Glad I didn’t miss the Dance….

Hello all of you wonderful and fabulous folk out there in Blogland!!!!!!  I can’t express how much all of your love, kind words, and thoughts meant to us during this time. 

I am doing ok.  I won’t lie and say  this is easy. I look for her and cry at times.  MrBill looks for her and is confused. We are lavishing him with love and attention. We plan to adopt another rescue later this year. We need time to grieve and such. I know the right dog is waiting for us .

I downloaded the pictures on my camera last night. I had taken some of Kae during her last week.  After looking at them–I can see that she was only existing but not living. The “spark” was gone from her eyes. This helps me know we did the right thing for her, as devastating as this has been. 

I want to remember her as the vivacious, vibrant, bossy, prissy little Diva she was.  She really was the glitter in our lives and there will never be another quite like her. I am truly blessed I got to be her mom and allow her to fully realize the Diva that she was.

I took this outfit photo Friday morning before I went to work. I had carried Kae outside for her business and decided to take the OOTD picture when we came back in. Usually she wasn’t too interested in joining me for the daily picture–if it wasn’t all about HER she could care less.


Jeans-old/Retail, Shoes-Kmart, Top-Thrifted, Necklace-DIY, Adorable Diva Accessory-Priceless

Here’s a picture of the Diva in all of her glory. Remember her like this…..  I keep thinking of the Garth Brooks song “The Dance:

“Our lives are better left to chance, I could’ve missed the pain, but I’d of had to miss the Dance….”

Thank you KaeKae for the Dance. We will always love you!

Thank you KaeKae for the Dance. We will always love you!


Here’s a picture of MrBill doing a happy roll in the yard yesterday. He will run for a bit and then throw himself down and roll on his back grinning.  It’s just sheer joy!


I’m slowly catching up with everyone. I’ll be back on Thursday with an outfit post and such.

Again–you guys ROCK!!!  Thanks you again for everything. Y’all have truly made it easier for me.


Tamera and MrBill

  1. I love this picture of you together! I think your quote is spot on. I used to wonder what the trade off was for being able to really love people and animals and feel so much joy from it, well I think it’s that once those we love are gone a tiny bit of our heart goes with them and a tiny bit of them stays in our heart. I think it is a fair trade off, but that doesn’t take away the pain only time will lesson that. Thank you for sharing her joy with us.
    Peetee and I love you Tamera!

  2. Vix said:

    I’m so glad you shared Miss kaekae’s final week with us, look at how much she loved you. So glad Mr Bill’s there for you, I bet he’ll come out of his shell now he’s top doggie! xxx

  3. I’m feeling the same way. Why isn’t Kini sitting next to me right now? I have stopped crying and slowly getting back the normal . Love and hugs!

  4. pastcaring said:

    The darling Diva had such a wonderful life with you, Tamera, and as you say, she got to release her full Diva-tude, which otherwise might have remained hidden. And wouldn’t that have been a shame! Of course you will feel very sad and miss her terribly, but what happy memories. And Mr Bill is still with you, rolling for the sheer joy of it!
    That photo of you and Miss Kae together is lovely. Much love to you all. xxxx

  5. Hugs to you dear Tamera. I know its hard, but there will be time for gratitude. The Diva lived and loved in your arms. What a honor and what wonderful memories she gave you. xo.

  6. Helga said:

    O, darling, you are legendary!
    Indeed, G and I talk about the hilarious and adorable things our Boris used to do quite often. I still find it hard to look at pix 3/4 years later, but they do make me delightfully squishy. Animals give the greatest pleasure, and I just couldn’t do without one or two around to brighten up my life, even though i do worry about them all the time! I had Humper’s paws in my back in bed last night-a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t move him for anything!
    Much love, my darling, and squeezes for Mr Bill and the Hibster!

  7. Donna Nance said:

    Thank you for sharing one of the last pictures of the Diva. She always looked like she was smiling. What a wonderful life she had with you. Please give Mr Bill our kind regards. Thinking of you all with love…

  8. Clare said:

    Sending virtual hugs your way. It’s great that you want to get another rescue dog at some point and give him or her a fantastic life like you did for the Diva! I hope you’re all ok, thank you for sharing these lovely photos, she was a right little minx wasn’t she? With her nose in the air! It’s great when fur babies have loads of personality. Lots of love! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Love the photo of you and the Diva. Take care of yourself Tamera – kia kaha is what we say here in NZ it means “be strong”.

  10. I’m glad you got to have those final memories with the Diva. There are some pets – our furry family – who can never be replaced.. I think it is good that you are contemplating a new rescue. The Diva was one of a kind, but so is Mr. Bill, and many other doggies needing happy forever homes.

    Lots of love to all of you. Mr. Bill looks so thrilled to be in the grass. I can’t say I blame him!

  11. Sheila said:

    It’s so hard to realize that you have to go on without them. Give Mr. Bill lots of love and get ready to share all the love you have with another furry fam member (when you’re ready). We haven’t gotten another cat since we lost Inigo – he was just so special, just like Ms. Kae.

    Hugs to you, hon. I love that last picture of you and the Diva.

  12. Beryl said:

    In Pink with Bows just seems like a perfect way to remember her.

  13. Desiree said:

    I am a completely useless shitty mess when it comes to the loss of a much-loved one of a dear friend and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to send my love. The Diva was the giver of life of so many beautiful babies and gave such a huge amount of joy to so many families. To have you and her best friend Mr Bill in her life after her adoption meant it was her turn to get spoilt, loved and squeezed to bits until her last days. She would have had so much love for you, for rescuing her from the hard life she led. RIP KaeKae. xoxoxoxo

  14. pao said:

    Oh, I just had to smile in looking at that little Diva smiling back at me. Thanks for sharing her pix with us again. She was always such a doll! Take care.

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