Yeah it’s a Koolaid stain….

Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone the start of this COLD (at least here in Western Maryland-we’ve had FROST) week??

The pink streak in my hair (soon to be a brighter more Krista/Desiree pink)certainly has evoked some odd responses. Other women seem to love it–even my daughter!! She’d have a pink streak if it didn’t involve having to bleach her hair and such!!

Male response–Lauren liked it (he was SCARED when I announced I was doing it). My male co-workers (who I think I baffle anyway) are a bit perplexed. One ACTUALLY asked me if I had accidentally spilt Koolaid  ON MY HEAD and it stained my hair. AND  he was SERIOUS!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Today I want to share some vintage 70’s ads featuring some sexalicious MEN in all of their hairy glory!! Feast your eyes on these studs!!!



And last but not least:


Our VIX is a doll!!! I swear add a bindi, and some dangly earrings and it’s her spitting image!

I came home Friday to a fabulous package from Clare of MissSimmondsSays!!! I shed some bittersweet tears over the fabulous pin she made of the Diva. I was truly touched and thrilled with everything!!

Cute home made dress. This will be getting a bit of refashioning for the boobage.

Cute home-made dress. This will be getting a bit of refashioning for the boobage.

gorgeous scarf in my colors and an assortment of ephemera (Clare and I share a love of it)

gorgeous scarf in my colors and an assortment of ephemera (Clare and I share a love of it)

Groovy card!!!

Groovy card!!!

Adorable MrBill pin and Diva brooch made by Clare. I will treasure these!

Adorable MrBill pin and Diva brooch made by Clare. I will treasure these!

I forgot to take a picture of yesterday’s outfit. Trust me you didn’t miss anything. I was bored with it myself!! Today’s outfit was simple and chosen to be WARM. It was 28 degrees this morning!! And it will be 85 degrees tomorrow. CRAZY!!!

Everythinmg but the shoes is thrifted!!!

Everything but the shoes is thrifted!!!

Tonite is the season finale of NCIS so I’m off to spend time with my TV Boyfriend!!! Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back Thursday.



  1. Well, my mom used to actually dye her hair using koolaid when she worked at Waffle house! It turned out some of the most brilliant colors. What amazing gifts you got. I, for one, love the pink hair.

  2. I love your pink hair. It’s the perfect shade and I think it’s wonderful. I also am terrified of most of those men. Just wanted to throw that out there. 😉

  3. 50 and counting said:

    Lovely pins!

    I dyed my oldest son’s hair green with Kool-Aid when he was 9. He had a Mohawk and wanted it to be green. He went to the barber and had it shaved off when I told him it looked like he had a dead hamster on his head.

    NCIS isn’t on for another hour and I’m trying to stay awake! I’m on nightshift and I could really use a nap and am fighting to stay awake for it. I have to leave after it, so here’s hoping.

    I love old knitting patterns for the cheezetastic male models.

  4. Oh my…that ad with the naked guys and their socks is INSANE. Also…what about those staches and shades? I have to show that to my hubby.

  5. LOL! 70’s photos are just too funny!
    Cute floral dress!

  6. pastcaring said:

    Those ads are brilliant! Belted sweaters, socks, taches, groovy pants, undies, cool dudes, how fabulous! And the Cher make up doll is a dead ringer for love and Vix!
    Gorgeous package of delight from Clare, isn’t she a sweetheart? Love the dress, the card is excellent, and the brooches are so sweet.
    Lovely colours on your cardigan. It’s cold and wet here, I have had to go back to boots and scarves! xxxx

  7. I’m still laughing at those hot, hairy 70’s men. Just think, they’d all be in their late 60’s now.

  8. These 70’s cards have me feeling itchy:) I think the Diva and Mr.Bill pins from Clare are about the sweetest thing ever!!!! Kool Aid to dye the hair sounds like a sticky mess! Can’t wait for deeper darker pink!!! Peetee says to give Mr. Bill a good lick!

  9. Vix said:

    Where do I start? You, obviously! Love your pink hair and your blue and green maxi outfit. People’s reactions are hilarious, aren’t they? Some people need to get their brain into gear before speaking but at least you’re being noticed!
    Those adverts are brilliant – I’ve bookmarked them, I’m going to have to pinch them for the Kinky Melon menswear department at the fairs!
    I want that Cher doll! I had a Girl’s World in the 1970s and sulked for a week that I got the blonde rather than the black haired version.
    Clare’s done you proud – the dress, the Diva and Mr Bill brooches, the card – that girl’s got a magic touch when it comes to picking the right things. Your postman’s going to be working overtime – watch that mail box! xxxx

  10. Love the 1970’s and I like the pink hair. I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while. Eventually…I will. I think the darker pink will be even better. And so thoughtful to make you those pins…very nice. Debbie@

  11. Clare said:

    I’m sooooo pleased you like them! I’m looking forward to seeing the dress refashioned. What a bunch of hunks… I think I might be sneakily changing the background on my boyfriend’s laptop when he’s not looking, definitely to those hot boys in long socks. You look fab too, the Kool Aid hair is still very pretty! xxxx
    ps: want a Cher Doll

  12. There is so much creative talent in this group- Clare amazes. I love those brooches she made for you.
    And Kool-Aid, lol.
    LOVE these old ads- how not long ago this was- and what a completely different fashion world. Kills me.

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