It’s neither Black or White……..

Hiya Blogland!! Is everyone having a fabulous weekend???

The always fantastic Desiree of Pull up Your Socks and I have been chatting about those who have chronic disorders/illnesses and their loved ones. I want to quote her here as she really sums up what I want to say:

“How on earth sufferers actually manage to run a home, have a family, active friendships, a job … And I thought, it’s a disorder that is neither black nor white, it’s unaccountable, it can’t be defined, it has no boundaries, one cannot predict it.”

I got to thinking more about it. So many out there live with chronic conditions–conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Depression, Haemophilia, Mental illness. Things that can’t be fixed but only managed or endured. And beside each of these is a loved one who also lives with the condition.  Someone who lives with the unpredictability, the day to day.

Desiree lives with someone with a chronic illness. I know many times she would gladly take the pain away from the Phoenix if she could to ease his suffering.  My husband Lauren sometimes can not even hug me to comfort me without causing more pain. They can’t fix us as much as they would want to. They have to stand beside us, feeling helpless at times. We have invisible illnesses, and they are even more invisible.

I’m no hero–I just muddle through every day the best I can. People like Desiree and Lauren and the countless other loved ones are the real heroes. Without their love and support people like me couldn’t get through it.

So… the Black and White Party has morphed in to more than just wearing black and white outfits for a week. This week–where something Black and White in support of those with chronic illnesses/conditions and their loved ones.

Black 7 White Send me a picture of you in your Black & White outfit with a link to your post by Saturday June 15th at I’ll be showing all the participants next Sunday for Visible Monday.

Friday was a dreary, rainy day so I dressed rather casually.

Top-Faashionbug/Thrifted, Crops-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail


I stopped at the 1/2 price Goodwill on the way home from work. I jumped all over this dress when I spied it!! It still had the $29.99 tags on it and I got it for $3!!! I’m really liking black and white items these days. This dress is SO comfortable and matches practically every cardigan and jacket I own! I also got a nice Apt.9 black lined blazer for $3 which I’ll show after I press it. I’ve been looking for a basic black jacket for a bit so I was thrilled when I found this!

Dress-JustMySize/Thrifted, Shoes-Retail, Jewelry-DIY

Shoes-Retail, Jewelry-DIY

I added a cardigan and the new Easy Spirit pumps I thrifted unworn for $4 to show a business look. I’m going to be shooting this off to Lynne of The Good Will Hunting for her Career Wear Challenge. The total cost of this outfit was: Dress-$3, Cardigan-$3, Shoes-$4 for a total of $10!!

Dress-JustMySize/Thrifted, Cardigan-Thrifted, Shoes-EasySpirit/Thrifted


Here’s a close-up of the shoes. I love the little kitten heel–it’s a bit chunky and feels very sturdy. I just need to clean the fingerprints and dust off of them!


Everyone have a fantastic rest of the weekend!! Don’t forget to send your pix and links for the party this week!

I’ll be linking up with all of the fabulous and very visible ladies at the 100th Visible Monday!!! Come by and check everyone out!

I’ll be back on Tuesday!!



  1. D. McCadney said:

    You look mahvelous!!! I need to shop with you. I used to live in St. Louis, and was able to get bargains like you.
    I still get great deals from my local Chico’s store/outlets.

  2. Linda said:

    love the outfits, esp. the first one. Lucky you to find shoes!

  3. I love your idea for honoring the “silent”, chronic illnesses, and thank you for including mental illnesses. You look so fresh and fab, and btw, your garden is a-mazing! Thanks for linking up to Vis Monday xoxox

  4. I’ve been tring to send you a b&w photo, but it keeps coming back. I’ll try again, if I remember.

    • Make sure it’s going to tamerakitten (emphasis on the i ) for some reason her email reply deletes the i in the return address and it has to be added in.

  5. ann said:

    Boy did you hit on the head with the talk of chronic illnesses. That is how so many feel if they have a loved one with any kind of long term illness. I have a daughter who has Crohn’s and at times I just cry because of her pain and how it affectes her life, husband and son. I do what I can to help her, but feel it’s never enough. You feel so helpless and want more than anything to make it better but cant. 😦

  6. Desiree said:

    Wow you’ve got me all teary Tamera … thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy you’ve got this party started, I hate to think of your dearest not being able to touch you because of pain, at a time when I’m sure your soul is screaming for love. Fantastic post my lovely. xoxo

  7. What a generous spirit you have. Lovely post. And the Goodwill dress is beautiful.

  8. I sent your my photo. You are so very right about chronic illness. It’s taken a long time to find someone who not only accepted my “sickness”, but helped me get help for it.

    I very much love that first pair of black sandals you’re wearing. The heel on them is adorable and I like the ‘netted’ effect.

  9. Good words and thoughts. I am inspired by the humor and resilience that people show in the face of chronic illness. I guess if you don’t laugh, you cry, and that’s no way to live.

    I love those first shoes you’re wearing. I just bought a black and white tunic, so I’ll try to get a pic to you this week!

