About those cucumbers…LOL

Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a fabulous week so far??? Totally random question-daughter is coming up to visit  (with our grand-doggie Noelle while her hubby is away in school) and I’m thinking of taking the “plunge” and doing the colored streak in the front of my hair. Should I go Krista-Pink or maybe turquoise???

Cute MrBill chillin' on his poochie pad!!! He is starting to exhibit a bit more personality now.

Cute MrBill chillin’ on his poochie pad!!! He is starting to exhibit a bit more personality now.

I discovered after posting Sunday that somehow a whole paragraph about cucumbers got deleted. So if you were wondering what on earth Zen and cucumbers had to do with anything in the post……..

On Sundays after church we stop by the grocery store and I pick up the fresh produce for the coming week. I’ve found that we are more likely to actually EAT it as opposed to watching it become penicillin if I spend a bit of time prepping everything.  I mellow out on Sunday afternoons by playing some tunes on Pandora and chopping up veggies and such. I’ll chop, peel,  wash, spin-dry, and bag up lettuce, kale for smoothies, carrot, cukes and whatever fruit we’ve brought. I often will make up a pot of brown rice or other grains in the ricecooker (LOVE) at the same time. I’ll also haul out the food processor to chop and slice onions and such for later in the week. It saves time getting dinner together!! I’ll also pack up in individual containers my work  breakfasts and lunches for the week. It’s all rather soothing and Zen and does make life easier in the mornings not having to deal with all this crap!!

Now that y’all know my anal-retentive food-prep tendencies….. On to some more FUN stuff!! This week there will no taxidermied rodents to ogle but instead let’s explore Vintage mother’s Day Cards!! I’ll be starting off with sharing cards from the 30’s through the 40’s era. I always love the sweet images from this era and the pastel watercolor effect the artists used.

PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage5PicMonkey Collage4PicMonkey Collage3PicMonkey Collage2

I’ve been somewhat ache-y from gardening this weekend so yesterday I pulled out an easy maxi outfit to wear!

Dress-Retail, Sweater-Thrifted, Necklace-the fabulous Vix!!

Dress-Retail, Sweater-Thrifted, Necklace-the fabulous Vix!!

Today I started out in a thrifted patchwork maxi skirt I’ve worn before. I managed to trip over myself and RIP the skirt badly. I’m not sure I can fix it–it was rather delicate (chiffon) and it tore through the patches. So this was my planned outfit for Wednesday:

Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Skirt-Gift

Cardigan-Thrifted, Top-Thrifted, Skirt-Gift

It’s turned into a rainy, dreary day today. We need the rain but ugh, 50 degree rain is just bone chilling miserable!! No gardening for a few days.

Of course I have to leave you with a bit of weird!

What they thought MJ would like in 2000 (circa 1985) and what he really  looked like in 2000!!!

What they thought MJ would like in 2000 (circa 1985) and what he really looked like in 2000!!!

Tonite is my date night with my TV Boyfriend Mark Harmon. I’m off to finish up dinner and get ready for some MrBill and Mommy lap time! Have a great evening and I’ll be back on Thursday!!



  1. KRISTA PINK!!!!!!! PINK PINK PINK!!!!! PINK! How fun I bet you are super excited I can’t wait to see whatever color you choose. I was sore from working in the garden too and in weird places, lol! I wish I was that anal about food I would probably eat better. Next week and Farmers Market starts again and so will my better eating habits:) I love the maxi, sorry t hear the other one tore. I have one that I got in the UK that I love but I keep stepping on it and ripping it one of these days I’m going to end up showing my ass to the world:)

    Your smile is always my favorite part of your outfit posts!

  2. Cheryl said:

    definitely turquoise!!

  3. fashionovafifty said:

    Love the print on that first maxi! Xoxo

  4. Sheila said:

    Aw, Mr. Bill…so cute.

    I do all my prep on Sunday after my groceries get delivered. I usually cook up a few things, package them up and I also cut up most of my veggies. It’s just so much easier to eat it!

    I vote pink in the hair too! I love that you’re daring enough to try this, Tamera! Go for it.

  5. Vix said:

    I’m with the Krista pink! You will rock it!
    Love that dress and how mustard suits you- try using Wonderweb – that iron-on hemming stuff, it’s great for binding delicate fabric. I hate that tearing sound, I’m always tripping up my own feet, too!
    Mr Bill looks like he’s enjoying being the sole pooch in the house, his time has come to be the male diva.
    I’m impressed by your kitchen organisation, I do love the prep but Jon loves to take over!
    Michael Jackson, what was he thinking? He was such a good looking young man – we all fancied him on the Off The Wall sleeve! xxx

  6. wouuu, I’m hoping to watch your new hair color!, pink or turquoise both sound delightful!
    And so nice reading the Cucumbers True Storie!
    Love that maxi dress frilliness, and all that colors you’re wearing!

  7. reva said:

    I gotta say, you rock a maxi like no other!!!! i just passed up 2 yesterday at goodwill, cause I thought I had too many. Doop! a miss, wish I’d gotten them.
    I have been thinking of some pink/purple streaks in my hair this summer. brunettes have a tough time with bright colors, they get lost…. Though, i must still give it a go-gonna try chalk….
    hugs always

  8. Everyone in the blogosphere is going for pink so I say Turquoise!!! I love the vintage Mother’s day cards – so pretty!

  9. pastcaring said:

    Cute Mothers Day cards, gorgeous maxi dress, darling Mr Bill (coming into his own) and you, a whirlwind in the kitchen – I am breathless now!
    Whatever colour you pick for your hair will look fabulous – go for it! xxxx

  10. Clare said:

    Ooooh turquoise please!!! Well any colour is going to look great on you lady! MrBill still looks sad, even though we know there’s nothing wrong with him! Love the maxi and I’m looking forward to seeing the patchwork skirt when it’s mended! You always make me laugh! The mothers day cards are very sweet but that is contracted by the double MJ creepiness xxxxx

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