Some Gave All…..


Thank you to all who gave their all serving their country to keep us free.

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!! I am getting LOADS of sewing done this weekend. Some re-fashioning and some sheet couture has been on my agenda!!

First up–I received a fabulous package from the always groovy Vix.  You’ll be seeing what was in it later this week!

I also found out I won a gift certificate from Café Press in a give-away the always visible Patti of Not Dead Yet had!! I am planning something Diva related!!

And to add to all of the wonderful blessings I received this week (and what perfect timing!!) I was nominated for a Leibster Award by Debbie of I Love My Lemonade LifeI’ll be doing a post on that on Tuesday of this week!!

Saturday is a big day in my town of Sharpsburg, Maryland.  As many of you know from last fall, this is the location of the Civil War battle of Antietam–the bloodiest one day in American history. We have a great reverence for those who have served our country and those who have given their lives in that service. We have a wreath-laying ceremony on our town square and a huge parade followed by a ceremony at the National Cemetery on the hill. A little bit of history-the first Memorial Day Parade was held in Sharpsburg in 1867 and has been held continuously since then. Here are a few pictures from the wreath-laying ceremony (this is a block and a half from my house) Organizations come and lay wreaths on the monuments to honor the fallen. The bagpipers play (Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave on bagpipes always bring me to tears) patriotic songs are sung, and “Taps” is played at the end.

Our Town Square and Town Hall with the Memorial Monuments

Our Town Square and Town Hall with the Memorial Monuments

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2

I met this fabulous lady in the crowd. I just had to take Ms. Rita’s picture and share it with you. She’s of a certain age and is VISIBLE!!! I complimented her on her RAD hair– she said she decided “WHY NOT??” Words to live by!!

Isn't she AWESOME!!!!

Isn’t she AWESOME!!!!

Here’s my front porch all decked out for Memorial Day. I made the Uncle Sam wreath.

PicMonkey Collage

And now on to the style part of our program!! It got REALLY cold here the end of this week and I decided I was going to go casual on Friday as there was almost no one at work!! Can’t go wrong with lime green, turquoise, animal print and SEQUINS!!

Jean-LeeRyder/Walmart, Top-Old/Retail, Shoes-Amercian Eagle/Payless

Jean-LeeRyder/Walmart, Top-Old/Retail,
Shoes-Amercian Eagle/Payless

I wanted to be patriotic for the wreath-laying ceremony. I pulled out what little I had in that color scheme that was comfortable for a walk and being outside on a windy day.

Hat-Kmart, Cardigan-Thrifted, Jeans-Ancient, Tshirt-Thrifted, Flag Pin-Vintage

Hat-Kmart, Cardigan-Thrifted, Jeans-Ancient, Tshirt-Thrifted, Flag Pin-Vintage

Shrug-LaneBryant/Thrifted, Maxi-Retail, Shoes-Amerimark, Purse--Gift from Sarah Misfit

Shrug-LaneBryant/Thrifted, Maxi-Retail, Shoes-Amerimark, Purse–Gift from Sarah Misfit

We had dinner today with my mom, our daughter, Julie, and our son-in-law Sean, who is home this weekend from Federal Law Enforcement Training School. We celebrated their first wedding anniversary!! My mom asked me if I deliberately dyed my hair pink in the front. LOLOLOLOLOL

Julie and Sean Warren May 20, 2012

Julie and Sean Warren
May 20, 2012

Well, I’m off to do some more sewing and stuff!! Everyone have a fabulous rest of the weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday!!



  1. Helga said:

    Crikey, Julie is a pretty thing!
    Your Uncle Sam wreath is splendid, darl, as are your SEQUINS!
    Everyday is a sequin kind of day, I reckon!
    I’m also loving you in that maxi, and your confident, gorgeous smile makes you SO scrumptious!

  2. Cheryl said:

    love, love, love the sequined top AND the r, w&b!

  3. pastcaring said:

    Julie looks so beautiful, as do you, Tamera, especially in that blue/green sequin top and the beautiful maxi dress.
    Looking forward to seeing your gifts from Vix and the results of your sewing! xxx

  4. Vix said:

    You are always a joyb to behold with your radiant smile and fabulously colourful outfits! If your ears were burning today it was because I was wearing my Frida pendant and I’ve lost count of the number of women who fell in love with it and wanted one for themselves!
    Julie is an absolute beauty and the lady with the red hair kicks ass! xxx

  5. Great memorial day pics … hope you enjoyed all of it. You look great, as do the kids on their anniversary. I did my Liebster stuff for Debbie today. Hope you have fun doing yours!

  6. Happy memorial day!! Also happy anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law! They look so happy!

    Also I love your straw hat. You need some manic panic to really get a bright pink streak!

  7. Desiree said:

    I’ve been away so long and missed your pink streaking – eeeeeeeeep!!!!! I LOVE it and adore your mum’s cute comment – heheeee!! You really suit sequins and that shade of blue is glorious on you! I also love the red and white spotted cardigan. Thank you for the history lesson, seriously, I didn’t know what Memorial Day meant in the US and wow what respect people show for their ancestors! Your porch … GAH!!!!! Your flowers are beautiful and I love your Uncle Sam xoxo

  8. I love all the decoration, and each and every one of your outfits, dear Tamera.

  9. You look like a million bucks and so does your front porch! Come do mine, please? LOL
    You have a beautiful daughter! I’m glad you had such a lovely weekend 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  10. Your outfit is perfect for Memorial Day and I could definitely come and hang out on that porch! I’m glad you share “street” photos with us. You find some great people! Debbie @

  11. Krista said:

    Wow that is some celebration, your town goes off! You look so perfect in your red white and blue and my my how sweet is the front of your house! I seriously wanna sip lemonade on the porch and here gossip about the neighbors.
    Love you in that blue green sequin top too!

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