Why is the chicken running?

Hiya Blogland!!  Today is a much better day for me. The Fibro crap is what it is and I’d rather be HAPPY than a kill-joy!!

On that note I want to share some more weird vintage photo’s. I love trying to figure out exactly WTH is going on!

What is the chicken running from??

What is the chicken running from??

They SCARE me!!

They SCARE me!!

WTH kind of party was THIS??

WTH kind of party was THIS?? Notice Demon bunny pon the right.

One weird beauty pageant.

One weird beauty pageant.

This needs no caption.

This needs no caption.

Black 7 White

Don’t forget about the Black and White Party!! Send me a picture of you in your Black & White outfit with a link to your post by Saturday June 8th at tamerakitten@yahoo.com. I’ll be showing all the participants next Sunday for Visible Monday!!

Here’s today’s Black and White outfit. I felt very “french” in it. All I needed was a little beret!

Top-Avenue/Thrifted, Skirt-JessicaLondon/Thrifted, Shoes-Skechers/Retail

Top-Avenue/Thrifted, Skirt-JessicaLondon/Thrifted, Shoes-Skechers/Retail, Necklace-Thrifted

I stopped by the thrift store on the way home and scored this lovely for $3!!


I’ll be back on Sunday with the fruits of some bargain fabric and a bit of sewing! Everyone have a fabulous weekend. We are expecting loads of rain from Topical Storm Andrea so my gardens will be delighted!



  1. Sue said:

    I love all those photos!! The beauty line up was a mystery, maybe they were being judged by their assets and not their faces, or maybe they were MEN!!!

  2. Sheila said:

    Oh my goodness, those are bizarre pictures!

    Sorry to hear of your fibromyalgia, Tamera – that royally sucks.

  3. 50 and counting said:

    Where do you find these pictures???

    On the other hand, I remember those strip club rows. Growing up the sleazier side of town had them. I remember the “smiling Buddha” strip club and “Izzies” Gawd knows why I remember them.

    My thrifting actually paid off today. Goodwill had a 50% off sale on blue tagged items. I actually found a white uniform skirt marked $4.99 and got it for $2.50. And I found some Kahla china. And to round off my trifecta of awesome, I found my son a hardsided suitcase with the key!

    You are so lucky to be able to wear what you want to work. White support hose flatter no woman.

  4. Terri said:

    I’m wondering the same as 50 and counting–where DO you find these photos?

    And you do look very French. Hope you are feeling better for real and not just putting a brave smile on things.

  5. Vix said:

    Those photos are so eerie but compelling! I wonder what words you use to search them out!
    Loving the monochrome outfit,…again! That kaftan rocks, can’t wait to see you rock it! xxx

  6. Thank you for enlightening me about fibromyalgia. I can only imagine how difficult that must be, and I have to say you are AMAZING. There have been days when your electric smile alone have given me a boost of energy. You are powerful, my dear.

    Black and white is pretty much the best, as far as I’m concerned (I like mine with a spot of red, as you may have noticed.) The caftan is glorious!! Such a pretty color and print. I stopped by Goodwill today and came home with a rayon scarf/shawl in a pretty cocoa color and beautiful long Chic’s cardigan in one of my favorite colors, sort of a lavender-blue. XXOO

  7. pastcaring said:

    You would never, ever know from your photos and your approach to life that you are struggling with a debilitating condition, Tamera, and that’s a testament to your positive outlook and great personality.
    Those old photos are as bizarre as can be, I bet you have great fun searching them out!
    Lovely black and white chic, and that kaftan is awesome! xxxx

  8. LOL! You do find the most insanely weird photos, but I love seeing them. I do know the pageant photo is supposed to be a best legs competition last I came across that photo.

    Oh I do love that striped top!! So So cute.

  9. Desiree said:

    Hooray for kaftans!!!! And second-hand bargain ones are even better aren’t they? Oh dear I would have had to avoid driving down the street with my kids, I can just hear them now “who goes to the Institute of Oral Love mum?” xoxoxoxo

  10. Clare said:

    more kaftans? well a girl can never have enough and leopard print is essential. Did you buy that book yet? You need it. I love the chicken, the giant head! I’ll be having nightmares about the sack headed beauty pageant. I love your nautical French look, very cool! xxx

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