The Color Purple


Hiya Blogland!!! How is everyone doing today?? It’s a gorgeous 75 degree blue sky day here in Western Maryland!

What do these people have in common??

fibro folk

1. Sinead O’Connor-Irish Singer  2. Michael James Hastings-Actor/The West Wing

3. .Rose Hamlin-Singer/Rosie & the Originals  4. Tamera Wolfe-The Menopausel Supermodel

5. Susan Flannery-Actress/The Bold & the Beautiful  6. Jeanene Garefalo-Actress

7. Jo Guest – Former English Model  8. Mary McDonogh-Actress/The Waltons

9. Morgan Freeman-Actor

We all have an invisible disease.  We all have Fibromyalgia. We don’t look sick. Some days are wonderful and we feel fine. But most days, hidden behind the smile, we are hurting.  We may be able to participate in that activity today, but tomorrow we may be completely bedridden. It’s random, unpredictable. It robs us of our lives slowly each day. There is no cure and little understanding or awareness. Most “pills” only work for a brief time, if at all. We learn to modify our behavior, to adjust our actions praying that the trip to the store won’t completely wipe us out for two days. That the walk around the block won’t mean we are up all night in pain.

This is what it does to you:



This is our reality.  This is what Fibromyalgia CAN’T do to us:


And this is what we are doing about it:


I am home today laid out in the recliner again. Damn this Fibromyalgia!!

Black 7 White

Here’s yesterdays Black and White Outfit. I wound up ripping the skirt at work and had to staple it back together!! LOLOLOL I was dressed very conservative as the new Colonel was doing a walk=through to meet everyone. Unfortunately he had to postpone until Thursday. Guess I’ll put off re-pinking my hair until later this week!!

Everything is thrifted except shoes. Don't know which is whiter-my legs or the shoes!!

Everything is thrifted except shoes. Don’t know which is whiter-my legs or the shoes!!!

Don’t forget about the Black and White Party!!  Send me a picture of you in your Black & White outfit with a link to your post by Saturday June 8th at I’ll be showing all the participants next Sunday for Visible Monday!!

I’m off to check out everyone’s blogs and maybe take another nap!!!



  1. Ah honey I’m sorry to hear that today is one of the bad days. I have a neighbor who suffers from this and it looks so awful especially because there is no cure or way to make you feel better. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Please dye your hair pink for the Colonel he needs a little pink in his life:) BTW do you know where PINK the singer got her name from?

  2. Helga said:

    O, darling, what a dreadful thing this fibromyalgia is.
    I can tell you are still smiling, in spite of it!
    I reckon the Colonel does indeed need a pink vision!

  3. I deal with CFS- and many of my symptoms look very similar to your chart! But I agree 100%: we are not our ailments. We are not our bodies.

    But girl those shoes are fantastic. WE ARE OUR SHOES?

    I just sent you my BW pics. Can’t wait to party with youse!

  4. I have a friend with fibromyalgia, she’s 28. After taking a lot of drugs (that didn’t work) she started taking magnesium and she ‘s doing way better. I don’t know if you hear d about that.

  5. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. I’ve been running back and forth with the dentist. I couldn’t just have the messed up wisdom tooth requiring a surgeon, I’m having the dry socket, nerve pain, tossing back narcotics like candy, but still hurting. Even stranger, I didn’t bruise or swell up! People keep asking me if I’m better and I feel as bad as day 1.

    Invisible diseases/disabilities are frustrating. “Looking” fine means nothing to the person in pain. I know that extremely well right now, so frustrated I could cry.

    Lots and lots of hugs your way, Tamera.

    I love your black and white week. Those white sandals! Be still my heart. I keep hunting a cute comfortable pair of white sandals, but have yet to find that perfect pair.

  6. Terri said:

    I would never have guessed that you suffered from this condition. Several years ago I read quite a lot about it as we thought my DH might be suffering from it. Hope it lifts soon…and that the colonel comes and goes and that your hair can turn pink again. it is true that professional responsibilities have a way of curtailing our true style


  8. Vix said:

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Arthritis is bad enough without – I get grumpy and look awful sometimes but you’ve always got a huge smile on your face and a positive attitude.
    Looking fab in monochrome. The colonel will be bowled over when he finally gets there! xxxx

  9. So sorry to hear of your struggle with fibromyalgia. Take good care and I’m sure you don’t always feel like flashing your gorgeous smile like you just did in the photo above.

  10. I did not realise that you suffered from this awful condition – I do hope that you are feeling better soon. I love the black and white outfit with the green bag – great contrast. Take care, 🙂

  11. Oh man poor you. Boo hiss to that. YOu poor thing battling that. It must be quite a hard thing to eventually diagnose, is it?
    I don’t know about my black and white – I’ll have to put my mind to that one! Maybe you could make it an awareness/support party for fibromyalgia!

  12. pao said:

    Sorry to hear you’re recliner-bound, Tamera – and with something so frustrating to deal with. And yet you always look great with the biggest smile. Your black and white dress is fantastic. Thank you for your kind words too.

  13. Leisa said:

    I’m so sorry that you suffer from fibro… is so hard that you look fine on the outside & the pain isn’t visible. I have fibro in conjunction with my M.E, which results particularly in chronic migraines. A week with 3 migraines is a good week, but I sure grow tired of popping the pills which don’t do much! I haven’t really gone ‘public’ on my blog about my M.E. Because I look fine I think people would have trouble believing how disabled I really am & how many hours & days I spend horizontal so I can go out a few times a week. Thank YOU for sharing. I for one appreciate it! Xx

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