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Hello Blogland!! How are y’all doing?? We are having a wonderful spring weekend–up til now when it started to rain. We really need the rain, though!It certainly is a small world these days. I am the Zoning Administrator for our town (volunteer). I basically look over building permits and such and approve them before they go to the county and get them. This week I had one for a shed that I needed to make a site visit for. The lady looked very familiar to me. We got to chatting and lo and behold, she is a vet tech at the emergency vets we use. She thought I looked familiar, too. I mentioned we were there recently with the Diva. She remembered her!! She was in the back and took care of her both times!! She said she had to undress her for the x-rays on her first visit and the Diva was NOT pleased. She grumbled at her and gave her the stink-eye, sick as she was!! She wasn’t happy until she was dressed again!!  She told me all of the techs thought she was adorable and were so sad at her passing. She told me that last day you could see she was suffering and we did the right thing for her. It certainly helped me to hear this.

Did a bit of thrifting this weekend. I’m going on a self-imposed thrifting ban for the month of May. I certainly do not need anything and I’m going to do some decluttering for a yardsale later this spring!! I decided to stop by the Goodwill half-price outlet and the newer goodwill on the other side of Frederick. I don’t get to these but maybe once a month or so. The wait was WORTH it!!

Croft & Barrow knit tunic-$2 Rayon un-labled skirt-$2

Croft & Barrow knit tunic-$2
Rayon un-labled skirt-$2

Bangles-$1 for the lot Scarf-$1

Bangles-$1 for the lot

Little glass basket-I feel a new collection coming on!

Little glass basket-I feel a new collection coming on!

New with $58 tags Bisou Bisou Denim Trench Coat- $3.75!!!

New with $58 tags Bisou Bisou Denim Trench Coat- $3.75!!!

Hand-made screenprinted Caftan of Awesomeness!!

Hand-made screen printed Caftan of Awesomeness for $4!!!!

I’ve been seeing the cuffed “boyfriend” jeans around and thought I’d give the look a try:

Jeans and top are thrifted.

Jeans and top are thrifted.

I rather liked it and got some compliments. In fact, I wore the jeans with a pink tshirt and my pink loafers Saturday!!

Todays outfit is all thrifted except for the undies and shoes!!  I’m going to be sharing this outfit with Lynne of The Good Will Hunting Paralegal for her Goodwill Career Wear Challenge!! She is hoping to show others that you can dress fabulous for your career on a budget!!

Jewelry-Thrifted Skirt-Jaclyn Smith/Thrifted Top-McNaughton/Thrifted Sandals-Retail

Skirt-Jaclyn Smith/Thrifted

Wow, my legs look REALLY hairy in this picture! HONEST-I shaved!!  Must be the translucent glow of pasty whiteness!! This is my first wearing of one of the pairs of sandals I got from Amerimark for my birthday. They were super comfortable and cute!!

Well, I need to get my butt in gear. I have to take a cake up to church for a social this evening and MrBill wants some lap time before I go!! I’ll be linking up with all of the stylish ladies for Visible Monday! Everyone have a fabulous rest of the weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday!!



  1. Vix said:

    What a coincidence meeting that lady and hearing what an impression the Diva made on them. It must be a huge weight of your shoulders, too.
    You scored amazingly. The bangles, the gypsy skirt and hippy tunic, that amazing caftan, the glass basket and the incredible denim coat. Wow! Can’t wait to see you rocking them (except the basket, maybe!)
    Love the jeans rolled up and that beautiful floral skirt! xxx

  2. pastcaring said:

    I’m so glad you had that conversation with the lady from the vets. I think it must have put your mind at rest about your decision and confirmed that you did the right thing for the Diva.
    Love the purple top and the print on the skirt, and that kaftan is fabulous! The glass basket is so sweet, I have a soft spot for vintage glassware too. And I think the rolled up jeans look great on you, shows off your shapely ankles.
    I love the bright print and colours of your skirt, the flowers look like narcissi, so perfect for Spring and for Visible Monday! xxxxx

  3. Great haul! Love all the bangles and the green glass and the colourful rayon skirt..
    I love to see people in fully thrifted outfits!! Awesome!

