Spring Thrift-o-rama!!!

Hello Blogland!!  It has been a glorious but a bit cool weekend.  Spent a good part of Saturday spreading compost on the flower beds and vegetable garden. We get it from the country landfill super-cheap by the pick-up truck full. I am PAYING for it today–good thing I have pain pills cuz the Fibro is raging!!

Some of the results of all of the hard work!

Some of the results of all of the hard work!

Clare of Miss Simmonds Says commented that MrBill always looks so sad.  He definitely has “sad-eyes” but he’s generally a pretty happy guy. He is just a more low-key quiet dog. He’s not too thrilled with picture-taking. Or clothes. LOLOLOL  I gave him a bath yesterday and when we went outside he headed straight for the lovely manure on the garden for a quick stink-roll. Thankfully I stopped him in time!!


I’m pretty lucky to have loads of thrift shops nearby. In Frederick-the city I work in, there are 2 Goodwills, 1 Salvation Army, A Goodwill outlet, 2 consignment shops, and I just found out the hospital has a charity shop downtown. I hit these up monthly–except for the one Goodwill on my way home I stop by weekly.

In the city near where I live, Hagerstown, there is 1 Goodwill, 1 Salvation Army, 2 Mission Thrifts, 2 consignment shops, and 2 new consignment/thrifts opening later this spring. I hit these up at least once per month.  Friday I made my rounds of the Hagerstown thrifts. And I must say there were goodies to be found!!! Here’s my haul:

Brand-new Clarks Artisan Mushroom Brown Shoes for $6!!

Brand-new Clarks Artisan Mushroom Brown Shoes for $6!!

Summery Purse-$1 Plastic Bangles-10 cents each

Summery Purse-$1
Plastic Bangles-10 cents each

Cherry silky jersey tank-$2 Calvin Klein tissue silk tunic-$2 Cotton/Rayon knit twinset-$4

Cherry silky jersey tank-$2
Calvin Klein tissue silk tunic-$2
Cotton/Rayon knit twinset-$4

Polka-Dot jersey skirt-$2 Two new with tags Jaclyn Smith chiffon skirts-$2 each

Polka-Dot jersey skirt-$2
Two new with tags Jaclyn Smith chiffon skirts-$2 each

Sign for my work office-50 cents!!

Sign for my work office-50 cents!!

I had to also stop by Walmart for some dog-chow and spray paint. I found this awesome maxi dress for under $20!!! What’s not to love?? Black and white tribal print, cotton knit fabric, and the cool “jewel” embellishment at the neckline!!  I snapped it right up!


I wore this outfit to work last week.  Maxi dresses are like wearing a nightgown to work. A co-worker said I looked like a bruise. OH-KAY!!!


Cadigan-Thrifted, Pendant-gift from Sweet Krista, Maxi-Retail

I’m hooking up with dear Patti for Visible Monday!!!!  Again I just want to thank everyone for the sweet comments, cards and love everyone shared with us during the past week. You’ve all made it so much easier to bear!!! We miss the Diva terribly but we are doing ok!!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more weird to share!!



  1. Donna Nance said:

    Nice haul! I haven’t been thrifting for a while…need to fill in some gaps in the wardrobe before I go to Texas next month to see the Precocious Princess, Uber Son-in-Law and my lovely daughter who is known as Duchess of all I Survey.
    Mr. Bill is such a dapper fella…Jacob and Riley would have such fun with him, doing guy things.
    I love the outfit…bruise, indeed…silly boy

  2. pastcaring said:

    Like a bruise? What a bizarre comment! You look gorgeous, that cobalt blue and pretty print are lovely. So your sign is true – you must work with turkeys if they can’t appreciate your fabulousness!
    You got some great stuff at the thrifts, those colourful shorter length swooshy skirts look perfect for you. Great shoes, and I can’t wait to see you wearing that maxi!
    Mr Bill does have a sad face but some animals just do – like cats looking cross all the time, or superior. Though in their case, it’s probably true. He look happy pottering about in the garden. Sweet boy! Gorgeous you! xxxx

  3. Clare said:

    My male dog always looks miserable and my female has her nose up in the air like The Diva always did. MrBill looks full of Springtime bounce.
    I’m eyeing up that middle skirt, it looks fabulous. You have to model that beautiful looking dress, it’s going to look stunning xxx

  4. Vix said:

    I love your ethnic printed Walmart maxi and the blue one, too! Your scores are fab, a riot of colour, print and some Clarks’ shoes, too? Fantastic! Mr Bill looks so cute in that action shot, you can tell he means business! So glad you’re all doing okay, losing a pet is terribly hard. xxx

  5. BRUISE- I get it: black and blue- LOL! It used to be that navy/black combo were called bruises (back in the 80s) but Japanese uber cool designers such as Yamamoto made it chic. So suck it, co worker. Kidding. I love the vivid colors on you- and cobalt is one of my personal faves. You look like a Greek goddess.

