Your mama don’t dance……

Not this mama!!  Hello Blogland and Happy Mother’s Day to all who are mom’s, whether human-kids or fur-kids!!

Our darling daughter and the grand-puppy came up Friday nite to spend the weekend while her hubby is away in Georgia at school. MrBill was VERY excited to see Noelle!! He just LOVES her!!

Julie and Noelle

Julie and Noelle

Whilst I was waiting for her to arrive I pulled out this:

Party-Time Pinkl!!!

Party-Time Pinkl!!!

And here’s the results. I left it on for an hour (said on bottle 10-20 minutes) as my hair is natural grey as opposed to bleached out hair.  Grey tends to be a bit resistant to dyes. I like the light pink result. The next time I’m going to leave it on longer for a darker pink. My daughter LOVED it and I got loads of compliments as the Mother-Daughter Breakfast!


Here are some Noelle pictures. I couldn’t get any of her and MrBill together as she is QUITE energetic. Bill loves her but she wore him OUT!!! They just left and he is SOUND asleep! It did show us that when we adopt another dog we need to get one a bit older and calmer! He’s just too old to handle it! I made the zebra dress for her.


Friday was a casual quiet day at work. I got the glittery tshirt at Walmart for $7 and gathered the sides up myself to give it shape.

Purse & Shoes-Thrifted, Capris-Thrifted, Top-Walmart

Purse & Shoes-Thrifted,
Capris-Thrifted, Top-Walmart

We had a load of fun at the Mother-Daughter Breakfast. They had a fashion show (pictures later this week) that was so much fun. Several of us “menopausal supermodels” have been recruited to work the runway next year!

Skirt-Thrifted, Top-DIY/Thrifted Fabric, Bracelets-Vintage, Sandals-Retail

Skirt-Thrifted, Top-DIY/Thrifted Fabric, Bracelets-Vintage, Sandals-Retail

I told Julie she had to have her picture taken for the blog, too!!


After the breakfast we got pedicures together and then I took her to the local consignment shop. Julie made out like a bandit. She has to dress conservatively for her job like Lynne of Good Will Hunting.

Julie made out like a bandit!!! she spent all of $27 for the following: (Sorry my pix don’t do them justice!)

Ann Taylor skirt-$4

Ann Taylor skirt-$4

The Limited sheath dress- $8

The Limited sheath dress- $8

Calvin Klein sheath dress-$14

Calvin Klein sheath dress-$14

Although it seemed odd to buy two black sheath dresses, the Calvin Klein has pleats across the bodice and is a bit dressier. Both can be worn with cardigans or jackets. She plans on wearing the Calvin Klein at their first anniversary dinner later this month.

Here’s what we wore to church and out to dinner today. I got a REAL DEAL on the maxi dress. I had a $10 off coupon for Kohl’s. I found the dress on the clearance rack marked down from $68 to $16.99 as-is. It had some deodorant streaks on it. I figured it was mine for $6.99 plus the coupon. when I got to the register they gave me a scratch-off that added an extra 30% off. I got the dress for under $5 with tax!! SCORE!!!!

Cardigan-Thrifted, Dress-Retail, Necklace & Bracelet-DIY

Cardigan-Thrifted, Dress-Retail, Necklace & Bracelet-DIY

Noelle butt photo-bomb!!

Noelle butt photo-bomb!!

Well I’m off to say good-bye to Julie and Noelle. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and I’ll be chatting with you more on Tuesday. I’m linking up with all the fantastic ladies at Visible Monday!!



  1. fashionovafifty said:

    Happy Mother’s Day and LOVE the pink fringe!