  4. Tamara, I’m so sorry about the passing of the Diva. I saw your post and meant to comment but things are MORE than crazy around here and it slipped my mind. Besides starting a new job which is 11 hrs per day not counting 30 min commute each way my “daughter in law” and the two babies came to stay with us for an extended visit while our son is out to sea. On the upswing I have had a blast with the kids. I can’t remember the last time I gave a baby a bottle or had chicken nuggets and cupcakes with hot pink frosting for lunch. Well, maybe never on the hot pink cupcake thing since I have 3 boys!! Take care of yourself and you did a good job on the boyfriend jeans look. I’ve never been able to get it right!!!!

  5. Helga said:

    WOOT! Looking totally gorgeous, girl!
    Nice scoring, sometimes waiting patiently does pay off, dammit!
    How lovely to have some sweet conversation about the darling Diva. She really touched a lot of hearts, that little cutie!

  6. Wee! What an excellent thrifting haul. I went out for a little while myself to the GW today. I came out with three new tops, a sun dress and two pairs of leather clogs for $22. Not bad!

    I’m glad the Diva touched so many lives! We’re dealing with a very similar thing with my inlaws dog right now. He’s still hanging in there, but his time is unfortunately coming too. Their little lives are so short.

    I love your painterly skirt! What a gorgeous print. I don’t think your legs look hairy!! Lol. I will warn, don’t look to closely at my bone white legs. I’m notorious for not shaving frequently, but still rockin’ the skirt. Oops!

  7. Clare said:

    I love green glass! You should find out if it’s uranium glass! All those bangles for $1?! Soooooo cheap. It’s really nice you met that lady and she could chat to you about The Diva! Xxx

  8. Nice job with jean! I love it rolled up.
    Your Jaclyn Smith skirt is gorgeous! She was my fav Charlie’s Angel!

  9. You made me giggle, Tamera, with the hairy leg comment. First, I would never have noticed, and second, I still can’t see it. I can’t wait to feature you in your own post, just send me the pic and the deets 🙂

    You look beautiful, and gosh, you super-scored. I think a 30-day break from thrifting is a good goal. I have my sewing machine out and am upcycling, newcycling, repairing, and trying to be a budding milliner. But I do need to stop bring More. Stuff. Home.

  10. fabulous finds, love that denim trench and awesome caftan and so pretty bangles!!, you’re a thrifting queen!
    And you look gorgeous!, love that printed floral skirt and sandals, love everything you wear!!
    besos & suerte

  11. So happy to hear you met a woman who knew the Diva! It warms us up when we hear about our beloveds, doesn’t it? Love your b.f. styled jeans and your thrifty finds this week. Thanks for sharing it all with Vis Monday xoxoxo

  12. I am mesmerized by your lot of bangles! Really for a $1? I pay nearly 5 a pop at my Goodwill to resell. Talk to me. What a score!

  13. Tamera, good haul!! That denim trench is sick, I love it. The roll on the jeans really does look great…can you see the difference in the photos? That little touch really does make it special, right?!


  14. Krista said:

    I know you were doing the happy dance over all this stuff! The bangles all for a buck is a screaming deal and I love the print on that purple skirt! You look comfy and cute and like Spring is a coming.

    I love what a small world we love in. The fact that you got to hear Diva stories fom her is pretty awesome. That girl left an impression for sure.
    Have a great week sweetie!

  15. pao said:

    That’s synchronicity alright – going right over to that woman’s house and recognizing each other so that you can hear a sweet story about the Diva. How cool is that?

    And what a pre-abstinence haul you’ve got there. That should hold you over for the month of May. Way to go girl!

  16. jangrahammcmillen said:

    Yes! What a cute collection of outfits. See what happens when you cuff your jeans? Instant modern-retro … most of the women doing it now don’t remember old girls like me NOT doing it in the 1960s as a reaction to the 1950s. so much history in a little pair of jeans.

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