  6. If you’re a bruise, add some yellow and green.
    What a haul! I thought I did good on Saturday. 15 second hand stores? Really? I’m so jealous, A Goodwill outlet, WTF! Mr. Bill looks happy in the lawn. This weekend is much better then last weekend, isn’t?

  7. Krista said:

    And comments from coworkers are why that sign is going to be so funny hanging in your office. Your look the opposite of a bruise FTW- beautiful and healthy! I think you did extremely well thrifting and I do adore that maxi with the bejeweled collar, can’t wait tobsee you Rock that! Mr. Bill and Peetee both have big dark eyes they look sad no matter what. I this has served them well, sometimes I look at Peetee and think ah poor little guy and next thing ya know he’s getting a treat (I’m being worked):).

  8. Wow, you can really find the gold at the thrift stores, T! Love the chiffon skirts, the Clark’s shoes, summer purse, and etc . . . Mr Bill looks darling, like he would never touch a scrap of poop. Thanks for linking up with Vis Monday, I have been thinking about you.

  9. Aww, sad puppy Mr. Bill. Some animals just have certain styles of faces. Like my dear Spike, and his deceiving “cute face” – he’s such a little jerk too! Big round eyes and pink mouth that makes him look so innocent. Oh well, I do hope Mr. Bill is a happy pup despite the sad face.

    Some major cute scores! I love the mushroom pumps. AWESOME. And your pretty prints. You find the most colorful awesome pieces. I’m also really fond of your blue cardigan over that blue dress. Co-worker needs to hush, you look awesome, lady.

  10. Helga said:

    Wow, honey, you scored big!!! Woohoo!
    Trust the little poo muncher to head straight for some poo for playtime after his bath!!! Mr Bill, you are a disgrace!!! Cute, but gross! HA!
    How lovely to be able to get into some gardening. I always fantasise that I am a gradner, but in truth, G does it and I wathc with a cocktail in hand……..!

  11. Woa…you made a haul, girlfriend!! Great shopping and as always…you look great in blue! Have a wonderful week, Tamera!

  12. Hi Tam,
    You look pretty in blue maxi! Can’t wait to see the B&W one on you!
    You really found some deals!! Love the floral skirts!

  13. Desiree said:

    Maybe you should wear a nightie to work. That should keep your colleague’s empty brain busy for a while. You look radiant darling!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Those purply-blue shades are YOU, YOU, YOU!!! And they are J.E.A.L.O.U.S. I love composting and mulching in spring, its such a primal-positive thing to do isn’t it? Did I just make up a phrase? Mr Bill suits his name, he’s such a dude! I was wondering if you don’t mind me asking if you have a special spot for The Diva? Big hugs to you Tamera, Desiree xoxoxoxo

  14. love everything you’ve purchased, the colorful skirts, that fabulous b&w white with beads, and of course, love that clarks shoes and summery bag and bracelets!!, and you look really gorgeous wearing that blue ink – indigo floral maxi, it’s a pretty color indeed! it doesn’t matter what that coworker said!!
    besos & colors

  15. Virginia said:

    Hee hee. I dress like a bruise too. Mostly purple and black with touches of blue, brown, lime green, pink and red. I am a lurker, but I would like to say I love your blog and I am sorry about your loss of the Diva.

  16. What a sweet puppy – I love all dogs! Did you kick the co-worker that called you a bruise so they would match?
    I like the maxi very much and you scored wonderfully on your Thrift haul 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  17. pao said:

    What a guy dog! I can’t believe you live near all those thrift stores. I don’t think there’s a goodwill anywhere in Chicago. But I’m not going to them anyway, I’m supposed to be not buying things…ebay is my downfall at this point, but only for shoes. Anyway, you look like you picked a bunch of tropical flowers with all the beautiful colors you’ve brought home. Can’t wait to see you in them!

  18. Did someone really say that to you? I hope you cracked them with your best smile. People astound me. I think your outfit is great, and that color really flatters you. You scored BIG TIME, I especially love that middle floral skirt and $2 is my kind of price tag!


  19. Oh give Mister a lovely sunshiny cuddle for me. Your garden looks lovely. YOU look beautiful and I can’t wait to see you in that gorgeous black and white number!

    Sarah xxx

  20. Is the co-worker of the nasty comment blind? Clearly without taste. Marvelous international print with embellished collar!
    And so pretty in blue! I’m liking your maxis! Every time I see our Lizzy, I remember Diva. And you, darling girl. Hope you are all well and coping. You deserve much better days ahead.

  21. Melanie said:

    Some people have no imagination. It’s very sad. You should buy him or her a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses on your next thrift shop. You are gorgeous in your maxi. Can’t wait to hear what they say when you wear your tribal gown. I looove that baby. Great scores at the thrift shop. You are surely living in thrift shop heaven with so many in your area.

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