  2. pastcaring said:

    Isn’t Julie beautiful? I am so happy that you had a great weekend together, and that Mr Bill is recovering from all the excitement of Noelle visiting by having a long nap – how funny!
    The pink in your hair looks great, Tamera, but I can feel that you want MORE! Careful, Desiree and Krista are beckoning with the pink dye, they want you for their tribe!
    So many lovely things in this post – the gingham top you made with the hippy floral skirt is a gorgeous combination, and the bargain maxi dress is a beauty, great colours. Julie did so well too, is she new to the thrifting world, or has she learnt at the feet of the master? (That should be mistress really, but you know what I mean!)
    It sounds as though your weekend has really energised you, hope you are feeling better, and ready for the week ahead! xxxx

  3. I’m really liking the skirts and dresses you posted today…such an great array of my seemingly new obsession!

  4. pao said:

    Oh the pinkness of your hair. It’s so absolutely perfect on you. Is it permanent, does it wash out? Very, very cool. Have you worn it to work yet? heehee. What a nice visit you had with daughter and doggie. You all played dress up so well!

  5. Oh, I am loving the pink hair color – and I agree with Curtise — this could be the start of something . . .

    Noelle is adorable, what a sweet face. And you and Julie look fabulous in your finds. Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for linking up xoxoxo

  6. Ah, it was your green cardigan that pulled me in (I’m wearing one, too, for Visible Monday). Now about that pink hair – I’ve been wanting to try it, and it seems there are more and more bloggers taking that plunge, so maybe I’ll jump in. It looks great with the pink framing your face, and your smile is dynamite!

  7. Aww! I bet Mr. Bill was happy to have a friend visit. OMG I LOVE THE PINK!! So cool. Consider yourself lucky. A lot of people try really hard to achieve that candy floss color.

    Sounds like you ladies had a good thrifting time – even with retail! I love Calvin Klein dresses. I recently picked one up for $6. I had found two, but the second one didn’t fit!

  8. Tamera, I was LOLing during this post! You crack me up! So I LOVE your pinkness. Seriously! So stinkin cute what a great idea to make the grey pink instead of BLUE! 🙂 Total score on that maxi dress. I love it when that happens! xo!

  9. You are both beyond gorgeous, ahhhhh.
    I love your pink hair, your smile and that fantastic ed floral top.

  10. Vix said:

    What a treat, not just you looking gorgeous but also Julie and Noelle – what a bevvy of beauties on a Monday morning!
    Love your pink hair and that awesome gingham top and pretty maxi! Julie obviously inherits her superhuman talents for thrifting from her gorgeous mum! xxxx

  11. love that pink touch on your hair, it’s fabulous!, and love your colorful outfits, that maxi skirt and gingham shirt are awesome and your new maxi dress is really beautiful!!!
    And your Julie is a thrifting princess, oh yes!!

  12. Julie is beautiful and so is your pink front!!!! I love that you included her in these pictures! Happy Mothers Day and happy pink!!!! It really suits you my dear and you could totally go darker!!!!

  13. Clare said:

    Julie is a stunner, I bet she’ll look great in those simple classic shift dresses. I LOVE the pink in your hair, it looks great! I love light pink, it really suits you! The green gingham top is fantastic! I love it. Noelle is just a little sweetie! You look so happy in these photos! xxxxxxxxxx

  14. What a super packed post! Lovely daughter and puppy!!! Love your hair (who knew how flattering it would be?)!!!
    Look at your LBDs! And your pretty floral … that’s my favorite. You look beautiful.
    Glad to see you so happy.

  15. Wonderful post, love all the pictures. I really love the peridot gingham with the gorgeous skirt. Your daughter is stunning and has such style. I really enjoy all your posts. What a sparkling smile you have. Thank you!!! 🙂

  16. Too funny!
    Glad you were able to spend Mother’s Day with Julie! You two are fashionistas!! 🙂

  17. Your daughter is very beautiful, as are you in the ensembles displayed today. I too love your pink hair! Mother/daughter time is very precious, and sounds like you had a good dose of that on Mother’s Day.

  18. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Fun post! You and your pink hair…what a hoot. Nice to read that you enjoyed a lovely weekend together. Great finds on your clothes.

  19. Belated Happy mother’s Day to you! I adore your pink hair. I do purple streaks at either side but it is bleached out first, then we leave the color in for several hours before rinsing. The colder the water temp when you wash your hair the longer it will last 🙂

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  20. Sheila said:

    I love your pink streak – what fun! It totally suits you. Noelle is such a cute little pup. Awesome finds in your shopping spree!

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