Accidently OMGFASHUN!!!!


Hello Blogland!! It’s another cold “spring” day in Western Maryland. Expecting rain tomorrow. Today is my “Friday” so I’ve got lotsa plans for my 3-day weekend!!  I’m going to be painting the mismatched (thrifted/gifted) wood furniture in my living room a distressed antique white so I’m going to start on a couple of pieces. Plus I’ve got some sewing and crafting planned.

I like to “splurge” and buy a few women’s mags. I love First, Woman’s World, and AllYou. They are cheap and I always find coupons, tips, recipes and such in them.  I’ll admit I’m easy to entertain!  This weeks Woman’s World had an article about adding rainbow colors to your decor. They featured the most FABULOUS chandelier EVER!!! I instantly thought of  sweet Krista when I saw it!! Behold:

This baby is only $82!!!

This baby is only $82!!!

It also comes in Fuschia and in Pink. It’s from a company called Rosenberry Rooms (I link just because) that specializes in kids furniture but has loads of really cool stuff!  If  I could figure out where to put this I TOTALLY want it!!

I spotted this adorable DIY tote on a blog–I see these plain straw totes all the time in the thrifts. I’m not about to crochet a bunch of flowers but how about glueing silk flowers on? How CUTE would this be for summer??


On a completely different tangent–I wanted to share something that falls in the category of “What the HELL were they THINKING??”  Behold:

The Hitler Pincushion

The Hitler Pincushion

Here’s a copy of the original 1940’s ad for it:


I guess in the context of WWII it’s not so odd. But today–wow!!!  Although I can think of some people I’d LOVE to stick a pin in their arse!!

I was perusing a “Fashun” magazine in the grocery line last nite and spotted something that freaked me out. There was a model sporting almost EXACTLY what I wore Wednesday.  Long chiffony black maxi-check, chambray shirt-check, chunky black biker boots-check, black leather belt-check.  Dang–I sporred an OMGFASHUN outfit without trying. It certainly was completely unintentioanl–LOL. I’m more inspired by y’alls blogs and style than what expensive designer crap some emaciated teenager is wearing!! So here I am being “trendy”:

Shirt-Thrifted, Necklace-Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Boots & Skirt-Retail

Shirt-Thrifted, Necklace-Thrifted, Belt-Thrifted, Boots & Skirt-Retail

I stopped by a thrift last nite after work (it’s on my way home and my car automatically pulls in once a week).  Either pickin’s are slim or I’m just getting more picky but I’m not finding much I want these days. Maybe I’m just shopping more strategically-I’m looking for certain things and am less likely to buy something unless I REALLY love it!! I found a nice silk knit khaki cardigan (oh noes-beige!! But it will layer well with more colorful stuff) for $2 and a pale silver gored skirt exactly like the navy one I wore last week for $3 (same brand and style in fact) I also found the cardigan I’m wearing today. I certainly don’t NEED another print cardi but how could I resist this???  And for $3???  The skirt was one of the ones I shortened this week.  I am going to start taking another look at all the pencil type skirts I by-passed before at the thrifts.

Everything but the shoes is thrifted

Everything but the shoes are thrifted

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!! I’ll be back on Sunday if I don’t kill myself doing everything I planned this weekend!!



  1. Krista said:

    I love that chandelier and Vix owns it!!! If I had a spot it’d be mine!!! You at you being all trend setting and not knowing it- I love when that happens! Even though black is not my thing you look feminine and tough- love it! Enjoy all your projects, I’ll be crafting this weekend too!

    Peetee sends his love to the gang! Especially the Diva:))))))

  2. “not endorsed by Hitler” I’m still laughing

    Nice DIY ideas. Don’t let being fashionable by mistake worry you, you’er just ahead of the trends!

  3. Desiree said:

    Oh Tamera you have planned a wonderful three-day weekend!! I wish I was there with you on such chilly days, we could crank the heating up to 75 and loll about with you painting and me with my glue gun sticking flowers on alla da tings!! I would strip down to some vintage scanties. The chandelier immediately made me think of Vix’s and oh yes, Krista definitely needs one too. You are FASHUN!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  4. Haha, the pin cushion is hilarious! Your outfits are lovely and you have great taste in chandeliers.

  5. Fabulous always, my dear Tamera, How fabulous is the pin cushion?, hehehhehhehe.
    Much love always.
    Did you get my email???

  6. pastcaring said:

    The fashion mags are following your lead, darling! Well, you do look fabulous in your chambray and back floaty maxi, so naturally you are a trend setter! Though I can’t help feeling you are more “you” (if you know what I mean) when you wear colour, your new print cardigan is a beauty.
    I immediately thought of Vix when I saw the chandelier, she has pics of hers on her blog somewhere, but yes, it is very Krista too. The basket looks cute, and the Hitler pin cushion is hilarious!
    Enjoy your weekend, sounds like you are going to be very crafty and productive, good for you! xxxx

  7. peggy said:

    your smile is contagious ….and you always bring a smile to mine…. thanks for sharing

  8. wouau!, that chandelier is really my kind of decoration piece!, I would love to have something like this!
    Love your ‘trendy’ outfit and I agree with you about how inspirating blogger ladies are!, you’re one of them!!
    Great printed cardi and great job shortening your skirt, it looks lovely!

  9. Vix said:

    That’s the mini version of my gypsy chandelier! I don’t know how many people find my blog by searching for one on t’internet!
    Love the Hitler pin cushion and both your outfits are gorgeous – you always inspire me to wear colour and smile! xxxx

  10. Clare said:

    That’s a great cardi, how can you resist? Well you can’t and I don’t blame you. Of course you were in the fash mag, they probably follow you around looking for tips. I love that chambrey and chiffon look… I might have to copy you myself. I also love the mix of patterns in the 2nd photo! I think Krista should buy that chandelier! xxxx

  11. Hi, I tried to email you in response to your note to me and the email got kicked back saying it was no longer valid. Did you change your email? I had something I wanted to ask you.

  12. Ha! I would love the Hitler pin cushion – I do love an obscure bit of ridiculousness! Youa re gorgeous as always and I LOOOOOVE the fab chandelier (it’s very similar to Vix’s).

    Sarah xxx

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