The Diva Speaks……


Hello my fabulous friends!!!! It’s The Diva, aka International Style Icon!!!!  I asked (ok–commanded) Mom type a post for all of you, my adoring fans.

I am so very blessed and thankful for all of the love and concern you’ve shown me during my horrific tribulation. Your thoughts and prayers sustained me during my darkest hour.

I am feeling rather weak but so much improved.  We went to the vet’s today for a check-up and evaluation. I insisted Mom dress me in my new Princess dress. Even in my perilous condition I must keep up my appearance. The things we International Style Icons must endure.

Of course I charmed everyone there. I modestly basked in their adulation. I have added Pugsley the Pug, Joe the Chihuahua and Bandit the Cairn Terrier to my harem. I just can’t say no when they are throwing themselves at my dainty paws. What’s a girl to do??

The doctor said a bunch of medical stuff but truthfully I wasn’t paying any attention. I was distracted by the handsome vet tech who was petting me. I’ll let Mom fill you in on the boring details:

The woods don’t look so dark now.  Dr. Garcia is pleased with her progress. She responded to the medicine exceptionally well. He cut back the Elanapril and Pimodene to a very low dosage . (one of these helps her heart pump) He added a very low dosage of Laseck (sp) as a fluid preventative.  If she continues to do well on this regime it can buy us more time as there is room to increase the dosages if needed. She will still need to be monitored and kept from over-exertion. But tonite for the first time I think I will be able to sleep!!  Her ears have perked back up and her tail is wagging. And the DIVATUDE is off the charts!!!  Not that it diminished all that much.  To say Kae is high-maintenance is an understatement!!! But we wouldn’t want her any other way!!

Mom says we will be back to our regular blogging on Sunday. I SAY I need to be featured more on the blog. After all–she’s the Menopausel part and I am the SUPERMODEL!!!!

I send everyone wiggly kisses and licks!!!  Everyone have a spectacular weekend!! I am planning on making Mom take me for a ride around the neighborhood in my stroller.


The Diva


  1. Big hugs, Diva! With love from Aunty Sarah xxx

  2. 50 and counting said:

    She’s on some good meds (well, they are good for humans prescribed them!). The Lasix will make her pee more, so be ready for the trips to the doors more often.

    Smooches and ear rubs.

  3. Donna Nance said:

    Dear Diva, It’s Jacob and Riley, your beaux from Indianapolis. We are doing the chi-wiggle, we are so excited you are better. Our mom is sending this message for us since we have trouble with the computer keyboard. Who decided to put the letters in this order anyway? Do what your mom tells you so you can be around for a long time. If she’s like our mom, I know she would miss you terribly. Give our best to her, your dad and Mr. Bill. We hope Mr. Bill isn’t the jealous type. Lots of slurpies from both of us, Jacob & Riley

  4. So happy to hear your feeling better, Diva. Mr Scooty and Miss Kini say “Meow, meow” which is cat for “Get Well Soon”

  5. pastcaring said:

    Oh Miss Kae, I am delighted to hear you are feeling a little better. Your PA Tamera is doing a fine job helping you, it seems, do you think she might deserve a thank you, a day off and a raise? No? Oh, ok…
    Keep taking the tablets, and enjoy your “stroll”! xxxxx

  6. Krista said:

    This post made my day! I’m so relieved and happy to hear she is feeling better and never ever did she quit being a Diva. You and your hubby are the best parents ever. Peetee sends you guys all tons of kitty poop kisses:)

  7. Vix said:

    So glad you’re feeling better, doggy Diva. Lots of love from Stephen Squirrel, Polly Piglet and a very sleepy Jacob the tortoise! xxx

  8. so glad Divatitude is back!, and so glad you’re sleeping and feeling better!
    a ton of kisses and love for you & family, dear lady!
    besos & abrazos

  9. Clare said:

    I’m so pleased you’re feeling better, I hope your mum feeds you on nothing but chicken liver and bacon, after all, you’re worth it! XXXXXXXXx

  10. Jennie said:

    Great news that you are feeling better and have got you Divatitude back.
    Your wee outfit ROCKS, I’m not surprised the puppylugs are hankering to get a place in your harem…xXx

  11. tralala said:

    You look after your Mama, Diva … glad everything is brighter and better xxx

  12. Dear Diva, it’s good to see you recover so marvelously. Your mama had us worried about you! Please take good care of yourself, and give your mama a big lick and a kiss from me.

  13. Sheila said:

    Hurray hurray! She sounds just like her usual self (Tamera, I mean, Ms. Kae Kae).

  14. So glad to hear the Diva is feeling more divalicious – who wouldn’t in that awesome purple dress. I’d want to do some Dallas Cowboy cheerleader moves if I was wearing it 🙂

    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

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