Dead plants and other fun

Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a spectacular weekend?? It’s cold, grey and dreary here. As usual it seems. It was a bit of a boring weekend overall.

I spent part of the weekend replanting my pots and my veggie garden. The freak frost and freeze the beginning of the week really destroyed all of my hard work!! It will be so worth it this summer when I’m picking those juicy tomatoes and inundated with squash and cucumbers.

I stopped by a yard sale on the way to the garden center and picked up a couple of goodies. Pickings are slim if you’re not interested in toys or kiddies clothes.

Vintage tablecloth for $1- it's in excellent condition

Vintage tablecloth for $1- it’s in excellent condition

Pair of pillowcases for $1- these may become a blouse.

Pair of pillowcases for $1- these may become a blouse.

Vintage full sheet for $1 destined for a blouse or skirt

Vintage full sheet for $1 destined for a blouse or skirt

I brightened my pink hair a bit this weekend. I left it on for 3 hours so it’s a bit brighter. Got lot’s of compliments and comments!!!  When I’m asked why I say WHY NOT???


I pulled out one of go-to maxi skirts for church today. These are always a lifesaver.  I got the color scheme from the iridescent bracelet.

Skirt-JJill/Thrifted, Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Retail, Purse-LizClaiborne/Thrifted

Skirt-JJill/Thrifted, Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Retail, Purse-LizClaiborne/Thrifted

The baby peeking from the picture over my shoulder is our daughter Julie . It was taken the week after she arrived from South Korea (she’s 5 months old) Wow does time fly!!

I’m linking up with all of the stunning ladies strutting their stuff at Patti’s for Visible Monday. Stop on by to see REAL style on REAL women!!

Everyone have a great rest of the weekend. Keep MrBill and I in your thoughts. The Diva’s 11th birthday would’ve been this week. I’ll be sharing on Tuesday the tribute we made for her.



  1. Loving the outfit and the hair! I’m glad leaving it on longer worked for you 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. Love that vintage tablecloth (fab price too!). And you look radiant in your maxi and with a touch of pink in your hair. I’ll be thinking of you this week, on the Diva’s birthday. hugs and xxx

  3. Yes, time does fly by SO SO fast!
    Your pink hair is too cool!

  4. Terri said:

    We are sitting out tornado warnings this evening and I hope that our baby plants survive. I like the pink! and no explanations necessary! I’ve snagged a pillowcase I hope to turn into a top myself.

  5. Again, I’m stealing your color, at least the red! I love that color scheme of yours – lots of jewel tones. And I love the vintage tablecloth – those are so cool. I had one that my mom and dad bought on their honeymoon in Colorado. For some reason, it ended up back with Mom, and she actually ripped it up for rags!!! Can’t trust her with anything.

  6. pastcaring said:

    Shame about the so-so weekend, but at least you got your replanting sorted, went a little brighter with the pink in your hair, and picked up that gorgeous tablecloth and the lovely linens. Looking forward to seeing what they become.
    Love the red and blue of your outfit, and that photo of Julie as a baby is soooo cute! xxx

  7. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Love the vintage linens…great finds!

    So sorry about your plants. Thankfully we only had a one night freeze warning. I covered all my newly planted flowers with blankets and it looks like they have survived. You are one dedicated gardener to want to start all over. : )

  8. Krista said:

    I lost my little lemon tree this year due to frost, sorry to hear about your casualties. The brighter pink is way more noticeable and I love the why not response ! Peetee and I are sending you and Mr Bill big hugs this week. The Diva left a mark on us all, and I can’t wait to see the tribute! Those beautiful sheets will be reborn into something fab with the help of your hands! Enjoy the week my dear!

  9. lovely and comfy outfit, as usual!, pretty top and nice sandals!
    and sorry to read you’ve lost your plants, my dad’s tomatoes were also killed by freezing temperatures but he’s replanting them now (he’s an optimistic!), so I wish you luck too!
    besos & vegetables

  10. Vix said:

    You’ve had a wonderfully productive weekend, I can’t wait to see what you make from that gorgeous fabric! Your hair and colourful outfit look wonderful. What a cutie Julie was (and still is!) xxx

  11. reva said:

    You’re killing me with all those vintage table cloths!!!!! I used to collect them here, but they became way too expensive 😦
    Love to make skirts out of vintage sheets,too! you so rock! and yep, I bet that dress was expensive 😉 Tee,hee!

  12. Clare said:

    those sheets are just gorgeous, I especially love the last one, very pretty. Like a cottage garden. You look great, the pink is still beautiful! xxxx

  13. Helga said:

    You’ve been getting all FUNKY with your pink bits whilst i was away!!! LOVE IT!
    You are looking scrumptious, generally, in fact!
    Loving the tablecloths! Tablecloth Couture here we come! Looking forward to seeing the blouses when they’re done.

  14. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Love your blue and orange-ish top! I put a link to your post on my blog this afternoon … we are thinking similar color thoughts! Hope you have a meaningful tribute for Diva. I think about her when I look at our own Lizzy … know how you miss her!

  15. Not sure if I actually got my comment to go through last night – but I’m sorry for the dead plants. Ours have been teetering. Congrats on the scores. Other than some shorts, I have had some pretty bum shopping excursions.

  16. 50 and counting said:

    Linens are hard to pass up. The colour and quality was so much better just a generation ago!

    Printed tea towels are a vice of mine. Can’t pass them up (well I do have $5 limit). From Tasmania to the Yukon to Guide Dogs, they come home with me.

    Cups and saucers and cake plates? My sons say I’m turning into a hoarder. I actually collect the stuff made in the old East Germany and it’s not easy to find.

    Love the sheets though

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