  10. Vix said:

    What a wise woman Desiree is, she’s got a marvellous way with words. I like how your Black and White theme is progressing. Did you get my submission? I was a week early (for a change!)
    Love that midi with the rainbow beads! xxx

  11. Leisa said:

    I saw Desiree’s black & white post which led me to your post…..thanks for sharing. I live with a debilitating invisible illness (M.E) & people have no idea of how much it limits your life, & how everything revolves around managing the illness so you can make the most of what you’ve got. My husband IS my hero, having loved & supported me in so many ways over the past 20 years. Sometimes it feels like chronic illness is a club & you have no idea of the cost of membership until it happens to you or a loved one. I really would rather not be a member myself! I’m not too sure if I’ve got anything to wear that’s black & white, but I’ll be joining you in spirit! Xx

  12. pastcaring said:

    Love the tunic and the dress, you’re doing well at the thrifts! Also the first pair of shoes is great, I’d like something in that style.
    Yes, you and Desiree have really nailed the ongoing, relentless nature of chronic conditions which have to be managed, and can’t be cured, and how they affect the individual and all those around them My youngest daughter has a severe skin condition which is not only very visible, but has all manner of implications – her skin is prone to blistering and tearing and infections, she can’t sweat so she overheats easily, it’s painful when it gets super-dry and tight, and the skin care regime is a burden. We try our best to normalise it all for her, but we know, and she knows, it’s not great, and it won’t ever improve.
    I’m hoping to join your black and white party, in support of all of us affected by chronic conditions. xxxxx

    • Curtise, I think about your daughter often, and pray that medical advances will be made that provide more effective treatment or a cure. I can tell from your family pictures that your family is giving her a wonderful childhood. She’ll be a articulate, compassionate, and creative woman one day, all the stronger due to her experiences with her illness. The Teen gets back up every time she gets knocked down. I just plain marvel at her resilience.

  13. Wow, Tamera, I want in on the convos! I do know firsthand how a mean blood disorder can rack havoc in the sufferer and the caregivers, but we do what we have to do for our loved ones, willingly, patiently, and lovingly. Unless we’re boo-hooing outside their hospital room and/or walking into walls from exhaustion, but that’s another story.

    Your black and white finds are stunning. I will get your post up next week. On a plane to San Francisco right now!

    Much love, peace & grace,

  14. There is nothing plain about any of these outfits!!!! All we can do is support those we love with a quiet understanding. I am glad you don’t let your illness define who you are. I hope you are feeling better this week.

  15. Classically gorgeous looks on you this week my dear! You are always radiant and I love your thrifted finds; bravo!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  16. I love your outfits,but I bet your hugs are better than hone for the soul.

  17. janeggg said:

    i’ll be doing it my lovely lady…in honour of my daughter tilly, whose rare syndrome, smith magenis syndrome, never lets up on her and also to celebrate clawing my way back from depression after her diagnosis! much love…this is fantastic xxxxxx

  18. You look mesmerizing in your B/W ensemble!

    I love D’s quote and can so relate. I suspect many of our fellow bloggers suffer from illness (I know a few) and we are so grateful for the boon of community the internet brings us! Thank you for coming out and bringing to the table this topic for discussion. It’s one that should be discussed amongst friends, and given positive light.

  19. Lynn Marsh said:

    I have only been visiting you blog for a short time, but am enjoying it alot. I am commenting for the first time today because I wanted tosay that you have great looking legs!The kitten heels really show them off. Odd first comment I’m sure, but I felt the need……lol

  20. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Well … I kind of blew it, didn’t I! So like me to mess up.
    You look beautiful in your blacks and whites and prints, though! I especially love the swirly-flowered print blouse.
    Very chic.
    Thank you for your comments and conversation regarding the stresses of chronic illness. My Dan had pretty dreadful arthritis, and the pain is always there. He soldiers on, and often works 60 hours a week . He says the pain is easier when he’s moving, and it’s hard to make him rest sometimes. He’s my hero, but a stubborn one.

  21. Sue said:

    Hopefully you got my submission. Excellent thing you are doing. Many people suffer in silence on a daily basis. I guess we all have our demons to live with.

  22. Deb said:

    Tamara, all your outfits are so nice! I especially love the first one, the asymmetrical tunic, capris, and those lovely sandals! I am always partial to asymmetrical looks, whether it be an outfit, hair style, or my gardens! I also thank and applaud you for bringing awareness of those suffering from chronic and invisible illnesses. It is a much miss-understood issue, by the general public, causing guilt and shame for those who live with the invisible illnesses.

  23. Clare said:

    I love your smile in that last photo! It looks like you’re about to burst out giggling! You generally look fantastic in every colour combo and black and white is no exception. Love the mad patterns on that dress, tthey cheer up a grey day. It’s a fantastic idea to raise awareness of chronic conditions that aren’t heard about so much xxxxx

  24. janeggg said:


  25. CC said:

    Hi there, Vix of Vintage Vixen just sent me on over to you, wish I’d of known about your black & White party – I would so (of tried) to take part!

    I have Fibromyalgia and have been having a bad flare up recently – so I cam completely understand what you wrote in this post!!

    Take care and pop on over sometime to my blog and say hi 🙂

    CC x

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