Bohemian Sheet Rhapsody Now with RODENTS!!!!

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing this week so far?? The pollen is so thick in the air you can practically CHEW it when you breathe!! UGH!!

Last year at this time we were knee-deep in wedding prep for our daughter. I made her wedding cake and tried to no avail to talk her into having THESE as her wedding topper!! BEHOLD:

Nothing says "True Love" like dead rodents in camo on a mildew cake--with BEER CANS!!

Nothing says “True Love” like dead rodents in camo on a mildew cake–with BEER CANS!!

Isn't this just ADORABLE???

Isn’t this just ADORABLE??? Look at the details–the blaze orange nails, the camo necktie!!

I just couldn’t get her past the part where you eat cake that a dead rodent’s butt has been sitting on. Bummer!!

And while we are on the subject of rodents… I present to you:

How fabulous would this look on your mantel???

How fabulous would this look on your mantel???

Now try to get these images out of your head. You’re welcome…my work here is done! do you know there is a whole website devoted to anthropomorphic taxidermy called Of Corpse?? Me, either!!!

I am so easily amused thse days!

I am so easily amused these days!

I’ve been featured as the inaugural “victim” (LOL) for The Good Will Hunting Paralegal’s Career Wear Challenge. Lynne is challenging folks to send her pix of you wearing a career outfit you thrifted for under $10!!! Let’s all see what you can come up with!!

Glorious Vix made an AMAZING jumpsuit out of a curtain this weekend!! I would have loved these as actual curtains!!

Is this FASBULOUS or what???

Is this FABULOUS or what???

Her curtain couture inspired me to make something of my own. Unfortunately the curtains at the thrifts were UG-LEY so I decided to use a vintage sheet for my project. The pattern is one I drafted several years ago.

Top-DIY, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Top-DIY, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Here’s the blingage:

Bangles-Thrifted, Earrings-Vintage/Thrifted, Pin-Thrifted

Bangles-Thrifted, Earrings-Vintage/Thrifted, Pin-Thrifted

I felt very boho/hippie. I wore stuff like this in high school. I have some lime gingham I thrifted that’s been cut out in the same pattern.

I found these lovelies at the thrift for $1!!! I am totally gonna wear them to work on a Friday and see if anyone notices! I’m also going to post them on Rite Shite Charity Plop page on Facebook.


I’m off to watch NCIS–it was amazing last week and left you on the edge of your seat!! Everyone have a great evening and I’ll be back on Thursday with more fun and frivolity!



  1. Helga said:

    O, brillant!
    I simply cannot see why your daughter objected to those fabularse rats!!! I need some taxidermy in my life!
    I have a friend who does it, she makes amazing creatures out of bits!
    LOVE the sheet top! Sheets and curtains are great for sewing! I especially love the weight of curtains!

  2. Krista said:

    Omg I like these rodents what’s wrong with me!!?!? You can totally rock an outfit under a tenner and no one would know, and if they did they should be impressed. Vic’s curtain couture was gorgeous as is your hippie blouse! Enjoy your eel my dear!

    • Krista said:

      That was suppose to be week not eel. Lol!

  3. Vix said:

    That wedding cake’s the best I’ve ever seen – not being a fan of either! What on earth was your daughter thinking, not wanting on at hers?!!!
    I love the gypsy curtain blouse, self drafted? You are incredibly talented! The bling’s pretty special, too!
    I’ve only used a third of those curtains – they are enormous! xxxx

  4. pastcaring said:

    Well those stuffed rodents are pretty bizarre, I must say, and although I am all for doing something different with weddings, I have to agree with your daughter that it wouldn’t have been my first choice for a cake and decoration!
    I love Vix’s curtain couture and I love your sheet chic just as much! Beautiful print and a great little boho top. It will look gorgeous in gingham too, be sure to show us.
    An work outfit for under a tenner? No problem for you, Tamera! xxxx

  5. What she didn’t want a South Georgia wedding cake? That would go over big time here.
    Damn, missed NCIS last night, Senior Dinner was happening. No spoilers, please.
    I keep looking for sheet/curtains/ ect to “upcycle”, no luck. I haven’t sewn something for myself in years. Maybe this summer.

  6. CLAREEEEEEE said:

    That is the best cake ever!! I would definitely have this at my wedding, not that I’m likely to get married of course. I love all these cheeky dead chaps, taxidermy-tastic!! You look lovely in your refashioned sheet, it was too nice to hide on the bed! xxxx

  7. So jealous of your sewing skills. Not jealous at all of squirrels on cakes or showing the nuts.

  8. Somethings wrong with me I had to come look at these big balled rodents again!!! LOL!!!!

  9. LOL! WOW. Those are wild. I like the tricycle mouse! How cute. 😉 I’m still trying to find the right piece of taxidermy to someday have. I still ideally want an articulated cat skeleton, but I’m also fond of Nubby Twiglet’s taxidermy bear!!

    Your top came out great! I did a little DIYing this week too.

  10. Sue said:

    I so laughed at the flashing rodent!! Tell me you bought it!!

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