Chihuahua Plants!

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone doing this week??? I am totally itching to get out in the garden but it’s still a bit too early to plant stuff. I usually wait until the first weekend in May.

I was going through some pictures and found one I’d like to share. This is one of my favorite of the Diva. She was being a Chihuahua plant in the garden!! I love the expression on her face!


I found this awesome vintage circus picture I had to share. Could you just imagine our Circus-Queen Desiree rockin’ something like this??

93bdbb0628c46088e579a7b7b5c8885aHey Desiree-maybe you could come up with your own version and thrill us all with your fabulousness!!

Here’s a little something to put a smile on your face!!!  Click here and  Let’s DANCE!!!


Yesterday was rather cold and I had to be out on a site measuring so I decided on pants and trainers.

Jacket-Chico's/Thrifted, Jean-Retail, Tshirt-JonesNewYork/Thrifted, Shoes-Timberland/Thrifted

Jacket-Chico’s/Thrifted, Jean-Retail, Tshirt-JonesNewYork/Thrifted, Shoes-Timberland/Thrifted

I couldn’t wait to wear the new twin-set I thrifted this weekend. I just love the print and although it may not show–there is a bit of embroidery accents on the cardigan. Since the print was so bold I decided to forgo all jewelry except a pair of vintage red earrings I DIY’d into pierced ones.  I can never go wrong with the JJill swishy swirly skirt!!


Tonite I’ll be spending some quality time with my TV Boyfriend Mark Harmon!! Y’all have a great evening and I’ll be back around Thursday with more fun and frivolity!!!



  1. Crystal said:

    Glad you said that you wait till first week of May to plant! That was when I was going to start too!

  2. Oh look at The Diva being a chihuahua plant! I LOVE IT!

    And you are gorgeous, as ever, in that lovely twin set – now whack in a humungous hair flower please!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Donna Nance said:

    Lovely, lovely outfits! Although my favorite part of the post is the Diva “statue”. Don’t you love raised beds? They are easier to work and drain lots better. We had five inches of rain recently with no problems. Waiting to put tomatoes, peppers, and basil out later. Oh my goodness, loved the “Let’s Dance” video. I’m exhausted after watching it.

  4. Awww..sweet Diva…
    Tamera, I think these outfits today just might be my favorites of yours! Great colors on that jacket and LOVE the sweater set! Really pretty!

  5. A big puppy grin if I’ve ever seen one! So sweet.

    Love the soft and floaty skirt with the floral twinset. It’s very springy and soft. Your outfit gave me a great idea for color pairing for tomorrow.

  6. wow, tonight’s NCIS was something! Deanna Troi (from Star Trek) looked good.

    Love the photo is Miss Diva, she looks happy.

  7. 50 and counting said:

    Sniff, I love that twinset!!!

    Mark may be yours in your timezone but he’s mine in the mountain timezone!!

  8. Suzanne said:

    Diva looks so serene there.


  9. stylecrone said:

    Your twin-set is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s always your radiant smile that inspires. And who doesn’t love a swishy swirly skirt?

    Thanks for sharing more of Diva with us as you grieve her loss.

  10. ladyperry12 said:

    Tamera: Been meaning to post a comment for awhile. Your outfit posts just keep getting better and better! It’s been like watching a flower bloom – your fantastic weight loss, your sassy new hairstyle and color. You are looking great and I think you are an awesome “menopausal supermodel!”

  11. pastcaring said:

    Ahh, look at The Diva, posing like the supermodel she truly was! And grinning the whole time, such an attention seeker!
    Love the pretty twin set with the chiffon skirt, just perfect for spring, and the bright colours on your jacket really suit you.
    Here’s hoping for more sunshine, successful planting, and a crazy circus bra! xxx

  12. Vix said:

    The Diva looked wonderful pretending to be a plant and soaking up those rays, bless her! She looks like she was smiling, too! Both outfits are gorgeous and truly fabulous and the Afghani children are a vision in colour, just like you! xxx

  13. Some D & D- the Diva and Desiree- what a great way to start my day!

    I love your sweater set- and again can’t help but ooh and ah at your color choices. T, you are picking some wonderful and flattering colors for you- love that pale icy turquoise in that blouse- lovely!

  14. Clare said:

    wow! that was an unexpectedly lovely video! Love the Diva Plant, she’s got such a smile on her face!
    You look lovely, that jacket is great, I would’ve fought you in the thrift shop for it! I love the twinset and swishy skirt too, it looks like tulle!

  15. Krista said:

    I can’t believe I couldn’t find the comment button. Silly me. I love seeing the Diva as she was the Diva drinking up that sunshine looking fierce! You look bright and beautiful I’m sure best dressed in your office.
    Sending u love!

  16. Sheila said:

    Ooh, I like your new blog set-up – very nice.

    Aw, what a sweet picture of the Diva!

    You are so good at finding bargains, Tamera!

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