Wednesday Diva Report

Hello Blogland!!  The Diva sends her love and licks to everyone!! We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love y’all have shown!!!

She is doing so much better–the medicine seems to be working. HALLELUJAH!!! We will be seeing her regular vet tomorrow for a follow-up.

She’s still weak but let me tell you, that lil blonde wench can out-diva the best in Hollywood!!! We have been having some Oscar-winning drama here!!

Yesterday she was laying on her pillow 2 feet from the waterbowl. She kept looking at the bowl and then at me all pitiful. So I picked her up and took her over for a drink and put her back on the pillow after she was finished.  About a half hour later I was in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Guess who showed up looking for a snack??  Little Stinker!!

She’s still turning her nose up at her dogfood after having her pills in the mashed liver. This morning she turned her back to the bowl and stuck her nose in the air and grunted at me. I informed her I guess she’ll be hungry for dinner!!! The vet says she could stand to lose a bit of weight!

Her personality is definitely coming back!!! She licked on her Chewlotta chewy toy yesterday. She even stole MrBill’s from him! Last nite she wanted Daddy to play “worm’ with her. This involved him rubbing her back while she head-butts him and wiggles. He was afraid to but she kept head-butting him and turning her butt towards him to rub. So he gently “wormied” with her for a minute and didn’t let her get wound up. She was happy but it did exhaust her.

We are getting used to what is our new normal. I went back to work today and truth be told I was nervous leaving her.  She did fine altho I was a basket case all day!!

Again–thanks so much for all of your love!! I plan on getting back to my regular blogging next week. I’ve been keeping up with everyone even tho I’m not commenting (been using my kindle and it sucks to comment from it)

Love from Tamera, The Diva and sweet MrBill.





  1. Donna said:

    That is good news indeed! Happy to hear her experience hasn’t diminished her diva-ness. She would have scolded her suitors Jacob and Riley for rolling in raccoon scat in the yard yesterday. Talk about a stink.

  2. It’s a very good sign that she wants to play! Even our most grumpy cat, Spike plays. Even my oldest kitty, Gomez, played up until he passed. He was over 20 years old! And still chased his tail like a kitten.

    Lots of love to Miss Diva. Be careful or soon she’ll be requesting only cherry jellybeans and a case of EVIAN water, room temperature, in her dressing room.

  3. Suzanne said:

    So glad to hear that she seems to be doing better.


  4. Beryl said:

    Thanks for the update. So cute about the refrigerator still calling her to the kitchen.

  5. Helga said:

    O, darling, I’m so happy to hear that she’s perked up!
    The little treasure! She must be feeling better if she’s looking for food! HURRAH!

  6. Sheila said:

    So glad she is sounding like her old self a bit more. Hurrah! Hugs to all the furry fam.

  7. hurrah for little Diva!, nice to read she is better and showing her personality once more!
    lots of love for you & family!

  8. Vix said:

    That is good news! I’m delighted! We were talking about how much we loved you yesterday, were your ears burning? xxxx

  9. Cristi said:

    Hello Tamera,
    I’ve wanted to say HI for a while, but could not wait any longer as I was very sad to hear of the The Diva’s troubles.

    I checked in today for an update and am so happy to read that she is doing so much better!!! You both have been in my thoughts after reading Krista’s post. As a cat mom of 5, my heart goes out to you and your little sweetie!!

    I also must add, I think it is so cool and fun that you make outfits for your little doggies! …and for you too!! Peetee always looks so cute in his little scarf! And, that skirt you made for Krista was too darling as well!! I really love to see what women in the sewing community make! I think you are quite talented and a very stylish gal too!:)

    Wishing you and The Diva the best and hope her new normal is back to her old normal very soon!:)

  10. pastcaring said:

    Good to know, Tamera. I love your descriptions of The Diva’s behaviour, she’s full of personality, and she is making you WORK! Give her a cuddle from me! xxxx

  11. Clare said:

    What a little minx! I bet you’ll have lots of Diva activity from now on, but at least she’s happy again.. and you too. Hope you’re ok!

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