The Zen of peeling cucumbers….

Hello Blogland!!  Hasn’t it been such a glorious weekend?????  The weather has been nearly perfect here in Western Maryland!!

Friday nite a bunch of us gals from church got together at Longhorn Steakhouse for a much-needed Girls Night Out!!! I brought tiara’s because of course tiara’s were appropriate for a steakhouse!! Sorry for the lack of pictures but we were too busy laughing and eating.

Joyce and Andrea rocking their tiara's!!

Joyce and Andrea rocking their tiara’s!!

I was dressed so I couldn’t be missed!! I picked the dress up at Burlington Coat Factory recently. It had sashes that tied behind the back. One sash was completely ripped out of the seam, leaving the seam open. I asked the manager if he would discount it. He gave me 75% off of $19.99 so it came to a bit over $5!!! I removed the other sash and sewed the seams up. The purple jacket is LaneBryant and was thrifted for $3. The purse is also thrifted. Took the photo out in my yard looking towards the neighbor’s house.


Here’s a picture of Daddy and MrBill snoozing and snoring at 7am Saturday morning!


Saturday we went to the nursery to pick up our plants and seeds. I spent the rest of the day planting out the pots in red geraniums and purple alyssum. The pots will look fabulous in a couple of weeks!!

Front walk with new purple coneflowers and blue salvia

Front walk with new purple coneflowers and blue salvia

Front porch pots. I made the red planter from an old chair.

Front porch pots. I made the red planter from an old chair.

Planter boxes and old chair with pot

Planter boxes and old chair with pot

Front porch seating area

Front porch seating area

MrBill worked really hard!!!

MrBill worked really hard!!!

I finally got the tribal dress altered and wore it today for church.

Dress-Walmart, Cardigan-LauraAshley/Thrifted, Sandals-Retail

Dress-Walmart, Cardigan-LauraAshley/Thrifted, Sandals-Retail

I’m off to visit with relatives in from Ohio!! Everyone have a wonderful evening and I’ll be back around Tuesday!! I’m linking up with all the fantastic ladies at Visible Monday!!



  1. Krista said:

    Tamera that first outfit could be my most favorite yet, you are bursting with color- I love it and for 5 bucks, oh yea! Your house is so adorable, I love how you have made the front feel warm and inviting!
    Seeing Mr. Bill puts a big smile on my face:). Have fun in Ohio, that’s where my Mom I’d from!
    Xxoo lots of love!!!

  2. Tamera, you look so colorful and full of happiness! And TALK ABOUT CURB APPEAL… WOW!!! I am inspired to fix up the front parts of my house now. So beautiful, I love it!!! xo

  3. sue said:

    I love your porch! Your garden is going to be bloomin’ gorgeous when it flowers and you look bloomin’ gorgeous in your colourful frocks!

  4. I love it that you were too busy laughing and eating to take pictures…all GF outings should be that way…and I love your porch and that B & W maxi…fun post, Tamera. Have a great week!!

  5. Oh, Mr, Bill, you are too loveable! You look terrific, T – love that black and white dress. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

  6. you have a lovely home! Did you happen to catch CBS Sunday Morning today? Lovely interview with Mark Harmon, our boyfriend.

  7. Tamera, you honestly get more beautiful with each post. Both maxi dresses look awesome paired with the bright cardis.

    I want to come and sit on your front porch.

    Oh, we have the turning of chairs into bright red planters in common!

  8. Vix said:

    I love both your maxi dresses especially your bargainous first one! It’s so bright and Tamera-worthy!
    Mr Bill and Daddy look adorable snuggled up together and he’s so cute on your lovely porch, too! xxxx

  9. Front walk with blue saliva – oops, I had to back up and read it right. Even without blue spit, your front walk is wonderfully eye-catching.
    You thrifting queen! Both your maxis are stunning on you. I’m glad you went tribal to church. And I love the photos of the tired boys. LOL.

  10. Tamera- I LOVE the tribal dress on you! I want to see more of it- your bangles and this dress are aces! Also the red chair planter- major wow factor!

  11. Clare said:

    You look great in bright maxis, love both of them, the black and white one is wonderful. The view from your porch is really lovely and you’ve finally got some great weather too! xxxxxx

  12. pastcaring said:

    Oh yes, nights out with friends, tiaras, and plenty of eating and laughing, are the BEST!
    Love that bargain maxi dress, you look fabulous, and the tribal print dress really has the wow factor.
    Your hard work has paid off, your garden and porch look so lovely – full of warmth, and colour, and style, just like you, Tamera! xxxx

  13. Love the pretty purple cardigan and colorful dress outfit! Very cute. Also I am giggling over how cute Mr. Bill is. Puppies and kitties in sunlight are one of the greatest joys in life. I’ve got care of the inlaw’s elderly dog this week and I’ve felt bad that we’ve had rain all weekend.

    Your front yard/porch is looking very lovely! My MIL also has a planted “chair” in her back garden.

  14. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Everything cute, doggy, huz, everything … but you’re looking amazing in that dress! I love it.

  15. Aww…MrBill is SO cute! Hope he’s doing okay.
    I really love your tribal maxi. You look awesome!

  16. stylecrone said:

    Your sewing skills make all the difference in your ability to capture bargains. Looks like a good time with friends and the maxis are marvelous. You’re way ahead of me in the garden department.

  17. i’m in love with both maxi dresses, because both are wonderful, that colorful and purple is fabulous and that black&white tribal print is really pretty and elegant.
    you look gorgeous and love that outdoors photos!!
    besos & flores

  18. I wish I was as handy with a needle and thread! The dress is lovely and colorful!
    Big hug to Mr Bill from me 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  19. pao said:

    Those maxi dresses look terrific on you. That b&W one is amazingly powerful. And Mr. Bill is the cutest taking a nap with the man. You have the perfect porch for sipping lemonade with friends.

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