Chickens on Rollerskates….

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing out there??? This has been a sucky week in so many ways–the bombing in Boston, the horrific explosion in Texas, and of course the passing of the Diva. I wanted to find something that would lighten things up a bit. I think I’ve found it!  Behold:

Roller disco chicken!!!

Roller disco chicken!!!

I was a teenager in the 70’s (class of 1977!!) and I still love 70’s fashion. Except maybe THIS:


The dress isn’t so bad but WOW that suit is craptastically fabulous!!  Polyester certainly is made for PLAID!! Dig that bow-tie!

I’m finally getting my living room back together after taking half of the furniture downstairs to paint. Hopefully there will be pix this weekend!  Now I’m eyeing up some of the dining room furniture. First I need to freshen up the porch furniture with a fresh coat of paint as it will be going out next week. I’m ready for warmer weather and gardening!

This will be an outfits of the week post. Here’s Tuesday’s outfit:

Top & Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail

Top & Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes-Retail, Bracelets-Thrifted

The shoes are black/white python and came from a company called Amerimark. (I link because I love)  It was recommended by a vintage blogger as a source for vintage style shoes. They are reasonably priced, and everything comes in wide widths. Plus almost all are flat or very low heels. I brought 5 pair of cute sandals with my birthday money this year!! I’ve got my eye on several pairs of adorable maryjanes for next winter. The clothing is …gag…Alfred Dunner little old lady crap but if you wear wide widths and need flat cute shoes at a great price I can highly recommend them!!

I was going all tropical on Wednesday!! I made the skirt from a bit of remnant fabric. I realized after I took the pix that I needed to take it up in the waist a bit as it was drooping in the front!!

Skirt-DIY, Shoes-Retail, Everything else is thrifted!

Skirt-DIY, Shoes-Retail, Everything else is thrifted!

Here’s a close-up with a really cute accessory!!! MrBill has a look that says “Please tell me this picture taking will not involve dressing ME up!!!!”


Today I decided to dress easy with a dress. I really need more non-maxi dresses in my wardrobe!!

Shoes-Retail, Dress-Avenue/Thrifted

Shoes-Retail, Dress-Avenue/Thrifted

You’ve probably noticed you weren’t blinded by the glow of my lily-white legs. I am sporting some Hanes nude sheer hose.  I won’t go bare-leg until it’s warmer and I’m wearing sandals.  Bella at Citizen Rosebud recently posted a great article about wearing nude hose HERE!!

I took MrBill a little walk around the block earlier. We are on a weight loss program-he needs to lose 2-3 lbs. It was SLOW going. He needed to sniff and pee on everything vertical. I’m surprised he’s not dehydrated!!  It pooped him out–he’s laying under the sewing table sound asleep snoring away!!!

I’m glad this is my 3 day weekend!!! I have so much to do–get the living room back in order, paint the porch furniture, do some transplanting, go to the thrift stores in town!!!

I’ll be back on Sunday!!1 Everyone have a fabulous weekend!! And if you have them-hug your pets really hard!!




  1. Helga said:

    Bahahha, omg, that chicken certainly made me giggle!
    Now that lad’s suit is SO awful it’s FABULARSE!!! I’m actually not turned off by it….I suspect G could rock something like that, or die trying!
    You, my lady, are looking scrumptious! I like this length on you, and the skirt is probably my fave piece, as well as the Mr Bill accessory!!! You can TOTALLY tell that he is worried about being frocked up!!! Poor baby!

  2. Suzanne said:

    Okay…that chicken is priceless!!! Who does such a thing??? Clearly someone has WAY too much time on their hands! LOL


  3. Donna said:

    What a crazy chicken! We all need a chuckle after this past week.
    Mr. Bill is just precious. I hope he is adjusting to being an only child. My boys are lying on my lap under a blanket for their pre-bedtime nap. They aren’t real crazy about the thunderstorm.
    I am loving your hair! Have seen more gals lately with the most beautiful gray/silver/platinum hair. Kick the toxins and go natural, girls!

  4. How can you not crack up at that! I had to laugh at Helga’s comment because G would totally wear that and probably even look good in it! It’s nice to see Mr. Bill getting all this extra love. I am digging your tropical print skirt and I love the purple blouse on you. Comfy cute sandals can’t be beat! Can’t wait to see what the heck you are painting this time, you are always up to something!

  5. Sheila said:

    I just love that blue dress on you, Tamera – the length is amazing. Shorten all your skirts, lol!

    Poor ol’ Mr. Bill – he looks mortified. I agree with Helga – I am pretty sure L would rock that suit or die trying!

    Giving Vizzini much lovin’.

  6. What upset me about that chicken isn’t the skates, it’s the overalls! Love the blue Avenues dress, there isn’t a store near me, but I’ve shopped there and usually find some nice pieces. Funny you posted that photo today, he’s wearing a yellow shirt, we got a donation today… included a bright yellow tux shirt, with ruffles!

  7. I love the word ‘craptastically.’ Your colorful outfits are begging for spring and your smile is very contagious.

  8. Vix said:

    I thought G as soon as I saw that suit! It’s only horrid worn by a geek like that lad!
    Love that Hawaiian skirt and Mr Bill in the all-together! I was going to say that I wish it was warm enough for bare feet and sandals here but you cheated! They look very natural!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxxxxx

  9. pastcaring said:

    I do love the print on the skirt you made, and the zingy orange cardigan, and the shorter length dress is gorgeous and suits you so well. Ahh, give Mr Bill a big snuggle from me please! xxx

  10. Clare said:

    MrBill is just the saddest thing ever. Why does he always look so hard done by? I bet he’s getting all the cuddles in the world too!
    That chicken is just hilarious and terrifying in one go! You’re not, you look fab, I love the skirt. You make great clothes, the print is rather amazing. xxxxxxxxx

  11. Look up chicken glasses!! They’re almost as ridiculous.

    I love your sandal-y printed flats.

    Poor Mr. Bill. He totally looks like he’s saying “Mom! Put me down, it’s high up here. Okay fine just one picture, but I’m the behind the scenes man Mom! I ain’t no leadin’ lady.”

  12. 50 and counting said:

    Fellow member of the class of 77 here! We were sooo stylish!!!!lol

    Good to see Mr. Bill is a camera hog

    • 50 and counting said:

      oh, and before I forget don’t you know that dogs have reserve bladders? Kinda like canine VW Beetles. Turf must be marked! I used to watch our male Elkie stand on his tip toes to pee higher up the hydrant!

  13. Melanie said:

    Your disco chicken and the ’70s suit are priceless. Your colourful dresses are all singing. And pretty please tell me the secret to your awesome smiles!!
    Also, I am so sorry that I have not kept up here. I just read all of your latest posts in one sad blast. My heart breaks at the news of KaeKae’s passing. Such sadness. Your rainbow gate is a sustaining image.

  14. I love that tropical print. Great dress too.
    Hope you’re doing alright adjusting to life without your diva.

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