The party that will never be….

The Diva Kae-Kae May 22, 2002-April 14, 2013

The Diva
May 22, 2002-April 14, 2013

Hello Blogland!! Everyone having a wonderful week thus far?? My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the tornado yesterday in Moore, Oklahoma. It’s just unimaginable.

This will be a photo-heavy post today without much “chatter”. I’m feeling really blue. Tomorrow would’ve been the Diva’s 11th birthday. You may recall we were planning a Super Fantastic Cyber E-Birthday Extravaganza as befitting the International Style Icon and Supermodel she was.

It was not to be. For those of you who are new to the blog, the Diva (aka Kae-Kae) became ill suddenly Sunday April 7th. She was diagnosed with congestive heart-failure. Her little heart was damaged from the 5+ years as a breeder in a puppy mill. The vet said they couldn’t “fix” her but we could manage it. She seemed to be responding to the medication but began having seizures early on the morning of April 14th. We had to love her enough to do what was best for her and let her go.

She is missed terribly. She was an 8 lb bundle of personality and attitude. Definitely the Alpha-dog in our house. It was ALL ABOUT HER!!!  I still catch myself looking for her.

I can never express how touched we are at the outpouring of love y’all have shown the last few weeks. It has meant the world to me and it’s made it easier knowing how many people her little bossy blonde self touched.

We buried her in the herb garden. I found this winged dog statue and of course I had to Diva-fy it. She loved her bling and outfits and attention.



I want to share some of my favorite photo’s of her. They really can’t catch the essence of her Diva-ness. She was quite the character and we can never replace her.

My favorite Diva picture. I love the smile on her face!! She knows the the loveliest flower in the garden!

My favorite Diva picture. I love the smile on her face!! She knows she is the loveliest flower in the garden!!

Last picture of us together taken about a week before she got sick.

Last picture of us together taken about a week before she got sick.

Surrounded in glitzy gold lame' as a Diva should be!

Surrounded in glitzy gold lame’ as a Diva should be!

One the last pictures of Kae taken the Friday before she left us. This breaks my heart now because you can see how ill she really was.

One the last pictures of Kae taken the Friday before she left us. This breaks my heart now because you can see how ill she really was.

Love how she's got her tongue out!!

Love how she’s got her tongue out!!

Miss Kae is rockin' the neon and tropical trends in her sundress by LuluPink via Ross.

It's exhausting being a Diva!!!!

It’s exhausting being a Diva!!!!

KaeKae in the patriotic mode!!

KaeKae in the patriotic mode!!

Little Pupcake Tshirt-Lulupink via Ross


Accessorized with adorable Diva

Accessorized with adorable Diva

It's exhausting being cute AND supervising!!!

It’s exhausting being cute AND supervising!!!

The Queen and MrBill

The Queen and MrBill

The always adorable DIVA in her new party dress!!!

The always adorable DIVA in her new party dress!!!

The Diva rockin' her tutu and tshirt!!

The Diva rockin’ her tutu and tshirt!!

Tiered jersey polka-dot dress with chiffon sash by Lulupink via Ross

Mr. Bill and KaeKae. He's the nekkid dog!

MrBill and KaeKae. He misses her so.

I’ll leave you with a view of the Diva I got on many an occaison.  This is how she expressed her displeasure with anything–just turn and show you the butt of disdain.

Her Majesty showing her displeasure

I’ll be back on Thursday with outfit posts and such. Hug your pets a little harder tonite and give them a treat for the Diva!


Tamera, Lauren and MrBill

  1. Sheila said:

    Aw, what a wonderful tribute to a very well-loved and adored furry family member! Hugs to you, Tamera – hang in there and remember all the good times.

    Vizzini is getting some lovin’ from me, whether he wants it or not. 🙂

  2. Donna said:

    No words…just tears and a smile..we miss her too…

  3. the one of her highness in the garden is priceless. I keep thinking Miss Kini Cat is going to jump up and start bumping the side of my laptop, meowing for pets. We sure do love our little babies

  4. pastcaring said:

    The Diva was obviously a real character, and clearly such a strong presence in your lives, I’m not surprised you still expect to see her and can’t quite believe she has gone, Tamera. What a very happy home you gave her – and what an amazing wardrobe!
    Adorable photos, wonderful memories. I’m sorry you’re missing her and feeling sad. Fussing one of my cats right now (Bad Boy Charlie, as it happens!) Xxxxx

  5. Vix said:

    The Diva was a star presence in Blogland, I think many of us were educed to tears when she left us and all of us admired the stoic way you dealt with it. She couldn’t have had a happier life, loved and treasured after such a shaky start.
    I’m sorry she can’t be with you to celebrate her big day. Our cats have just got an extra cuddle. xxxx

  6. Diva lived a happy life, and was very much loved more than many people will be able to say at the end od their days.

  7. Suzanne said:

    So nice that you have so many lovely memories of her.


  8. A beautiful tribute to the well loved Diva, and to you for your devotion.

  9. Now I’m balling. Peetee lies in my lap as I type this wrapped in the pouch you made him just like the one the Diva has. We miss the Diva too! My favorite picture is her sunning her self in the garden with her eyes closed, that is a zen moment if I ever saw one. The grave topper is Diva worthy OMG Tamera I love it!!!!!!! I really am sending you a big hug right now, I bet this is hard, I really can’t imagine dealing with this loss. We are here for you sweetie, we love you and your colorful free spirit! Mr. Bill and Peetee will have to roam the cat turd field together…and who knows what the future might bring you.
    Krista and Peetee

  10. She was such a spirited little girl. A really special pup. Ones like that come around so rarely, but she was loved and spoiled, like a good diva should be. She had a loving home, and a fabulous fanbase. I’m glad you have so many memories and pictures of her. I have so few of my Gomez, wish I had thought to take more. He seemed forever in my life. I finally got my tribute tattoo for him today.

  11. Oh Tamera, I’m so sorry!! I remember some of the little outfits fit for a Diva, and I agree that the little monument is perfect. I haven’t had a pet in many years, but I remember what it feels like to have to say goodbye. She was a treasure for sure.

  12. Bittersweet post. It makes one sad when you think about the age of your pets and what that means. 😦 I can tell you really loved your baby!
    On a happier note, I really enjoy your blog. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you’d like to participate, check out my latest post. I’m hoping to introduce my readers to some new blogger friends! Debbie @

  13. i’m so sorry you are blue. it looks like she was well loved during her time with you! and her memorial is perfect!

  14. Clare said:

    a Diva bum to finish on! She was such a little minx! I. agree with Debbie that it’s a very bittersweet post, sad but with some laughs, I love your winged tribute. I hope MrBill is doing ok xxxx

  15. Ooooh, I wish I looked half as good as The Diva in dresses, and that I had the nerve to show the butt o’ disdain.

    I know you miss her. Parting with our four-legged family members, with their much shorter life expectancy, is one of the hardest things a human has to endure. But we can’t imagine life without them.

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