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Hiya Blogland!!! It has been one weird week. Work has been crazy!! I’m glad today is my Friday!! Three day weekend here I come!!In the spirit of the weirdness cloud that seems to be hovering over me I have some vintage photos to share!!

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Getting Porked"

Gives new meaning to the phrase “Getting Porked”

What is going on here?? Some sort of Satanic ritual?

What is going on here?? Some sort of Satanic ritual?

:::::::Shiver::::::: Snakes!!!

:::::::Shiver::::::: Snakes!!!

Will not make woody joke........

Will not make woody joke……..

Dig that bouffant hairdo!!

Dig that bouffant hairdo!!

And here’s some hairy 70’s goodness:

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan Centerfold

Burt Reynolds Cosmopolitan Centerfold

Yesterday I had some bloodwork done at the lab. As I was walking out through the parking lot a little old man, who was using a cane and had to be 85 if he was a day, said “Nice tits” to me as I passed him. I gave him a smile and said “Thanks!!” Maybe I made his day!!  You’re seeing something in the  picture below I would’ve NEVER shown a year ago. and no it’s not my tits!! Look!! Lily White Flabby BARE ARMS!!!

Dress-Retail, Pendant-gift from Groovetastic Vix, Sandals-Retail

Dress-Retail, Pendant-gift from Groovetastic Vix, Sandals-Retail

My boobs are positively Helga-esque in this dress!! Lauren liked it!!

This is what I wore at work as my office is an icebox! Cardigan -RalphLauren/Thrifted

This is what I wore at work as my office is an icebox!
Cardigan -RalphLauren/Thrifted

Today I was arrayed in my favorite plumage colors of blues and greens!  I need to do my hair again. The pink fades out fast from my grey hair. I use the Manic Panic stuff and left it on for 3 hours. Gonna try 4-5 hours next time. I REALLY need to get some turquoise as I am LOVING Clare’s new color!!

Everything is thrifted!!

Everything is thrifted!!

As promised I’m going to answer the questions I gave the Leibster Award Folks:

1.Gold or silver?  Plastic-actually I like both–preferably the cheap vintage stuff!!

2.What is your favorite candy?  Wow hard one–I’m not much for sweets but I do like a frozen Reese Cup at times. Dang now I want one…..

3.Best book you’ve read recently. The Call the Midwife series by Jennifer Worth- I loved the show and the books are fabulous!

4.A pet peeve. Stupid, Mean, Cruel, Rude People. I so need my invisible Zapper!!

5.What is your favorite season of the year? Autumn followed by Winter. Yep–I’m one of those sickos that like cold weather. You can always put on more clothing to get warm but there is only so much you can remove to get cool without getting arrested. Or scaring small children and pets.

6.What is your favorite color?  Any shade in the blue/green family.

7.Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you? Well-if it has to be based on looks than obviously Angela Jolie. Seriously-I’d be played by Miranda Hart (Chummy of Call the Midwife and the star of “Miranda”) I adore her-smart, funny, clumsy and just awesome. Like me!!!  Snerk!!!!!

8.You get to become a villain for a day from a Disney movie. Which villain are you? Ursula from the little Mermaid. She was big, bad and beautiful. Is it sad I had to Google a list of Disney villains?

9.If any character from a novel could be your best friend, who would you want it to be and why? Well-currently it would be Chummy from Call the Midwife. I love her humor, her compassion and her zest for life.

10.What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner? Do you make it yourself or is there a restaurant you prefer to order it?  Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-tarts.  I make them myself.  Seriously–I love any kind of Middle Eastern/Northern African food–I make it myself as there are no restaurants anywhere nearby that serves it. Followed by Indian food.

11.It’s your birthday. What’s for dessert?  Mark Harmon, Keith Urban and Benedict Cumberbatch.  They can bring cheesecake. Clothing optional.

Well I’m off to box up 16 dozen cupcakes I baked earlier. I’m making them for our friend Pastor Sam’s #1 daughter’s high school graduation. Their #2 daughter is coming tomorrow afternoon to learn how to make icing and help me decorate them all.  I know it sounds insane baking 16 dozen cupcakes but I have this down to a science these days. I started at 5:30pm when I got home from work and pulled the last pans out at 9:00pm. It helps that I have 13 twelve cup cupcake tins!!!

Everyone have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back around on Sunday evening!!



  1. I bet you made his day for sure.
    Great pic, dear tamera.

  2. Nice tits!!!!! I love that you said thanks and didn’t tell him to snuff off. Here’s to showing bare arms and your beautiful boobs! I think that turquoise would look killer on you, I am so loving Clare’s turquoise hair! 16 cupcakes does sound scary but I bet you have it down it seems like you have done this plenty. Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop tarts from scratch this could be very tasty:)
    Enjoy the weekend love! Hugs to Mr. Bill from Peetee pumpkin pie!

  3. Vix said:

    Here’s to frisky pensioners still getting excited by attractive ladies, gotta love ’em! You look gorgeous in that maxi dress, you’ve got beautiful arms, more please!
    Love the lady with the snakes, the pig truck and all your answers, you never fail to make me laugh out loud! xxx

  4. Suzanne said:

    LOL that was hilarious! You were so chill about it. I would have said, old pervert! LOL

    Those images killed me. Especially Burt Reynolds. That guy needs some nair.


  5. Ursala also had one of the most awesome bad guy songs. Other than Scar’s.

    LOL at the guy catcalling you. What a randy ol’ hoot! Keep on rockin’ your fabulous self.

  6. I promise I’ll answers the questions when I’m not so freaking busy. Love your answer to #11!!!!!!!

    And that hussy with the flowers on her tits? I think you just gave Helga and Sarah new places to wear their hair flowers. I have sprite gum at work, hmm………

  7. pastcaring said:

    You’re really made me laugh with this post, Tamera, from the old photos to the nice tits comment and the bare arms (not laughing at them, you understand, just at you being adventurous and showing them, I feel a bit the same about my upper arms…) and Lauren loving the booby dress and all your answers – it makes me happy to come here and hear you chat!
    I really like the maxi dress, and of course the blue/green combination is always a winner on you.
    I am in awe of your baking skills, you clearly have it very well organised – I would be throwing a fit!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! xxxx

  8. Terri said:

    You probably DID make the 85 year old’s day. As my DH says, they never stop looking! I’m impressed by your baking skills and I share your love for Mediterranean food.

  9. Great maxis, of course!!!! and I think you look amazing bare-armed. Also, the gentleman (?) was right. 🙂 The vintage photos were hilarious, although Burt was scary. If you have any good recipes of said cuisines, please share!! XXOO

  10. Is that your bouffant do in an earlier life? That kid looks like a younger you. Makes me want to post some of my growing up stuff!
    Great for showing the arms. I am all for breaking the style rules.
    And I love your funny story. The same thing happened to my best friend when she was in Las Vegas except in Spanish. Luckily, her high school age son had taught her all the “bad” words he had learned in his Spanish class!
    Debbie @

  11. clare said:

    Firstly you must buy this book! it’s only 26c on Amazon! You’ll love it so much

    Love the dress! and love your reply to that dirty old man! But you do look great so no wonder felt compelled to comment! I love you in blue and green so I hope you’re buying some turquiose dye!!!! xxxx

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