The Diva KaeKae

May 22, 2002     April 14, 2013 at 9:00am

She’s waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us now.

Kae started to deteriorate suddenly Saturday afternoon. She began having seizures late Saturday night.  She had the “look” in her eyes so we knew it was time to let her go.  She was helped by the wonderful Dr. Birkin and the staff of Mountain View Veterinary Clinic this morning. She left cradled in her Mommy’s arms with her Daddy by her side, surrounded by love.

I really can’t say much more now. We are heartbroken and MrBill knows something is wrong–he keeps looking for her. Please keep us in your thought and prayers. My lap and my heart have an empty spot now…….

Tamera, Lauren and MrBill

E.T.A–I’ll be linking up with Visible Monday so all of those who came to love her will know.

  1. Donna Nance said:

    Tamera, I am so sorry…was hoping you would have some more good times with her. When you hadn’t posted for a few days, I had a sick feeling something was wrong. I feel very privileged to know her through your writing. Such a doll baby, she will be missed. Hugs and tears, Donna

  2. Clare said:

    oh no Tamera! I’m so sorry. That was so sudden. I hope you’re all ok and know that she had the best Diva worthy life as soon as she was rescued by you xxxxxxx

  3. Oh I am so, so sorry and send my deepest sympathy. I know the heartbreak you are going through. I wish I could say something that would make it better, but knowing from experience there are no words to diminish the pain only words to let you know we care. Sympathy to you all. Kae was very lucky to have had such a wonderful life with you.

  4. Krista said:

    This is heartbreaking. I can only say that you gave that Diva the best days of her life and she loved her mama and dada very much. Give Mr.Bill a long hug from me. I am sending you all the strength and love I have to get through this.

  5. 😥 I’m so so sorry!! A big cyber hug to you and yours. I’ll miss seeing her on you blog….

  6. Damn, I’m so sorry . I’m typing this with tears rolling down my face, My kitty, Miss Kini Cat is also in her last days, my BFF lost her kitty yesterday. Sometimes it’s just not fair, We’ll get through it. Much love to you.


  7. Childofenroth said:

    Tamera, I have followed your blog for some time now and have posted only once before. However, you and the Diva have brought much joy and many smiles into my life. I thank you and I thank your sweet princess. I have lost those very dear to me also. Little fur friends have entered my life, stolen my heart and then moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. They are with me still in my heart. Though the days and moments may seem a terrible struggle now, realize it is because you have given your heart and unconditional love. Without that terrific bond that you gave and accepted, you would not have know the joy of Kae- nor she you. You did a good and wonderful thing and are a good and wonderful person. Do not feel any guilt or remorse, for you have done everything that you possibly could. You are a brave and noble person and a wonderful advocate for shelter animals, role model for humans and an all around really cool person. Thank you and know that my thoughts are with you. Hugs to you and Mr. Bill and your family.

    • tralala said:

      … of course that should say thinking of you ALL xxxx

  8. I am so sorry to hear that. Be strong, we are all holding your hand.

  9. Theresa said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. May your hearts heal with time and love. ❤

  10. peggy said:

    tamera…i am so sorry for you loss…

  11. I’m really sorry to hear this Tamera. She was a little superstar. Much love to you.

  12. pastcaring said:

    Darling Tamera, I am so very sorry. These little furry friends of ours are so important to us while they share our lives, it hurts like mad when they leave us. Take care. We will all miss her. xxxxx

  13. Vix said:

    I’m so sorry, Tamera. My heart goes out to you. I can inly imagine how you are feeling.
    Our little Diva couldn’t have wished for a happier or more loving life despite it being short. xxxxxxx

  14. Monica said:

    My heart is so sad for you. Hugs.

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss, Tamera. The Diva was a joy in your life and brought a special joy to reading your blog. Her prissy self will be missed. Sadly it was her time, but she blessed many lives with many smiles. She spent her last moments surrounded by the love that all our little friends need and deserve and I’m glad that you were there for her.

    Lots of love, Tamera.

  16. oh i am so upset for you! it’s heartache that can only ease with time, nothing anybody says can be enough, i have you in my prayers xxxxx

  17. Kim said:

    I’m sobbing here, I am so shocked and saddened to hear this sad, sad news!

    My thoughts and prayers are with your little girl and those who loved her.

    Take care, your little diva is patiently waiting and watching over her grief stricken family until you meet again.

    ((((((((Diva’s family)))))))

  18. Helga said:

    Darling, I’m devastated.
    Much, MUCH love to all of you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  19. So sorry to read your sad news Tamera, sending hugs to you all,

  20. Suzanne said:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. How difficult it must be for you. I know she has left a diva sized hole in your heart.

    Big hugs.

  21. I am so sorry for your loss. She was and will always be loved. My thoughts are with you, and big hugs.

  22. Jennie said:

    Such sad news, my heart goes out to you all…xXx

  23. Sheila said:

    Oh, Tamera, I am so sorry – the world is a little less without our diva in it. *hug* Sending you hugs and good vibes…take some time and heal. Your lovely diva is now cavorting with our dear Inigo over the Rainbow Bridge…

  24. 50 and counting said:

    She’s left behind good memories and great pictures.

    My Elkies who passed over the years will enjoy her company. Especially Muttgirl, who we always thought would drink Malibu and Coke, wear white stilletoes and dance around her handbag in a disco. I’m sure they are leading her astray.

    Our furry friends have so much personality and la diva’s shone.

  25. Mel said:

    So sorry, Tamera

  26. Irene said:

    I’m so sorry.

  27. so sorry and sad!, you have all my support through the long distance, my dear lady!

  28. ann said:

    Oh no, ;(
    I am sorry to hear that and I’m very sad. Was praying for good news. Will be keeping you in my prays.

  29. pao said:

    ohhh, so sorry to hear of dear Diva’s passing. And very glad I was able to meet her in all her glory too. Take care Tamera, and give MrBill a squeeze for me.

  30. margehess said:

    Oh, I am so sorry!

  31. Vickie said:

    I am delurking to say that I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.

  32. Bobbi said:

    I’m so sorry for your loss – I’m sending lots of love and hugs.

  33. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Big, big HUGS to you. I am so sorry this has happened and that it happened so quickly. Take comfort in knowing what a happy little life she had, so loved…and always well dressed. Hang in there, ma chere.

  34. Jan said:

    Very sorry, you will miss her so much but you gave her the best life any little dog could have.

  35. jangrahammcmillen said:

    My heart is really breaking for you, Tamera. I hate that her little light is gone from this world, but it remains lit in your heart forever. Know she’ll be there for you all one day. If my animals can’t be with me, I’m not going. Am hugging my darlings a little closer tonight. Thinking of you all.

  36. You have my sympathy – it’s been a long time since I lost a pet, but I remember the acute sense of loss of a beloved companion. I think she had a pretty awesome life with you.

  37. DebW said:

    You have my deepest sympathies! I know how much this hurts. Been there too may times in my 61 years, too. I hope and pray for all of us, there is a Rainbow Bridge, of sorts, and that someday we are all reunited with all those dear pets we loved and who loved us.

  38. Jeannee said:

    My dear one, my very deepest sympathies to you and everyone who so loved the Diva ((( )))!!! You are an excellent dog mommy! – look at all you did to lift her spirits when she was so gravely ill … and only a real dog mommy knows that look in there eyes …

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