darlings!!!
    You are looking resplendent is black and white my sweet.
    I like Desiree’s idea of a party for Gracie Rose!

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